Wednesday, May 19, 2010

photoshoot with the Storkstudio

our Photoshoot with The Storkstudio. :)

Friday, February 05, 2010

my Chanel blushes

Just doing a post and swatches for my current Chanel blushes.
My first Chanel blush was Orchid Rose. I fell in love with it, and used it for more than a week! (that's something already!) Then, I got Reflex, Incognito, Neroli Rose, Tweed Pink, Tweed Corail, Soleil Tan de Chanel (bronzer).. Powders Rosee and Azalea.. got Rose Dust, In Love and Fantasia... then Narcisse, Rose Petale, Fresque, Tea Rose.. and today, got Candy and Fandango.

I think I should stop buying na.. but then, I can still be tempted with the others.. haha!

I used the Narcisse in the morning and In Love in the afternoon.
I felt pretty, with them.. it's like NARS and Armani blushes.. You just feel confident in them.

Here are my Chanel blushes, bronzer and powders:

Chanel blushes

Here are the swatches.. #1 and #2 (except for the bronzer and powders):



Should anyone need more upclose pictures or swatches... I'll be happy to help out!

Enjoy! :)

Dr. Chiaoling Sua-Lao's contact info

I noticed that this blog have several hits for search for Dr. Chiaoling Sua-Lao.
With this, I'm posting my OB-Gyn, who did my laparoscopy surgery last April 15, 2009.
She's also the one who gave me my medication for the Polycystic Ovarian syndrome.
I'm now on my 5th month pregnancy. I may not have done all the work-ups with some other girls trying to conceive in Manila, but I believe that Dr. Sua-Lao did a very good job with regards to my dermoid cyst, and my medication for pcos.

Anyway, just in case you guys need to visit and contact her, here's her calling card:

Dr. Sua-Lao's contact info

I first visited her in her The Medical City clinic.. but frequents both Binondo and TMC Clinic.

Any questions, I'll be very happy to help out! :) just let me know.. ;)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Half way there!

Since I'm expecting my first baby, I've subscribed to different pregnancy websites, and receives alerts, offerings, information almost everyday.

This morning, I received emails informing me that I'm already on my 20th week, and I'm at the halfway mark! That info, instead of making me feel assured, it terrifies me more! Hahaha!

I have to admit, it's not easy, but right now.. I'm feeling great!
Thanks to other mommies out there (especially in my facebook comments), for sharing that I will feel better soon. I didn't experienced a traumatic 1st trimester, but the feelings are defintely different, and not pleasant. I was choosy with food, I will eat certain stuff only. Thank God that my husband's really really REALLY patient with me! Hahaha! I had some vomiting episodes also, but it can be counted within my 2 hands.

I found comfort in the following food:

Now that I'm on my Second trimester, I feel hungry most of the time. And now whenever I'm full, I have a hard time feeling too full! hahaha! (will try to blog my Second trimester feast, though I sometimes forgot to take pictures na.. lazy me!)

Some of my pictures with the bulging belly! :) I hope they won't scare you guys off! hahaha!

13th week

at 13th week (the small scar was from my laparoscopy operation last year April)
the reddish spots were from my scratching because my skin itches like crazy then!

found a solution though! ;) thanks to my colleague in our accounting department!!

18th week
at 18th week (the small thing in my navel was also from my laparoscopy operation)

19th week

at 19th week (wearing my garterized hiking pants low waist! haha!)

I have an OB schedule this Saturday. Melchor's excited already! haha!

I think if the baby will be cooperative, we may know the gender soon!

I do felt the baby moves na inside!!! It's really a wonderful feeling!
Will update soon! I bought some skin care products, AGAIN!!!

I'm stocking up, coz some of my SK-II items are about to dry up.

Also, I noticed my drying forehead, starting to have faint lines!!!!
I'm about to have wrinkles!!! I really have to do my skin care regimen na!!!
That's all for now! ;)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Purchases since October '09

Hi! Sorry for the lack of updates here in my blog.
I'm thinking of actually switching to wordpress. Blogspot is still blocked here in China, while the one I would like to transfer too (and my other blog in livejournal) can still be access here! I'm still researching.. and asking Melchor's help on how to transfer this blog. Let's see.

