Monday, January 31, 2005

My professor in Strategic Management told us in the class that the trend of the technological environment now is BLOG. hmm.. i'm not so sure what this will do to me, but let's give it a try.

this is like a livejournal, right? so i'm guessing the time frame that i will eventually grew tired of writing here. haha! it's not like i have a dsl connection that i won't think that i'm wasted time and money doing this blog. but then, the hell!

so.. i'm going to write whatever i feel here? right now, i'm very pissed! i don't know why. i'm not supposed to feel this, because i know i already forgotten feeling this stupid self almost a year ago. i grew emotionally strong already! yet, the big wind came back to my life, swept my feet once again, and here, i'm feeling foolish! i hate this feeling! i'm getting impatient!!! grrr..

hmm, this is nice. i mean, at least i can express my feelings here, and i won't be tempted to send him an sms about this crap! hahaha!

i have a lot of things to do. too little time! and i don't have a company yet for my strategic management paper! i can't believe this!!! i can't be distracted right now!! but as much as i don't want to... i'm already distracted!!!

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