Monday, October 10, 2005

take 2!! :) busog na kasi kami e! hahaha! Posted by Picasa

with my sister, Erica; cousins: Joie, Ivy, Marika and Cheska.. yes, we know we all have prominent cheekbones! hahaha! :) Posted by Picasa

me and my sister, Erica. we do look good, right? :) Posted by Picasa

my department

one of the most friendliest girl in my office's department accepted the offer of our company to be assign overseas. her name is Evelyn Tan. she's very nice, and very down to earth girl. i believe she's good at what she is presently doin right now. and I couldn't be more than happy for her!

although i'm sincerely happy that she's offered and accepted a new path in her working career, i can't help but feel sad that the day that she will leave us is inevitable. as i was telling my fellow co-department people, i strongly feel that the present combination of the people in the Purchasing department is really good and very productive. well, i'm included in that combination, of course! :) but this is not about me anymore, it's about the people working together in the Purchasing Department.

you wanna know why i feel that the present people in our department is good? that's because i feel that all of us are working together, finally! though each of us have different items/categories to focus to, we do make kwento to each other about the important things to take note with, and our different problems and interactions with suppliers.

yes, i feel good with these people with me right now! i feel happy and excited for Evelyn, and whoever is next to be assign overseas, but still, i can't help but feel lonely and sad. sooner than we thought, new faces will be arriving at the Purchasing department, just like what Kim and i went through last July 4, 2005. but now that we're like 3 months or so being together, i feel very happy and comfortable with the people i'm with: Kuya Monty, Johan, Ai Ai, Wena, Stephen, Evelyn, Kim and of course, Sir Philip. i think like me, for example, finally learned the ways and likes of Sir Philip, it makes me wonder and ask myself if i really wanna be assign overseas if ever that opportunity finally knocks at my doorstep? or can i finally be happy and contented working for a nice and great boss like Sir Philip?

i have a lot of questions bugging me right now. i guess i just don't feel comfortable knowing that tomorrow, new face or faces will be coming in to my comfort zone. as much as i want to think that maybe a new girl will be assign to learn the things that i've been doin for the past 3 months, i'm asking myself if i'm willing to let go of my industrial things, and hopefully be ask to learn the other things in the Purchasing department?

i don't think that i feel insecure about the work i'm doing. i know for a fact that i'm doing pretty good. but still, i'm not willing to let go just yet...

Thursday, October 06, 2005

October na!

it's been awhile since i went out and get together with my "single" friends. yeah.. at our age, we're still single, does that mean we have to settle? hahaha! ewan, ang labo. the last time i saw Sweeney was last year August! can you believe that? and we call ourselves "barkada"? hahaha! Girlie naman, i think last month? as for Aimee, mga last month din! anong klaseng friend na ba ako? hahahaha!

but i have the best excuse of all.. i'm working now, and i'm tired! hahaha!

i know i posted in my blog that i'm giving myself a September deadline for the submission of my paper for OCE. a month's time has already passed, and i still haven't done a tiny bit of improvement to my paper.. i'm so deadz.... right?

so, i hope that i will be able to do this before my 28th birthday... Gawd, i don't feel 28! hahaha! still, i have to start doin something, or else, time will pass me by again..

things finally hit me that though i'm improving in my work, i haven't done a bit to finally finish my studies... i have to finish it na muna... i just hope that i can finally put a lot of effort of doin it.

as of now, i have to admit i'm enjoying... i like to call out to people i'm familiar with.. i love to give a compliment or two.. say thank you, you're welcome.. and i just like to laugh.. smile and kid with people at the office... giving out punch lines and hirits.. basta to joke around and have fun while working... well, i believe i'm much more effective in my job with this new outlook of mine. and i love it that people are smiling and laughing back with me... wahhh.. ang babaw ko nga! :)

i have a new thing to learn this month.... Comics... thanks to my young at heart officemates, i hope that i will finally able to understand why a lot of young poeple and grown ups as well, are so hooked with collecting and reading comics, buying these expensive thin pages from Filbars. yun nga lang, i guess i have to experience and learn what it is to enjoy myself.. hehe!

learned something today:
DC - Superman and Batman
Marvel - Spiderman, X-men, Hulk (daw, pero ndi ko pa sure..)

ahh ewan! Ü

Sunday, October 02, 2005

from Trina's blog

the quizzes that Trina took and posted in her blog caught my eye to try them for myself. so far, i've been trying almost all the quizzes that the site's links are showing. I'm only gonna post this one.. hehe :)

Your Birthdate: November 22
While sometimes employing unorthodox approaches, you are capable of handling large scale undertakings.You assume great responsibility and work long and hard toward completion. Often, especially in the early part of life, there is rigidity or stubbornness, and a tendency to repress feelings.
Idealistic, you work for the greater good with a good deal of inner strength and charisma. An extremely capable organizer, but likely to paint with broad strokes rather than detail. You are very aware and intuitive. You are subject to a good deal of nervous tension.
What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

Sunday, September 25, 2005

i'm happy

i'm happy coz La Salle won their match against Ateneo for a place in the UAAP Finals.

ok, i know it's shallow.. but what the heck... i'm happy eh! heheh Ü

Friday, September 23, 2005


i know i've said here that i will start studying and reviewing and editing my paper for my MBA defense, but boy.. i'm just plain tired.

it's like my energy's fading... all i wanna do is to get on my bed, and sleep like no tomorrow. feeling this tiredness makes me think about my bumming days... hayy..

pde kayang fast forward nalng yung OCE? i mean, can i just solve some math problems, or do a paper again in order to finish my pending MBA? hayy...

Saturday, September 17, 2005

prepare your OCE na!

i've been neglecting this blog. but that doesn't mean that i'm not thinking and feeling anymore. right now, i adjusting to this new kind of working life... no more bumming days.. no more shopping galore.. no more sleepless night or waking up almost midday.

i miss thinking like an MBA student, like a real MBAer. i miss discussing strategies, SWOT, whatever whatever...

i hope that my old brain will get back to me soon. 'coz i need it already... i have to prepare myself for my OCE! so that means, i have to start reading and studying na noh!!!
i've been neglecting this blog. but that doesn't mean i've stopped thinking.. stop feeling.. stop contemplating about what to do with my life. i was just busy focusing and adjusting.. stupid right? hehehe

Saturday, July 30, 2005

my 2nd paycheck

today, i got my 2nd paycheck from the company i'm currently connected with.

seems like since i started working, there are more things that i want... and when i want something, i always end up buying it!! wahhhhh...