As I've updated here last December (I think), I'm preggy already!
After discovering that I have a dermoid cyst in my right ovary, and had it removed last April 2009, I also have a bilateral polycystic ovarian syndrome. So you see, my getting pregnant 4 months after my operation is nothing but miracle! I will not think too much about the gender anymore. Haha! Thank you for all the greetings! :)

I'm taken a time-out with my makeup purchases. (I guess Melchor's kinda happy about it!) haha!
I'm a bit lazy in putting makeup!! Just not a bit, Real Lazy!!!
I'm not even putting my ever favorite blushes on me!! Hahaha!

But it doesn't mean I'm not looking for new makeup releases anymore! hahaha! I guess I'm more concern on checking out what I now put on my face. So they have to be pregnant-friendly stuff.

For skincare, I'm now obsessed with SK-II! Yes.. SK-II!!! I've already checked in their website and when I found out that their stuff can be used by pregnant women, I'm totally into them na!!!
I already had the popular Facial Treatment Essence for quite sometime now. I had used it before, but haven't found teeny weeny change in my skin! I was told by the sales assistance here in Shanghai's SK-II counter, that preferably, I have to use the Facial Treatment Clear Lotion so that the Treatment Essence will be easily absorbed by the skin, I didn't listen then. Haha! But right now, I got myself small trial sample of the Clear Lotion and found that my skin's seems to be improving and softer! After my first trimester (and I guess when my prescribed Utrogestan *progesterone* ran out), I started to have some small acne, most specially near my hair line. I'm also having some freckle-spots under and near my eyes - this is due to the hormonal surge, which appear if I forgot to put on sunblock.

Currently, I'm using Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil, Facial Treatment Cleanser, Facial Treatment Clear Lotion, Facial Treatment Essence, Facial Treatment UV Protection, Facial Treatment Repair C and Skin Signature. I used the sunblock and cleanser everyday.. then, use the clear lotion and treatment essence at night.. the skin signature during the afternoon.

My SK-II items for now:
SK-II Facial Treatment Essence SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion

SK-II Facial Treatment UV Protection SK-II Facial Treatment Repair C

SK-II LXP Moisturizing Serum SK-II LXP

SK-II Facial Lift Emulsion SK-II Skin Signature

As you can see, my Facial Treatment Essence is about to run out. So I maybe purchasing new one soon.. and I'm itching to try their masks and brightening line!! Also, I'm tempted to try SK-II's Air Touch Foundation!! Yes, I already have some items in my shopping list! ;)

Also, I've checked the Jill Stuart HK site, and found out that the Spring 2010 will be out soon! They have new blushes again!!! #11 Rose Fairy and #12 Candy Orange. I already got 8 JS blushes, I've used 3 of them couple of times. And now, they'll be releasing new blushes again!!! Can't keep up ah!!

During my first trimester, I got myself couple of items from Belli Skincare. I got the following:

Belli pregnancy stuff

Belli skincare - Elasticity Belly Oil, Acne Clearing Facial Wash and Anti-Chloasma Facial Sunscreen.
I have to admit that for the facial wash and sunscreen, I used them couple of times only. Reasons: for the facial wash, it doesn't lather up e! Also I used this for a week I guess, I don't think my skin cleared up or anything. For the facial sunscreen - I just don't like the texture...? Though I read good reviews about it.. Sorry!! But I'm still using the Belly Oil up to now. :)

Recently, I got myself 3 new stuff:
- Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion: it's Winter time here, I sometimes have this itchy feeling due to the dry weather. I'm using this for 2 days, I can feel my skin's more moisturized. Also itchiness stopped. Good thing this is kinda unscented..(?!) (I don't like any strong scents this time, that's why I stopped using the Shu Uemura Red Juvenus line I got from Hong Kong and switched to SK-II).


- Clarins Tonic Body treatment Oil: I'm alternating this with the Belly Oil. I love the smell and the faint tingly feeling in the stomach. Read reviews about this and can help prevent stretchmarks.. I lather this golden stuff in my tummy area. :)

Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil

- Vitacreme B12 cream: so wanting to try this, but I read the ingredients earlier.. it contains Salicylic acid, which is a No-No for preggy!!! (I may have to pass this on to my sister).


I'm now on my 18th week.. since it's already 01/10/10. I'm hungry right now. Will prepare myself a cup of chocolate milk, before going to bed. I have these updates for now. I'll update soon.. :)

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

it's preggy time!

