Tuesday, February 15, 2005

happy heart's day!

it's valentine's day once again, and me, i'm still alone. hey, it's really alright. i'm so used to being alone, in a lover's sense ah.. i'm never alone in this family naman. heheh

i have a lot of things to do.. a lot of research to make. a heavy load of term paper to start working on. yet, i also have a lot of questions in my mind. hmmm.. i told myself that i will concentrate on my studies from today on. the next time that i'll be thinking about foolish things will only be on weekends and maybe early April. my term paper deadline is on March 24. am i panicking? nah!! i know i can do it. i juz need to tell my mind to start doing it! hahaha!

yesterday, i realize that i'm very fortunate already. I have great family, good friends. i have a car to get me anywhere, anytime. i got cash to spare. i'm supposed to be happy right? there's one thing missing, and you know what, i'm not really finding that in other persons, because i already found him.. and stupid as this sound, yes, i'm stupid, but i'm also happy, even if it hurts me. now, if that's not stupid, i don't know what to call it anymore. hahahaha! laterz!

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