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

i'm not goin crazy...

this song is nice... very nice... just feel posting it... cause the melody and lyrics of the song are nice.. it reminds of something.. hahahah :)

Goin Crazy - Natalie

Ever since the day you went away
And left me lonely and cold
My life just hasn't been the same
Oh baby no
When I looked into your eyes
The moment that I let you go I just broke down (down)

Baby if I ever get the chance to be with you again I would sacrifice
'Cause the feelin that I feel within no other man
Would ever make me feel so right

It's nice to smile when I get your phone call at night
But I'd rather have you here with me
Right next to me
And I miss the way you hold me tight

I've got to let you know I feel so weak without your touch
I never thought that I could ever love a man so much
I've gotta let you know I think that we are destiny
For you I'd cross the world for you
I'd do anything

That's right baby
I'm goin' crazy
I need to be your lady
I've been thinking lately
That you and me, yes we can make it
Just ride with me, roll with me
I'm in love with you (baby)

That's right baby
Im goin' crazy
I need to be your lady
I've been thinking lately
That you and me, yes we can make it
Just ride with me, roll with me
I'm in love with you (baby)

Break it down now I'll tell you what I feel
From the moment that I met you it's been so damn real
My heart seems to skip another beat every time we speak
Can't believe I feel so weak
Tell me that you really need me
And you want me
And you miss me
And you love me
I'm your lady
I'll be around waiting for you
Put it down be the woman for you
I'm falling so deep for you
Crazy over you I'm calling
Callin' out to you
What am I gonna do?
It's true no frontin'
It's you ain't no other
I can no longer go on without you
I'll just break down (down)

I've got to let you know I feel so weak without your touch
I never thought that I could ever love a man so much
I've gotta let you know I think that we are destiny
For you I'd cross the world for you
I'd do anything

That's right baby
I'm goin' crazy
I need to be your lady
I've been thinking lately
That you and me, yes we can make it
Just ride with me, roll with me
I'm in love with you (baby)

That's right baby
I'm goin' crazy
I need to be your lady
I've been thinking lately
That you and me, yes we can make it
Just ride with me, roll with me
I'm in love with you (baby)

ooo, crazy,(ooo)
lady (ooo)
lately (ooo)

Sunday, July 24, 2005

almost August

August is the 3rd happiest month for me, that's after December and November of course. hehehe i love the month of August because this is the month that my 3 siblings will be celebrating their birthdays. before, we always have this birthday parties for them. and when my dad passed away, we always made it our extra luxurious treat for the 3 bulilit to eat out.. hehehe.

Among the 3 bulilits, Ron's the first one to have his day. followed by Erica and Ever. i really enjoyed this month, but it also bleeds my pocket. i have to buy them gifts! oo nga noh!!! patay!! hahaha!

i already have something for Ron. but for Erica and Ever, i still have to think of something. i was planning to ask Ever to come here in Manila for the weekend, and have Chorale come here also to have her Uernia (tama ba spelling? e-edit ko nlang if mali!) surgery done, so that when she come on heat next time, i can have her meet Rogue again.

i know, i'm speaking of Doggy-words na here. hehehe..

speaking of dogs, Vladimir is getting well, and gaining weight na! i'm so happy! to think i already spend a lot of money for his vitamins and dog food! i have to accompany him to the vet and have his shots! wahhhh.. kulang na sobra oras ko! and to think i also lack sleep!

i haven't really revise my paper for OCE. but i know i have to do it soon. or else, i won't have the courage and the time to edit them again in time for the 2nd term for school. i know, i need to get my MBA degree na!

now that i'm working, i miss a lot of things that i have been doing for the last 2 years that i'm spending here in manila. i miss my over excess time to spend and attend to my family things. i miss shopping in the afternoon, in time to fetch my mom and brother in their offices. i miss walking in the hallway of St. La Salle Building, panicking for the Strategic Management class. I miss spending the afternoon in the airconditioned library of DLSU, studying for the WCE or exams, or doing the assignments for Macroeconomics. i miss going to RCBC Plaza, waiting for the clock to strike 6pm to attend the class. i miss group meetings at RCBC plaza 3rd floor Starbucks area. I miss video-editing, doing reports, powerpoint presentations. i miss solving math problems, using my game-boy size scientific calculator, and my over high-tech financial calculator. hahaha!

i miss a lot of friends in DLSU MBA. Sonny Reyes, Donna Riego, Sally Chua, Joy Rabo, Ellen Coquinco, Gem Ong, Jacquie Villar, Lynn Marcelo, Syd Ernie, Via Galicia, Kristine Chuachiaco, Benjie Segovia, Bernard Garzon, Ana Valbuena, Mon Arriola, Arlyn Tan, Ruby Chua, Fred Lim-Uy, Nars Pantaleon, Ember Silva, Jane Vasquez, Dong Vergara, Alvin Martinez, Au Sugay, Janette Talucod, Kit Lao, ay naku.. basta lahat na!

My pre-MBA classmates: Business Communication, Information Management, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Financial Accounting, Management Statistics classes.

my core MBA naman: Ethics, Management Science, Management Accounting, Organizational Behavior, Marketing Management, Production and Operation Management, Financial Management.

my elective classes: Global Marketing, Economic Development and Globalization, International Business Marketing, International Financial Institutions, Corporate Governance.

my integrating classes: Reinventing Business through Digital Technology and Strategic Management.

my professors, mentors and Vice deans. hehehe.. i miss them also. especially Prof. Elfren Cruz, Vice Dean Pia Manalastas, Vice Dean Marissa Marasigan, Prof. Ernesto Perlas, Prof. Enrico Cordoba, Prof. Benel Lagua, Prof. Mundy Gonzales, Prof. Ding Salvador, Prof. Albert Mateo, Prof. Akira Tsusaka, Prof. Raul Mirasol, Prof. Rosalinda Evangelista, Prof. Rena Dela Cruz, Prof. Daniel Cruz, Prof. Nelly Villafuerte, Prof. Benjamin Espiritu...

ay naku! andami na pala! hahahah :)

basta in short, miss ko na sila lahat!

yet, ndi pa ako nag O-OCE!

pero promise mo, dapat this 2nd term na! :)

Monday, July 18, 2005

two weeks after

it's been 2 weeks since i last started working as an employee in LMC. hmm.. what can i say about it? i'm so darn tired! i lack sleep! i can't shop till i drop anymore! huhuhuhu..

but i find my work challenging, fun.. and i just hope that i will continue to feel challenged and useful, so that i won't think of other things anymore, than to help myself with the company.

this is all i have to say for now.. let's wait for another 2 weeks, shall we? then, i'll finally realized my position in the company.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

my good friend Bernard

Bernard was my classmate in college. we're both original classmates of our Industrial Engineering, minor in Mechanical Engineering block ED, ID 94.

he's someone very fun to be with. he's very masipag! as in! because of him, i was also encouraged to study... pano ba nman, ayain ba nman kami lahat sa Lib to study noh! tapos babalik lng ng tambayan to eat dinner, before going to our room to take our exam, which was frequently during night time. then, after the exam, Bernard would hitch a ride from us, (Joy Galian, Christine Tieng and me!). i still memorize his home landline number. hehehe.. kasi ang tagal nyan magkaroon ng landline e! kaya nung nagkaroon sya, i just never forgotten his number. hahahha!

we met once again here in Graduate School of Business. he's still the panicking, workaholic guy that i met in college! hahaha! pero now, super workaholic tong taong to! kaiba na nga e.. kasi ako na napapagod for him. i mean, after school, can you imagine going back to office pa and stay up to midnight to finish his day work? kaiba dba...

but then, i do miss this guy. i miss making fun of him.. making him laugh and smile.. hahaha!

i'm chatting with him right now... and since i already left him in our Post grad studies, i just felt the bond with him and i would like to help him in every way i can.. because... well, ayun lng, i just want to help him e! hahahahaa

honestly, because in our College days, he also helped me a lot... although ako yung nagcocorrect ng paper nya nun, kasi nakikita ko mali yung sagot nya! hahahahaha!

well, what can i say... taga Eng nga talga ako! :)

now that he's about to start his life na talga! finally noh!! coinciding with me starting my new career life na... ok tayo ah! hehehehe!