I know it's been awhile since I last posted here.
I'm a bit active in my other blog:

I'm now on my 12th week and 3rd day of pregnancy.
Yes, I'm preggy already! Hahaha! :)
Finally!! After my dermoid cyst operation, and some ovulation problems as per my Ob-Gyne, I'm now finishing my 1st trimester!

At present, morning sickness' bit tolerable na.
My lower tummy area's growing more obvious.
I have to ask Melchor to do some 1st trimester pictorial soon.

We visited our Ob Center here in Shanghai last November 26.
Here's the ultrasound of our Baby Gan:

Our baby grown a lot since our last ultrasound.
Anyway, that's my update for now..
Have to rest now. ;)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Haul: D&G Blushes, Armani Sienna Bronzer

I finally received a package with my ordered goodies.I got: Armani Sienna Minerals Bronzing Palette and 2 D&G Blushes!They looked so pretty!! I tried one of the D&G blushes earlier, and it looked like a natural flush!Anyway, here's the pictures of my haul:PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Can't wait to try the other D&G blush and the bronzer!! Yipeee!!!

Prada Shielding Balm - Swatches

Just like to share my swatches of Prada Shielding Lip Balm.
As of the moment, I got 1 colorless and 8 with tints.
My Prada Shielding Balm Lip/Lip Tint

Swatches of Prada Shielding Balm Lip/Lip Tint

I love using these lip tints! They're perfect, specially during the day!!

They're not that pigmented. All are SPF 15. So as long as they protect our lips, that's good already!

Haul: Shu Uemura Red:Juvenus line

Hong Kong is definitely a shopping paradise!!!
Melchor and I had fun there! Anything you want, you need, you can find them there in Hong Kong.
We visited several popular malls there.
IFC, Harbour City, Sogo, Langham Place, Hong Kong Seibu, The Landmark, Times Square, Lee Gardens, World Trade Center, Fashion Walk, Silvercord. Of course, we also got to visit Mongkok area.. I believe Melchor was amazed with the people and computer/photo equipment shops there.

Of all the malls we visited, I'm so amazed with the vast and huge area of Harbour city, the tons of people in Causeway bay area nearing Times Square. (I will definitely book a hotel in the Causeway Bay area next time!!!). I failed to visit Pacific Place in Admiralty.. I have to visit this place next time.

Times Square had lots of stores also. You can find HK's Jill Stuart counter in Time Square.
Melchor was telling me to get something from Jill Stuart, since I think he knows I love this brand!!!
(It's so cute to hear him saying the brands that I love.. It shows how much he pays attention to what I like!!)
That shows how much he values his wife, right? hahahaha!

But when I got to the Jill Stuart counter, I can't seem to choose anything I like!!!! Weird!!
(Please see separate entry for the picture of my JS visit! hahaha!)

Then, Melchor and I went to Lane Crawford. You can find a lot of makeup/skincare brands there!!!!
I first got the Kiehl's Superbly Restorative Argan Oil, 'coz my skin tends to dry up especially on Winter. And I'm so curious with Argan Oil.

Moving forward, I saw the Shu Uemura counter, and quickly inquired about their new eyebrow gel. There were only 2 SA during that time, which made some customers (like me) wait impatiently for their assistance in the products. Anyway, I've been itching to try the Eyebrow Gel and saw that the HK counter only have two shades! I got the darkest one in Seal Brown, and they ran out of the brush for this product. Then, I was introduced by the SA to their new skincare line - Red Juvenus. As you all my read about my previous entry,, I'm concern with early signs of aging, lines and all. I noticed a faint line nearing my right eyebrow. This is due to my uncontrollable facial expressions!!! So in the end, I got the 4 of the 5 products under the Red Juvenus Line.

I got the following:
Shu Uemura Red Jevenus skincare & Eyebrow Gel + brush with box
^ I got the 6OB brush @ Hong Kong International Airport Duty free.

Red:Juvenus skin care line:

Shu Uemura Red Juvenus Line

- Red Juvenus Vitalizing Refining Lotion Enriched
- Red Juvenus Vitalizing Retexturing Emulsion
- Red Juvenus Intense Vitalizing Concentrate
- Red Juvenus Vitalizing Retexturing Cream

To be honest, I was totally not sure why I got these! Hahahaha!
I guess the magic word I read about this line was the ingredient of Pomegranate.
As my friend pointed out to me, when I told her I got these and they have Pomegranate, "You're obssessed with Pomegranate talaga!" hahahaha!