Bernard, whatever you decided to do with your career or start your real life na now, i'm here for you.. i hope that deep in your heart, you know that.. hehehe

another shot of Vladimir.. shempre he was looking at me. i love this dog too!  Posted by Hello

this is my new dog, Vladimir :) cute nya noh! hehe Posted by Hello

me? an employee..? can you imagine that? haha!

yesterday, when i was in Rockwell for the Mango sale, i heard my p800 cell phone ringing, hmm.. landline number, i answered. it was a call from a company that i applied with.

well, the voice was very low-key, but i heard her saying that she'll call my Sun cellular line. i said, ok.

because of my rush, i forgot that i was holding 2 blouses that i chose for my mom and my sister in Mango. the theft detector rang as i was going out to wait for the call in my Sun cel line. hehehe. i said sorry to the guard, well, i'm positive he understand.

anyway, the call was from Liwayway Marketing. i stupidly heard the girl saying that she's from "KYY Marketing", i was wondering at that time how the hell did KYY knows my number, when in fact i never applied for the company. when she said that i have an interview tomorrow at 8am, i said ok. she gave me the address. the word Tolentino Street was familiar to me, then i said, wait, is this Oishi? she said yes. hahaha.. ayun.. super engot ko! :)

i went to Liwayway this morning. exactly at 7:59am, i went to the counter and said that i was called in for interview. the girl gave me a stapled paper for me to fill up. it turns out that that papers were like 6 pages of all about me, etc etc. situations, what to do.. something something to be fill up. it took me like 1.5hours to finish that stapled paper. after submitting to the girl, i was ask to wait in this conference room for my interviewee.

i won't go into details.. for one, my future employer or company may be reading this. hahaha! but i was very glad that i get to know my employment status the same day. i mean, it's really not good to make people wait. like for me, i hate waiting pa naman. hahaha! but then, at least knowing the final decision of the employment status gives job hunters a reason to stop hoping and try their luck to other companies, di ba?

so starting monday, i'll be starting my first day as an employee. a new girl on the block of corporate world. i'm asking myself right now, am i really really ready for this? and if ever, my gambling to work for this company will really pay off for me and my family in the future? my mind's full of questions. but one thing i know, i want this so bad that i know that i will have to do good and starting to prove myself.

or else, what's the use of my MBA, my being president of the class mean, di ba? hahaha!

i'll be spending my last few carefree days doing my family's errands, and shopping for corporate clothes for myself. i just hope that i will enjoy this job as what i envisioned myself to be.

and yes, i'm itching to start working na. hahahaha! :)

Sunday, June 26, 2005


i haven't really really rested since the time i came back here from Palawan.
to think that i really don't have any subjects this term, only defending my paper, yet, i still haven't quite settle down here yet.

i still haven't transfer my dog here at where i live. i still haven't pay my tuition fee..

and it's been awhile since i last went out on a date!

my golly! hahahaha!

i would like a week of resting in a hotel, as long as the aircondition is blasting with cold air. with buffet breakfast.. maybe a little shopping, and beach in the side..

i like to spend a day in a spa..

anybody would like to accompany me? hehe :)

Saturday, June 18, 2005

i have colds! damn colds!

it seems like i'm crying for the whole day! because i have colds! it's so hard to drive, to go out normally, and pretend that everything is ok.. hehehehe..

i miss someone today... someone that i haven't talked to for quite awhile.. but i have my pride to think about.. i mean, pride not to call or text that someone.. hahahaha!

obvious that i don't have anything to say for now.. i'm just plain tired.. that's all. :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

i'm raving these following songs..

HALE - Broken Sonnet

And now i concede
On the night of this fifteenth song
Of melancholy, of melancholy
And in this next line
I'll say it all over again
That i love you, i love you.

I don't care what they say
I don't care what they do
'cause tonight i'll leave my fears behind
'cause tonight i'll be right at your side.

Lie down right next to me
Lie down right next to me
And i will never let go
Will never let go.

The clock on the tv says 8:39 pm
It's the same, it's the same
And in this next line
I'll say it all over again
That i love you, i love you.

I don't care what they say
I don't care what they do
'cause tonight i'll leave my fears behind
'cause tonight i'll be right at your side.

Lie down right next to me
Lie down right next to me
And i will never let go
Will never let go.

I'll leave my fears behind
'cause tonight i'll be right at your side.

Lie down right next to me
Lie down right next to me
And i will never let go
Will never let go.

But still i see the tears from your eyes
Maybe i'm just not the one for you.

HALE - The day you said goodnight

Take me as you are,
Push me off the roadthe sadness,
I need this time to be with you
I'm freezing in the sun;
I'm burning in the rain
The silence;
I'm screaming,
Calling out your name.
And i do reside in your light
Put out the fire with me and find
Yeah you'll lose the side of your circles
That's what i'll do if we say goodbye.

To be is all i gotta be
And all that i see
And all that i need this time
To me the life you gave me
The day you said goodnight.

The calmness in your face
That i see through the night
The warmth of your light is pressing unto us
You didn't ask me why
I never would have known oblivion is falling down.
And i do reside in your light
Put out the fire with me and find
Yeah you'll lose the side of your circles
That's what i'll do if we say goodbye.

To be is all i gotta be
And all that i see
And all that i need this time
To me the life you gave me
The day you said goodnight.

If you could only know me like your prayers at night
Then everything between you and me will be all

To be is all i gotta be
And all that i see
And all that i need this time
To me the life you gave me
The day you said goodnight.

She's already taken,
She's already taken
She's already taken me
She's already taken,
She's already taken
She's already taken me.
The day you said goodnight

If these lyrics are not meaningful, i don't know what they are na.. hahahah!

my mind is blank

wah.. i don't have to say anything right now... i don't have anything specific on my mind also.. just plain bored.. in the crossroad of this journey called life... should i go to the left, to continue my search for meaning in a foreign land... or go to the right, stay here and start my climb up to the corporate world? hayyy... tricky tricky...

but then, all i want to do is have some time to relax and sleep, and watch tv in an air conditioned room, hoping to spend my time not thinking about anything.. gusto ko blank na muna... can my life be that simple just for a day or two? without any complications, without any dilemma, without any worries.

i'll know then that i can finally start tackling my days ahead.. hmmm.. what's the point of relaxing anyway..? hahahaha

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

almost June 1, 2005

woah!! it's been a month since i lasted posted here? hahahah!
been very busy.. and my cousin's cpu is still not that ok e...

but my STRAMA files are here in my brother's CPU.. so ok lng.. hehehe

i hope that i have a crystal ball right in front of me.. so that i'll know at least what i need to do in my life, that will help me maximize my full potential in this world, help me fulfill my missions in this lifetime...


Sunday, May 01, 2005

it's been awhile

it's May 1 already... time really flies fast... i'm currently doing nothing, thinking about something, wishing to be somewhere.. hehehe.. it's hard to be this idle.. coz i'm very used to being tense in my MBA. now, it's almost over... i can't wait to graduate.. i can't wait for the defense of my paper, my final test if i really learned something from this 2 year of school. but then, i don't feel very confident enough pa e.. hayyy.. kakatakot mag OCE noh!

Sunday, April 17, 2005

life after Strama, to live for the future

i'm kinda tamad in posting new happenings here in my blog.. currently reformatting my PC, that's why haven't check my emails, update posts here... in order to salvage my MBA files in the PC, i have to bring the CPU to my bro's place and have him help me get my files first, before reformatting.

so, the term is finally over. technically, i've completed my MBA courses already. i completed it all in 2 years time, and i also have a major in International Business. sounds good noh? hahaha!

finally, my summer vacation is just starting. can i really afford to have a real summer vacation?! hahaha! i haven't really really relax, since last thursday night because of that tiring final exam in Strategic Management. haven't quite recuperate my lack of sleep, since i've been thinking that maybe my term paper lacks the strategy that i should have thought of, or should have wrote.. maybe the strategy that i wrote at final exam was not enough in order for me to pass or even get a high grade! wahhh... im turning into a geek! hehehehe

yun nga lng, i still have a lot of things to do as the class president. i do love being in this position. i love to serve, to think for the class.. but it's also tiring ah... i feel though that this experience as a real working class president is enough for me to miss this class. hayyy.. mamimiss ko ang tension ng Strategic Management..

i'm starting my life anew.. i would like to let go of the past, and live for the future. whatever future that will be.. i don't know pa.. hehehhee.. i know i will always remember the past, but since the past will not be revive anymore, i have to let it go na rin, coz it let me go na.. labo ba? hahaha! as usual, this is me talking, and i'm very spontaneous and magulo! i'm very strong and independent.. this is the real RIA, and i can't really change the way that i am pala.. can't 100% change for the man that i loved.. so what the heck.. dba? hahahaha!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

i will post again soon

a lot had happened to me lately.. i haven't post my experience last monday night.. i'm kinda tired pa kasi... after all, it was the longest 5 hours of life.. i'm not complaining.. i'm juz whining, there's a difference! hehehehe

so i will post again soon.. coz still have a lot to do, don't have much time.. and i still have final exams for my 2 subjects next week.. ayun lng! hehehe

Monday, April 04, 2005

today is over deadline

today is the deadline of our Strategic Management paper!
that's all i can say for now, coz i need to take a bath and get back to work...
my hands are so numb!!! i'm so tired of typing and typing and typing!

i'll post my opinions later after submitting!
and tomorrow i would like to treat myself to spa... and do everything that i wasn't able to do because of doing this strama paper! wahhhhhhhh!!!

Sunday, April 03, 2005

this pic was during our Organizational Behavior class days. one year ago na ata to e.. or mag 2 years... CPK, dinner lang.. ang layo ni Lynn noh! hahaha! pero katabi ko si Bernard, Mon, Joy, Ellen, Kit and Mare.. etc. kulit namiN! hahaha! Posted by Hello

Lynn and Me (with other friends) at the busy street of Nanjing Dong Lu, Shanghai China... bigat mo Lynn e! hahaha! Posted by Hello

my friend Lynn

last night, in the wee morning of around 1230am.. (ay! it's this dawn pala! hehehe!) i called up my good friend and classmates Lynn Marcelo. well, for one, i know that she seldom sleeps early, and i have this gut feeling that she's still up. hahaha! i was not wrong! hehe! we talked up to 3am noh! that's how it always end with Lynn.. when we're about to put down the phone na, may papahabol pa kaming kwento ulit! ayun, extended! haahhaa!

Lynn and I were classmates during our Organizational Behavior class. she made a very good impression to the class for not wanting ourprof (Prof. Albert Mateo, CFO of Pfizer) to call her the first part of her name, which is Rose. she prefers to be called Lynn. but our prof was very nananadya! hahaha! he called her Rose for the entire term. in that class also, i believe i made myself known also for my singing a Chinese song, because my seatmate and forever college good friend, Bernard, told our Prof that we were classmates since undergrad and i can sing a CHinese song! wahhh.. because of that Bernard and I were separated in groupings! darn.. it's ok since we're seatmates naman. our bond is very deep up to now, since classmates nga kami since college, and i love driving him home! and his mom isvery nice. i also know his siblings and can't forget his younger brother Ferdinand. haha! but this blog is not about Bernard yet... i will write about him next time, for now, this is about Lynn.

fast forward to last term, wherein i again have Lynn as my classmates. we were not like uber-close, since she got her circle of friends already, as we all have. and she's way ahead of me, but having her a classmate is very refreshing. good thing we were both demanded to be class officers! Lynn as my vice-president, and we have this out of country outing, and the success of this lies in the good hands of the officers. over pressure noh? hahahaha!

with a long of talking on the phone, about the plans to go to Shanghai,China, travel agency, travel decisions, planning, scheduling, etc etc. grabe! it was really hard! considering there are 38 of us going. 38 individuals with different views, opinions, reactions, etc. but then, the important thing in that trip were the 2 of us. because it's the 2 of us who are doing the planning, and the succes was in our hands only.