After I got these, that's when I finally opened my laptop and look more into this line.
Taken from Shu Uemura website:

shu uemura launches a breakthrough in skincare technology to
prevent first signs of aging such as dull skin, loss of elasticity, and fine
lines. red:juvenus is designed to protect against free radicals and vitalize
skin cells by enhancing the flow of essential elements for youthful, radiant

It can be that bad right?

The ingredients can be found at their website.
Shu Uemura Red:Juvenus benefits
^ I love anything with Pomegranate! hahaha!

I've been using these newly purchased items for almost a week. And I can say, my skin's softer, more glowing and healthy. I will update this post after 2 weeks or a month. I can see obvious improvements with my skin before.. But I hope to have significant effect, specially with the faint line I got in my eyebrow area. Hahaha!
I was surprised with this purchase and I think Melchor also felt that way! He wanted me to get things from Jill Stuart.. instead of Shu Uemura! hahahaha!

My daily regimen:
Morning: Emulsion, sunblock, powder, eyebrow gel, blush, lipstick, lip treatment
Night: Lotion, Concentrate, Cream, eye cream, spot whitening gel, lip treatment
So far, so good :)
I have these thoughts for now.. :)
One thing's for sure, I love to visit Hong Kong again and again and again!! :)

Me @ Jill Stuart HK Counter

Originally uploaded by rrlgan

I wasn't able to find anything I like from JS.
But it's fun to see the cute and girly things... :)

Please pardon my horrifying look!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Haul: Chanel JC Blush

I got these Chanel blushes last month.
The shades were Fantasia, Rose Dust and In Love.
After I got them, I immediately use them the next day!!
It was Love!!!
I love Chanel blushes, and I'm so happy to be able to got them in tester pan form.
They're all lovely!!! I frequently used Rose Dust and In Love! Hahaha!

Chanel JC Fantasia

Chanel JC in Love

Chanel JC Rose Dust

Because of my excitement the day I got them, I hurriedly made a swatch for them:

Swatches of Rose Dust, In Love and Fantasia

I'm so happy to finally add my Chanel JC blushes. I wonder when I'll have more.. hmmm....

Friday, September 18, 2009

a Sister's message

My sister, Erica, was my Maid of Honor.
She's the youngest, the cutest one.. I still remember her chubby face (BEFORE) and her pigtails!
She's the fairest, the cutest one in the family.

Fast forward today, she's taller than me already!
She already graduated from UST. Time flies so fast!!!

She's the biggest help during the wedding preps and my operation last April.
Without her, I don't think I will be able to finalized the Wedding invitation on time! Hahaha!

Since she's the Maid of Honor, she was required to speak during our wedding reception.
The day was an emotional one! Hahaha! So, I think some, like me, possibly wasn't able to catch her message.
After the wedding, I grabbed her copy. Hahaha!
It's still with me up to now.

I don't think this kind of message can be easily duplicated, this everybody have their own life stories, own challenges.
This kind of message is strictly my sister's message to me and Melchor.
I hope other people can receive this kind of message from their own people.
After all, who will know you best, than the ones closest to you.
Other things can be mirrored, but this one's only for me.

Thank you very much Erica!
Good luck to your TOEFL! :)

Almost a Year after the Wedding

I remember exactly 1 year ago, around this date, that I was fussing, researching, reading, planning panicking about The Wedding.
I haven't done my wedding suppliers reviews yet, Hahaha! Coz a part of me still hasn't let go that I already had my wedding!
I haven't got that courage yet, to close my doors with my Wedding team.
You can say, I'm secretly hoping that I will get an email or a message from them.. reminding me of my pending task, pending decisions to make! Hahaha! But of course, I can only hope..
My wedding had already passed. Melchor and I only have the grandest memories of THE Day.
From the preparations, researching, reading.. hahaha! I love every moment of it!
Sleepless nights, finding the perfect designs. Panicking with my Entourage gowns.
Regretting some decisions made. Hoping I chose this and that.
Then after all of it, hardwork, happiness, some bloopers and what ifs, you end up still feeling discontented.
You wanted more. You're seeing other pictures, other designs, choices made by others.
You secretly wishing, you have thought of this, that! Really never-ending!
I have subscribed a lot of wedding related sites, blogs of suppliers. That's where you see what other couples were doing.
Their gowns, their choices, they were featured. Hahaha!
I realized my feeling of discontentment when I was asking myself how come I wasn't able to choose what the others did.. etc.
Maybe I should have researched more.. or forced myself not to sleep that time, just so I can have more choices to choose from.
Hahaha! I know! It's beyond normal already!
I realized I'm pressuring myself of something vague. I had the best time of my life.
My work is done! All my hardwork had paid off. From little items to the big decisions, I made sure to had every hand of it.
My wedding was perfect. For me. For my husband.
That's when I decided to just browse wedding related sites and blogs! Hahaha!