Lynn handled the internal side, scheduling, the itinerary for the class, etc. i handled the external part, the travel agency, the booking, the bus, etc. but all my decisions were also concurred by Lynn. this goes the same way with her also. we both decided on everything. and after the trip, it really was a relief because it was a success, (well that's the way i see it) we both believe we've done our part already. yun nga lng, wala kami na shopping sa Shanghai! huhuhuh!

i love talking to Lynn. i love whining to Lynn. hahaha! seriously! i mean, it's because she's very honest with me. like if i did something not really good, she will say.. uhmm.. dapat ganito ata.. hahaha! i like the way she will lecture me! kasi parang ndi lecture.. hehehe! and will advice me for the things to come! tuwa lng ako kasi there are some friends who are there, yet not really accept for who you are, what you are really, and here, i found someone who's willing to accept me and my opinions, though not really correct all the time, yet, she never questions and doubts my true intention of being good to others. ewan.. ang labo na ata neto a.. hehehe!

now that our learning journey is about to end, she's defending her paper na, so after that, she can graduate na, and she will go find her luck and happiness, wherever that will be. i crossing my fingers now that she will able to find the additional time and pursue international studies as what i will be doing to my grad school career.. ending it with a bang! and if that's the case, then i know the two of us don't have anything to fear anymore in a foreign country, coz i believe that we both can do more solidly there together. hahaha! sa food, shopping, mga trip naming gawin. hahaha! i can't wait.. but i will still accept whatever her decision will be.

in the short span of time of being friends together, i know in my heart i found a good person, with a good heart and a good soul. and i want her to know that the time will come that we can to go separate ways, but i firmly believe that we will be able to cross our paths again. who knows, sa europe, sa states, asia, wherever! wag lng sana sa africa ha? mainit sobra duN! hahaha!

thank you Lynn, for the wonderful gift of friendship :) you're a hall of fame in my book! hahahaha!

Saturday, April 02, 2005

it's already april!

time flies so fast... it's already april! the term is ending soon... and after 2 years here in DLSU- Graduate School of Business, i like to ask myself, am i ready to start my life na?

at age 27, i don't feel my age at all! honest! i'm not saying this because this is what every girl in this world would say to feel good about themselves... i'm saying this, because this is really what i feel. my energy is still like i was still in college. and i'm treating this 2nd chance of learning as my undergrad degree, never enjoyed college kasi e... yes, i know i have to blame myself for that.

i'm enjoying MBA that i don't want this to end. yes, i know i have a very easy and laid back way of living now, and yes, i know i have to start working my ass soon since my continuing education is about to end.. but that's the choice, if i want it to end next term? or add something to this last chance of learning?

i'm still writing my term paper now.. we got lucky and had our due date extended for the 2nd time to this coming monday. i'm so stressed and pressured about this Strategic Management class that i kinda forgot to enjoy my life while taking up Strama... i mean, it's been awhile since i last look up and admire the blue skies, the twinkling stars... it's really been awhile since i last went to a party, meet people, meet guys.. hahaha!

since the due date of this paper is nearing, after this, maybe go to the spa.. hang out with friends.. eat out and shopping with my family. i know i have to make up for the lost time that i had with them and with myself.. then, i have to study again for the final exam of this Strategic Management! wahhh.. walang katapusan na Strama!!!!

but i love this subject! who's complaining? hahahaha! i'm not complaining! just happy to have taken up this subject, serve as the President of this class.. i love Strama, 'coz i believe this subject will help me in becoming a good person, a good leader, a good president or CEO of whatever my future will be.. hahaha! grabeng confident sa sarili! i'm just kidding kaya! :)

it's april already!

time really flies fast... it's already april na! too fast to look at the stars at night... to smell the flowers... to smile and meet people... to think about the future.. and now, 8 months to go, Christmas nanaman! grabe!

got another extension for the term paper.. i'm doing it again now, i'll be doing this again tomorrow, and whole day sunday.. as well as morning and afternoon of monday. this is how much i love this paper... really? hahaha! no.. i'm kidding.. i just work best cramming for the time, pressures.. etc.

i missed so many things already! i miss enjoying my life!! hayy.. when was the last time i went to the mall? ahh.. the time my sister was still here in manila.. one week palng pala e! pero i feel i'm so ewan... 2 days lng ako ndi lumabas ng house, the price of gasoline is now 30pesos per liter! hayyy!! what's happening to this country!?!?!

Friday, April 01, 2005

song by Lifehouse

i came across this song by the group Lifehouse.. the interpretation of the song by the writer is as follows:

Somewhere in Between: Before my girlfriend and I got together, she had broken up with this guy. I'd been head-over-heels for her for years even though she was dating him. So they broke up, and I was like, "Man, if I don't make a move now, I may never get a chance." I was always friends with her but never really could get a step further. So I started taking her out to dinners and stuff. She was a little bit on the rebound, but I think she had some feelings for me. We were at that point where we weren't sure if we were dating or not, or even if she really liked me in that way. It was a very vulnerable time for me and that's when I wrote "Somewhere In Between." I poured all those feelings into the song. Then I played it for her and that was it, we were together.

ganda noh? hahaha! shucks, parang the scene is very familiar to me... the lyrics goes like this..

I can't be losing sleepover this,
no I can'tand now
I cannot stop pacing
give me a few hours
I'll have this all sorted out
if my mind would just stop racing
cause I cannot stand still
I can't be this unsturdy
this cannot be happening

this is over my head
but underneath my feet
cause by tomorrow morning
I'll have this thing beat
and everything will be back to the way that it was
I wish that it was just that easy
cause I'm waiting for tonight
and then waiting for tomorrow
and I'm somewhere in between
what is real and just a dream
what is real and just a dream
what is real and just a dream

would you catch me if I fall out of what I fell in
don't be surprised if I collapse
down at your feet again
I don't want to run away from this
I know that I just don't need this

cause I cannot stand still
I can't be this unsturdy
this cannot be happening, yeah
cause I'm waiting for tonight
and then waiting for tomorrow
and I'm somewhere in between
what is real and just a dream
what is real and just a dream
what is real and just a dream
what is real and just a dream

----> yeah.. this song was meant for me.. and for the person i'd lost.. reflecting nanman ako, and to think it's not Good friday anymore.. hahahha! whatever!!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

enrollment once again

hay... it's enrollment once again.. online enrollment that is... i just enroll in residency in order for me to still avail the use of resources of DLSU. and maybe, i'll be sitting in to STRAMA once again, in order to prepare my paper for defense a year after that..

yes, i might delay my defense because of audacious plan of going abroad for the exchange program. i don't know if i will really really able to pursue it... that's why it's audacious right? parang BHAG na sya.. hahahah! yun nga lng, i'm determined to pursue it! bleh! :p

Monday, March 28, 2005


just like the title of this post, i'm so sleepy! i think if it's not that hot and humid here, i would have slept most of the time.. instead of doing my paper.. and be awake in the evening and start filling up the necessary parts of the paper.. hayyy.. that' s all i can say for now.. coz it's almost lunch time already.

after the submission of the term paper, i will edit the template of this blog.. don't have a lot of time right now.. hehehe

Sunday, March 27, 2005

my future boyfriend... in my dreams of course.. hehehe :D Posted by Hello

risks of life

i always thought i will die in a car accident. this is because i was always on the road, and driving most of the time. yes, i will admit it, i'm a reckless driver. and whenever people commented me about this, i will add, yes, I AM A RECKLESS SAFE DRIVER. it's not like i would like to die this way, and i would like to end my life now.. i just thought of this possibility, so that i can prepare myself, and prepare the next in line to fill in my spot in case my mission in this life is fulfilled. and frankly, haven't really feel i've accomplished any mission at all, so that means i have a lot of years to do that pa.. hehehe

i love taking risks. i swerve lanes.. i out of nowhere swerve lanes. i drive fast. just today, my sister Ever called me up to say their plane already arrived in NAIA 1, and i was still in the Nagtahan area, so within 20 mins, i arrived at Caltex gas station in MIA Road cor. Domestic road. that was fast already.

with my dad already gone for almost 10 years, and with the manner on how he left us, i feel that our lives here on earth are not as long as what we seem to be. i mean, who will thought that we will have all the time and tomorrows to tell the people that we care about them? c'mon! i mean, our lives here are only borrowed moments. unfortunately i wasn't able to tell my dad that despite of all the trainings that i endured with him, i will always respect him as my father and love him for that. and with my strong personality heaving a lil way for my family to continually fight, i have to thank him for helping me strong as i am now.

the risks what we have in life are all associated with the choices that we have to make. i feel very lucky that i will always be honest with myself. before, i kinda like to hide from what i feel, what i think, and what i want.. but now, i kinda don't care anymore to hide all of it... in end, it's my happiness which is important to me, right? i love taking risks.. risks in life, risks in driving, risks in business, risks in love... risks are also associated with triumph and failure. i'm not scared to fail, i'm not scared to get hurt. isn't it life is only learned by failures? hahahaha! i know i'm a very courageous person in taking risks. changes in life are the only constant thing in this world. i just feel that we have to have the courage to give love, in order to feel love. i'm courageous with this thing, but then, i guess fate and faith always make a good laugh of me.. hahaha!

i understand that people needs more time to think about things, whether to take the risks or not.. but we don't have all our lives' time right? i mean, like in driving, do we have an hour or at least a minute to think whether we should push on the gas pedal or hit the breaks? i don't think so.. as much as i want to be patient in the risks that i made in my life, i don't have all the time to wait for that risk to prosper or fail.. i really don't know.. anybody can help me clarify this? haha!

hey, it's EAster Sunday today.. i'm supposed to be happy.. since Jesus came back to life, right? i'm sad and gloomy. my temper flared up again. and this time, let's just say i'm already pissed! hahaha! finally!

Saturday, March 26, 2005

touched by the lyrics of these songs...

i'm doing my paper right now.. and damn, it's not an easy paper to write! from the macroenvironment, down to vision mission objectives of the company.. threats, opportunities, weakenesses, strengths.. value chain! competitive advantages, strategies, 7S, 8Sit!! damn! not to mention those marketing, financial, operational, HR, and information management! langya.. wala pa ako ganu natatapos! shet... yes, i'm a crammer.. so i know i can do these din, eventually..

i'm singing, at the same time, typing.. hehehe.. so that my mind will not go stagnant, not moving.. i hate that... i'm in a mood to write... but not really like write my term paper's contents.. hahahaha!

among the songs playing in my winamp.. this caught my mind...

Do What You Have To Do

by Sarah Mclachlan

What ravages of spirit
conjured this temptuous rage
created you a monster
broken by the rules of love
and fate has lead you through it
you do what you have to do
and fate has led you through it
you do what you have to do ...
and I have the sense to recognize that
I don't know how to let you go
every moment marked
with apparitions of your soul
I'm ever swiftly moving
trying to escape this desire
the yearning to be near you
I do what I have to do
the yearning to be near you
I do what I have to do
but I have the sense to recognize
that I don't know how
to let you go
I don't know how
to let you go
a glowing ember
burning hot
burning slow
deep within I'm shaken by the violence
of existing for only you
I know I can't be with you
I do what I have to do
I know I can't be with you
I do what I have to do
and I have sense to recognize but
I don't know how to let you go
I don't know how to let you go
I don't know how to let you go

ok ba? applicable to me... i don't know how to let go, that's why i'm doing what i have to do.. shet this is so me... damn it! hahahahah! stupidly this is me, this is what i'm doing... and no, i'm totally aware of this... and i hate myself for being this gullible.. this foolishly stupid.

the stronger i am to tackle the challenges of my life and for my family, the stupidly i became with love, especially to a particular person who's busy with his own life...

hayy... this only mean one time, God's making me feel this way for me to stay my feet on the ground.. and i'm sure, i'll eventually overcome everything... of course, i have to eh! hehehe!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

a day of shopping

yesterday, i went to glorietta to buy my dog's bag, since i was dying to have one of those for my dog, and it does go out of stock for the longest period of time. so i bought one already for Chorale, and it's so cute!!! i mean, with her in it, she's so adorable!!! i thought it was big for her, but actually just fits her perfectly.. heheh!

it's Maundy Thursday, and i'm here at home, with my dog, my granny and manang. my bro is at my mom's house with yaya celia. it's so damn hot here and i can't concentrate on doing my paper. so i'm surfing the net, blogging and looking at the different make-ups that i can like. products from Nars, MAC, and Shu Uemura catches my fancy, boy and they are not cheap!! hahaha! i bought some yesterday, and it's bleeding my pocket na! i never thought that i will shop the way that i shopped yesterday!

but then, shopping is really a girl's remedy not to think about her lovelife. maybe that's what i just did! hahahaa!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

lesser responsibilities

my family went to Korea yesterday... but it doesn't mean that i was left without much to do. my grandma who's supposed to be with the rest of the family in Korea wasn't able to make it, because of colds, cough, and headache.. so not burden the others in thinking for her sake, she's now here at home, resting.. i think it's better for her also, since it's freaking cold in KR..

aside from my grandma.. my brother is also left here, just like poor me! but then, he can quite take good care of himself.. i just need to check on him, and ask if he locked the doors, went to his office, need a ride home because of OT, etc.

well, my dog is here also! as of now, she's under my chair.. hahahaha.. cute and lovable pa rin! takes my mind away from distractions and focus my attention to her and to the things on hand.. so, maybe Chorale's being here in Manila is my answer to the distractions i have around me! hopefully, i'll be able to finish my term paper or at least get it going na... so that when this Saturday comes, i'll be able to get my pasalubong from them, and drive them for us to have a day of fun, before my sister, my aunt, uncle and cousin once again go back to the province. hayyy..

Monday, March 21, 2005

april 2 deadline

well well well... our march 31 deadline was extended to april 1, and a possible april 2 deadline of the paper.. this is good news.. since like for me, i haven't really really started doing anything! i'm just so not in the mood for doing it! i feel my mind is elsewhere... thinking about the exchange program to Hungary and France... and at the same time, thinking of other stuffs.. like family, friends, special someone.

this is really frustrating! i mean, i know what i should be doing, yet, i'm not doing it.. redundant na yung sinasabi ko.. wala lng... super tamad! kakainis!

my family went to Korea na.. hayyy.. i should have been there also... but then, i gave up my place to do this paper, and i haven't start doing it! wahhhh... m gonna cry!

nah... i know i can do it! or else... i'll be damn!