Anyway, I just have to say all of that. Hahaha!
I guess some hands-on brides will eventually be feeling this way. I'm one of them. :)
And now, after almost a year, Melchor and I will be celebrating our anniversary soon, I guess I can now let go.. I have to let go na.
Let go and say my final Thank you.. to the wonderful people behind our day.
I've jot down some of the memorable experiences I had with my wedding team, and some description of what happened, etc. I think you can find more stories at my other blog in choosing these wonderful people.

October 18, 2008 Melchor and Ria Gan:
Santuario de San Jose - I love this church! The staff are very nice and friendly. Our Canonical interview was done a day before our wedding day! Hahaha! The church is beautiful. I like that the Church is in a secured area.. The aisle length is just right with picturesque altar. We did an occular February 2008, I never wrote about this before, but when we were checking out the church, a 500 peso bill flew to my feet area!!!
For me, it's a sign that this is the church for us. Melchor was baptised in this church also. But the sad part was that, during my wedding, the glass door before was stucked! So you can just open the one side! So much for the cloth that Clarice placed to compensate the glass door.
Overall, I love this church! The door was changed into a beautiful wood-made. So lucky for those who will tie the knot in this church, they can now not worry about how to decorate the door. :) It's a bit warm pala sa upfront. :)

Fr. Rex Vidal - Our Priest. :) We got Fr. Rex at the last minute, based from Erica's persistent recommendation. He's very funny and lively. We only have smiles and laughs during the ceremony. My fave line from Fr. Rex: " walang expiry tong pinipirmahan nyo ah.." hahaha!! Thank you Erica for this.

Edsa Shangri-La Hotel - We got the Garden Ballroom - just right for my intimate wedding. Though my Mom, Melchor and I were forced to really trim down our guests list, because of the limited space. We got the Executive Suite at the Garden Wing.. then additional 4 superior rooms for our family.

Clarice Avinante - I have all praises with Clarice! She's very patient with us! hahaha! We tend to submit or decide beyond the deadline Clarice gave us.. Hahaha! Sorry! But in the end, I think we did really good! Clarice's very responsible. She will do everything to make your day really perfect! My sister Erica remembered the time we met at Blue Wave, for our first meeting nearing our wedding date. Erica was kinda panicking that time, and Clarice told her "ok lang yan... kami na bahala.. Erica, wag ka magpanic!" I have a lot of fond memories with Clarice.

Veluz Reyes - The best wedding gown designer!! She's the one who made me first felt that "this is it, I'm really getting married!!" I have all praises and good words to say about Ms. V, from the first time we've corresponded, to the fittings, fittings and final fittings!! She's the best!!! She listens to what her girls want and request, and executes them well! I don't have to worry about my other wedding accessories, because they're all included in the package.

Niko Hernandez - My mom loves her gown! I think Niko executed what my Mom wanted. They understood each other very well. Erica had an unforgettable story with Niko, which involves my Granny! hahaha! Niko's very nice, active! hahaha! He's so much fun!!

Max Tiu - The best Host ever!!! I remember the first time we met, it was 5 days before the wedding day! Hahaha! Very nice and willing to work with other singer.

Threelogy - Getting them was really by fate. Hahaha! I remembered that when I first inquired for my wedding date, they were booked already! So I scouted our videographers like - Jason Magbanua, Bob Nicolas, Imacron, Shierdan Pamintuan. I was to book someone already, but alas our scheduled did not permit us to meet. Then my friend, Girlie's sisters - Candie and Lilliane called and tole me that Threelogy will be having 2 teams! I immediately called and booked them!! Come wedding day, they made me feel at ease.. haha! Parang normal lang.. pero makikita mo silang palakad lakad.. hahaha! With their gears.. :)

Nelwin Uy - Great pictures. Hands down.. Galing!

Jill Lejano - sobrang Cool!!! Hahaha! So happy that I was able to get her for our 2nd photographers. They're very nice and friendly. Pictures are really great!! Galing galing!!!

Alex Franco - At first, Melchor doesn't want us to spend for the cake separately. Based from Edsa Shangri-la's wedding package, we can avail the cake, 5-tier cake, but only the bottom's edible. So.. I asked Clarice about Alex Franco. Heard good reviews about his cake, so Clarice helped us schedule a meeting with Alex. I remember Melchor telling me that we'll just talk to Alex.. No promises! Hahaha! I said, okay. But after 15minutes of talking to Alex, I think both Melchor and I were just hypnotized! :D We love this guy! He's so easy to work with, easy to talk to! I was 80% willing to get him for our cakes, but I think the best thing was that Alex charmed his way to Melchor saying okay and we'll get him to do our cakes!! We served our cake to the guests as their desserts, and I got good reviews with it. :)

Delby Bragais - Melchor's suit. She's so nice, friendly and bubbly!! We had really fun during our fittings. She's really nice and very good at what she promised. Melchor loves his suit. Of course, he's not as expressive as I am. Hahaha!

Veejay Floresca - I got Veejay 12 days before our wedding day. Yes, 12 days!! He was already my choice for the Entourage gowns, but during the first part of my inquiry, I felt that maybe he's preoccupied that may not have the time to accept projects at that time. Then, disaster strikes with ento gown maker that I thought will do good work. I contacted Veejay immediately and ask if he can accept my rush project. We met on the 8th of October, measurements were made that week, fittings were on the 15th! Wahahahah! He did an amazing job!! My entourage felt really good and happy with their gowns, and for me, that's the important thing!! I love the Flower girls' gowns, they looked so cute!!! I'm so happy to have a happy ending with my entourage gowns.

The Write Impression - I only had TWI in my mind to do our invites. Though I've seen samples that TWI did in their office, when Melchor and I visited there with Clarice, I wanted something more, something original, something unique. Hahaha! So I spent sooooo many nights, just researching for my perfect design. With Clarice's reminders, I still haven't found the right design that I wanted! Finally, with the help of my sister, Erica, she went to TWI office, and worked with me throughout the process of choosing and designing the final wedding invitations. Choices were made, samples were given.. hahaha! At long last, we were able to choose my own unique design!! :) I believe I had around 7 revisions, before I said YES. My mom was doing the Chinese inserts, and I think she had 12 revisions!!! Hahaha! Our invites are perfect!! They delivered as promised. :)

Peddy Acebo - I love this guy! I love my hair and makeup!!! I felt at ease with him! He really does know his craft!! He's the best! Even my mom and sister love him!!!

Balay Kandila - My very last minute booking! :) hahaha! I met BK during my final lunch meeting with Clarice. I think the funny thing about booking BK is that, Melchor had no idea I already have them in my mind to do our styling. :) hahaha! I wanted something different for the backdrop and couple's table. And yes, it was really nice! It was what I had expected!! Very easy to talk to. And willing to do last minute booking! Hahahaha! :)

Den Den Atanacio - our Wedding Singer!! He's so good!!!!!!! Amazing voice, great songs!! I'm so happy that Clarice told me to get him! Melchor and I were so amazed with him!! He sang at the church and reception. Super duper galing!!!

Discovery Weekend - Melchor was skeptic in going to this retreat. I insisted. So eventually, we went and I can say this solidifies our relationship and attest our goal of getting married. I can say, attending this retreat made me more calm in tackling issues with Melchor. I think he will say the same thing din. That's the goal, right?

Teddy Manuel - I was not able to meet Teddy, but I love the flowers! Since I was running out of time, I asked Clarice to help me with the flowers. :) They were what I've expected them to be. :)

Fabfoto - Our wedding souvenirs! I believe my guests had fun in the booth! :)

Tisha Rosales - our Unity Candle maker. Hahaha! We got Tisha to do our Candles I think maybe more than a week before our Wedding date! Hahaha! She's so fun, and was able to do our candles the way I envisioned them to be! Hahaha!

Weddings at work - the best way to research and get to know the suppliers! Join their group and you'll see! hahaha!

So far, these are my wedding suppliers. There are still some others, but I believe these are the integral part of our day.
I hope that my suppliers won't think that I was ungrateful to them, coz I wasn't able to communicate with them after the wedding day. But In my heart, I have my own reasons for not able to thank them more than what I did during that day.
I had a hard time letting go.
But I am grateful, to each and everyone who were present in my day.
Thank you so so much!!!!