Monday, March 14, 2005

Lorie, Marisol, Alf and Me with one of the famous professor of DLSU-GSB, Mr. Elfren Cruz... Hmmm... dapat pa-frame to.. hahaha! Posted by Hello

headturners.. hahaha! joke lng! Girlie, Aimee, Gem and me.. :)  Posted by Hello

girl's night out at GSB night.. hahaha! Girlie, Donna, Gem and Me. Posted by Hello

may ann and me at Blue wave.. Posted by Hello

i hope it's april 1 na!

i'm so.. hmm.. i don't know... i have a lot of things in my mind.. but i know that i'm supposed to have only ONE important thing to think about.. and that's my STRAMA paper. alas, i'm so into different things lately, like thinking about future, my exchange program plans... stuffs like that makes me distracted to fully concentrate myself to the one most important thing of my MBA life... my last strama paper! wahhh..

i wonder how come that person i'm thinking about hasn't sent me any hi hello message yet? i wonder if that person's ok?

today's march 14... wahhh!!! 17 days to go for march 31... i'm so deads...

Thursday, March 10, 2005

3 weeks left

earlier, it was a month's time.. now, it's only less than 3 weeks left for the submission of the STRAMA term paper.. and this last minute, i decided to change my company instead. i feel like i was having a hard time gathering information from the company, and so decided to do my company instead. ewan.. hayyy

aside from thinking about the topic for term paper, i'm having a headache dealing with some people in the class... and also, my exchange program to Korea University deal is going bad.. school's vice dean is suggesting if i look into the exchange program to ESSCA... it has a school in Budapest, Hungary and Angers, France.... but i feel it's way over expensive for me... i have to think of something so that i can still continue with my plans of availing DLSU's exchange program.

there... that's all my whinings about the latest happenings in my life.

on the bright side, there's someone who's helping me feel better from all of these... someone making me smile, even if there's a great deal of distance between us.. i feel better because at least he does think of me, and he somewhat misses me.. and for me, that's enough for now..


Monday, February 28, 2005

only a month's time

damn! i have to start my term paper soon! cause i only have 30 days left! 30 days of thinking, researching, reading, typing, interviewing, analyzing and to think of the solutions for my chosen company! and right now, i'm so hot and tired to start doing it! instead of bumming around the house and in front of the computer, i find myself going out with friends, making fun of each other, hang out, drink coffee, relaxing and laughing with them... darn... i have to focus really really soon...

this is my reminder for the impending responsibilities to my classmates, my family, as well as to myself..

i promise myself that i will do them starting tomorrow.. of course, after buying some needed stocks, etc. etc.

i'm so sleepy......zzzzzzzz..........

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Me and Chorale... I miss her na! Posted by Hello

Saturday, February 19, 2005

my own personal vision

it's already midterms, and my term paper for Strategic management is still not as updated as the schedule that i gave for the class. well, it's really not my fault, the company set the meeting for next week, so i have to wait then. i have a new case this coming thursday, another grilling time for our group with Sir Elfren Cruz.

my professor is i believe the best of all faculty of DLSU Graduate School of Business. i don't mean to offend anyone. the depth of his wisdom and knowledge is incomparable, and after each class, i have this feeling of being a stupid student, and to think, i'm already here at the last subject before graduation in just 2 years. i mean, i thought i knew a lot, because i love to read. but then, after each session with Sir Elfren makes me feel like a gradeschool student, experiencing the my first day in Grade 1. hahaha!

that's how good my professor is. and i guess i don't have to doubt anymore why he's already one of the great minds in the GSB, and also nominated to be on of the best faculty. and i will not doubt if ever that i find him appointed in any government posts. i feel he's the best candidate for any government position.

and how i wish i can be a 1/8 or maybe 1/16 of his mind, spirit, his whole being. then i believe i know i can do anything that i want na. hey, this can be my personal vision for myself huh?

Friday, February 18, 2005

a brand new day

i would like to start this day as a brand new day of my life. new in the sense of starting over as a girl wanting to get over the negative things in life. i would like to focus myself on the things that i have, rather than think of what i can do to get the things that are already lost to me. as much as fighting spirit that i have to overcome and get what i want in this lifetime, sometimes it's better to finally release yourself of thinking very hard.

been there, done that. now, let's move!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

my nonsense blog

my blog is a major disaster, nonsense whinning about life. and I can't seem to help not whinning about the things happening to my life. yeah, i admit that maybe the things i talked about here are presently occuping my thoughts lately, and it's unfair, coz i feel very confused and down these days. if i can bring 6months ago time, i believe i was much stronger than i am today. wahh, can somebody be much much stronger as i am now? hahahahhaa!

right now, i need to think about the good things in my life. how lucky i am to be able to live comfortably without doing much of a work. hehehe... i have to be thankful that i have the chance to really study again and enjoy myself after not doing much during my college years. yes, i have to be thankful that i know i will always have a positive outlook in life. after all my hardship, hurts, pains and sorrow, i will always come to the point of laughing all of these, laughing at myself, for the stupid things i've done! hehehee.. then move on.

yeah, i need to move on once again, to the direction of never coming back. i need to focus my mind on the things that i have to do. and from then on, i hope that i will not waver to look back.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

happy heart's day!

it's valentine's day once again, and me, i'm still alone. hey, it's really alright. i'm so used to being alone, in a lover's sense ah.. i'm never alone in this family naman. heheh

i have a lot of things to do.. a lot of research to make. a heavy load of term paper to start working on. yet, i also have a lot of questions in my mind. hmmm.. i told myself that i will concentrate on my studies from today on. the next time that i'll be thinking about foolish things will only be on weekends and maybe early April. my term paper deadline is on March 24. am i panicking? nah!! i know i can do it. i juz need to tell my mind to start doing it! hahaha!

yesterday, i realize that i'm very fortunate already. I have great family, good friends. i have a car to get me anywhere, anytime. i got cash to spare. i'm supposed to be happy right? there's one thing missing, and you know what, i'm not really finding that in other persons, because i already found him.. and stupid as this sound, yes, i'm stupid, but i'm also happy, even if it hurts me. now, if that's not stupid, i don't know what to call it anymore. hahahaha! laterz!

Friday, February 11, 2005

me, dramatic? no way!

according to my good friend, Jean, my blog is very madrama raw! hahaha! and i realize that oo nga, i was really being over dramatic what's not happening in my life. out of character ko ata being dramatic? hahahah!

ok.. i got it.. from now on, i would like to try being sarcastic instead of dramatic. mas ok na ba yun? hahaha!

thanks Jean, for reminding me that i have to be myself.. i have to get this drama disease out of my system. hehe!

over distracted!

aside from being distracted in thoughts, i find myself hooking at this Korean telenovela "stairway to heaven". damn... i'm not supposed to have other things in mind than my STRAMA paper. yet, here i am, instead of quickly doing my group's presentation later, i'm surfing for more information about the said series and the hot actor Kwon Sang Woo! damn! hahaha! this is really bad....