P.s. Kindly forgive some grammar lapses, etc. hahaha! I just typed away without further internalizing and editing. And according to my sister, Erica, my English's starting to sound like China- English! hahaha!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

my makeup stash

I was able to take photos of my stash last week.
It made me realized that I may have a lot of stuff already.
I may not really need them all, but I have them all! :)
I hope hubby won't see this post too.. ;)
I got tired and was not able to take pictures of the others like eyeshadow, eyeliner, etc.
Maybe next time.. :)

Friday, September 04, 2009


I have to control myself until the end of the month!
Control, meaning, I have to stop my shopping for a while. Hahaha!

But stop shopping for now, I have to list down what I would like to get and shop, when the right time finally comes. Hahaha! That's all I have to say for now.

Oh, btw, my new blog's address is here.
I hope it continues to be available where I am now.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

my other blog

As you all may know, is still blocked here in China.
It's really sad.. Huhuhu!!

Because of this, I've researched and look for blog hosting that can work here.
I think I signed up all available blog hosting site.. and they end up really not for me. I don't like how they look like, and how the posting can be done.

After all the signing-up, I found a site that can work for now.
I hope this site won't be block out soon! Wahh!!
Or else.. I may be forced to look for a paid hosting service! hahaha! :D

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Goodies: Prada Shielding Balm

I have these Prada Shielding Lip Balm for quite some time now. I was a bit obsessed about it, and tried my best to swap for them at I have these cute stuff already, and I felt it's about time I try them now.

So far, I have the 8 shades. The neutral one, then 7 colors! Haha! I found out that there's an eight shade, and I'm once again curious and wanting to have one! LOL! It's very moisturizing, and no gooey feeling. I like that in a lip balm.

I have some several here, but I think I will start using these shielding balms! What's more exciting about them is that you'll get the same coverage of SPF15, at different shades!! Hahaha! :)

my Prada Shielding Balms!!
There's 9 in the picture because, I have 2 Neutral Shade.
Total of 8 shades - 1 is Neutral..
Tiny yet... hahaha! but cute?
You'll be able to squeeze something from them.. haha!

Friday, August 07, 2009

my Facial Cleansers

Here are my facial cleansers in use right now.
Some are still brand new! haha! As for the others, I'm taking turns in using.

I have to admit that there are times I have trouble in choosing what to use! hahaha! :)
I'm not that obssessed yet, right? Just don't let my hubby read this post! :p

August already

It's August already, and I haven't blogged a thing yet.

August is also a special month for me and my family.
Having 3 siblings' birthday all in August, yes.. this is a special month every year in our family.
I was scrambling my old files and to check pictures I can attach to this post.
Hahahaha! I was so ugly back then!
Old pic
Me, my Mom and siblings! :) Good ol' days ah!

August 1 was a gloomy day for the Philippines.
Former President Cory Aquino passed away after a year-long battle of Colon Cancer.
Not that I'm a fan fan... I'm amazed with her humility, humbleness and faith in God.
Condolence to her family.

Friday, July 31, 2009

another box of Peaches

Our Peaches arrived yesterday.. a box full of yellow goodies with hint of pink! haha! :)
There are still mid-ripe, crunchy.. just the way Melchor and I both like.

Yummy!! Our last goodies for the season!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

my new Hair Dryer

I got my new hair dryer last Saturday.
It's new, it's big, and very very powerful!! haha!
I'm using it for 2 days now.. and so far, so good!
Also for the ion thing, I switched it ON, and I felt my hair's fuller and bouncier for now.
Maybe it's a psyche thing only.. haha!
Overall, I'm happy with this purchase! Hope this last more than the last one.

Peaches season

It's peaches season now here in Shanghai.
And the best peaches here are found in Nanhui, Shanghai.
If you google the word, Nanhui, you will see there's a page featuring peach flowers in Nanhui.
Cool, huh?
With the help of our colleague Diane, we got a box of Peaches! Wooohooo!!
Gave some to Marvin, my brother in-law; friend Veronica... the rest, Melchor and I ate an average of 2 peaches per day, since we got the box of peaches! :) hahaha!

We have a final peach for now, and I'll let Melchor enjoy his last peach later.
I ordered a box again earlier! hahaha! :)
The peaches season will be over this week. I'm happy to order a box again!
Final peaches galore!!!