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


i have a lot of questions in my life... family, friends, my future.. after this almost last chapter of my Graduate school life.. i don't have an idea what is really in stored for me..

i like this song.. and i like to look at the eye of that person, and sing this song to him.. do i dare to hope that he will really really answer all those questions? who am i kidding!? hahaha!

Questions - Blaque
I wanna know why this feels so right
I wanna know why u hold me tight
Each and every night, it keeps me up all night
Thinkin' about the things i like
Can't believe your in my life
I wanna know why ur the one
The things that they should have you've already done
God sent u straight to me
You make me wanna sing

But when you look at me, do you see your wife?
Can you picture us lovin' each other for life?
Are you playin' the role, just like the rest
These are the questions that I ask myself
If, another should come, who's finer than me
And she wanna take your love away, would you leave?
Baby please answer these questions

Could this be my whole fantasy
Maybe u could just be too good for me
If i don't wake then I won't see
Cuz if im not the one you met, then who is in me
In the mist of the tears how come,
I love you more, and more, and more
I never longed for no one, yes its true
Seems like this questions keep me here with me

But when you look at me, do you see your wife?
Can you picture us lovin' each other for life?
Are you playin' the role, just like the rest
These are the questions that I ask myself
If, another should come, who's finer than me
And she wanna take your love away, would you leave?
Baby please answer these questions

But when you look at me, do you see your wife?
Can you picture us lovin' each other for life?
Are you playin' the role, just like the rest
These are the questions that I ask myself
If, another should come, who's finer than me
And she wanna take your love away, would you leave?
Baby please answer these questions
f you, really wanna be with me
Then ill say, I love you endlessly
One thing that I really wanna know
Will this end or will this grow
And now if you really be wanna be with
I'll love you endlessly
One thing that I really wanna know
Will this end or will this grow

But when you look at me, do you see your wife?
Can you picture us lovin' each other for life?
Are you playin' the role, just like the rest
These are the questions that I ask myself
If, another should come, who's finer than me
And she wanna take your love away, would you leave?
Baby please answer these questions

But when you look at me, do you see your wife?
Can you picture us lovin' each other for life?
Are you playin' the role, just like the rest
These are the questions that I ask myself
If, another should come, who's finer than me
And she wanna take your love away, would you leave?
Baby please answer these question

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

..bad habit..

as of now, i'm raving this song.. i'm downloading the whole song itself, and i can't help but reflect what's going on with my life right now.. well, i'll admit that i have a lot of bad habits.. like talking when my mouth still have some food, driving fast and braking hard whenever i'm angry.. but then, one thing is my major bad habit, and i can't seem to help it! haha!

this song is dedicated to all strong women in the world. wanting to change the direction of their lives, yet it is easier said than done.. it can be done, the question is, do you really want it done..

Bad Habit - Destiny's Child

How many times
Are you gonna apologize about the same thing
And how many times can I take you back
When I'm not the one that's doin' wrong
(When I'm not the one that's doin' wrong, yeah)
I thought maybe if I started prayin'
That we would get better, but
When I would pray the answer would always come back to me bein' done
But we are so hard headed when we're in love
So I

I told myself that I would make some changes
But the more I change there's one thing that remains the same
I can't seem to shake ya
You seem to really have a hold on me
And everytime that we break up
We turn around and make up
This can't go on nowI gotta move on nowI
t's not the fact that I don't love you no more
But I gotta break this bad habit
Can't take his bad habit no more

I'm totally out of my element
Learnin' new ways to live, while your in a comfort zone
Not even thinkin, (you couldn't think about me) to call
And then when I get mad you buy me gifts
Thinkin' it's gonna solve every issue
From the girl callin my phone, to the pictures that I saw
And every time you would break up with me for nothing at all
I've takin all I could take
(I've takin all I could take)
But the way I live has gotta change, oh

Let me break it down
Have you ever loved somebody
So much that you was just to blind to see
Past, all of the pain they was causin' you
Ladies do you feel me (do you feel me)
Have you ever loved somebody
So much that you went against the right things that you should do
Then it's time to make a change
So I

I told myself that I would make some changes
But the more I change there's one thing that remains the same
I can't seem to shake ya
You seem to really have a hold on me
And everytime that we break up
We turn around and make up
This can't go on nowI gotta move on nowI
t's not the fact that I don't love you no more
But I gotta break this bad habit
Can't take his bad habit no more

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

responsibilties, when will they all end?

i'm starting to feel very tired of doing all the things that i'm doing right now. particularly, my never ending committment to my family. i mean, it's not like i don't love my family anymore, i just needed a little space, an open breathing space from them.

in short, i just need a lot of time to be alone right now.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

la sallian values = strategy?

we have this 1 page assignment if we can use the La Sallian Values as a basis for crafting strategies in Business.. hmmm.. it's really been awhile since i last heard the Religio, Mores and Cultura - The practice of the La Sallian Values of De La Salle University. i believe it was shorter 10 years ago? hehehe

A. Religio - man's relationship with God

Value 1: Being Christian in One's Ideals
Value 2: Steadfastness in One's Relationship with God
Value 3: Presence of a Christian Community
Value 4: Being Ethical

B. Mores - man's relationship with others

Value 5: Social Awareness
Value 6: Social Equity
Value 7: Concern for the Improvement of the Quality of Life among All Socio-economic Groups
Value 8: Development of Professional Competence

C. Cultura - man's regard for material things

Value 9: Appreciation of Art and Culture
Value 10: Love of Things Filipino

whoah!! of course i don't have to copy the expanded meaning of each of the values. but by just reading them, for me, i think we can use this a basis to derive our strategies, not only in business and in life. the problem now is that how the hell am i gonna prove that they can be a basis of strategy.. wahhhh!!!

Monday, January 31, 2005

My professor in Strategic Management told us in the class that the trend of the technological environment now is BLOG. hmm.. i'm not so sure what this will do to me, but let's give it a try.

this is like a livejournal, right? so i'm guessing the time frame that i will eventually grew tired of writing here. haha! it's not like i have a dsl connection that i won't think that i'm wasted time and money doing this blog. but then, the hell!

so.. i'm going to write whatever i feel here? right now, i'm very pissed! i don't know why. i'm not supposed to feel this, because i know i already forgotten feeling this stupid self almost a year ago. i grew emotionally strong already! yet, the big wind came back to my life, swept my feet once again, and here, i'm feeling foolish! i hate this feeling! i'm getting impatient!!! grrr..

hmm, this is nice. i mean, at least i can express my feelings here, and i won't be tempted to send him an sms about this crap! hahaha!

i have a lot of things to do. too little time! and i don't have a company yet for my strategic management paper! i can't believe this!!! i can't be distracted right now!! but as much as i don't want to... i'm already distracted!!!