Wednesday, February 16, 2005

my nonsense blog

my blog is a major disaster, nonsense whinning about life. and I can't seem to help not whinning about the things happening to my life. yeah, i admit that maybe the things i talked about here are presently occuping my thoughts lately, and it's unfair, coz i feel very confused and down these days. if i can bring 6months ago time, i believe i was much stronger than i am today. wahh, can somebody be much much stronger as i am now? hahahahhaa!

right now, i need to think about the good things in my life. how lucky i am to be able to live comfortably without doing much of a work. hehehe... i have to be thankful that i have the chance to really study again and enjoy myself after not doing much during my college years. yes, i have to be thankful that i know i will always have a positive outlook in life. after all my hardship, hurts, pains and sorrow, i will always come to the point of laughing all of these, laughing at myself, for the stupid things i've done! hehehee.. then move on.

yeah, i need to move on once again, to the direction of never coming back. i need to focus my mind on the things that i have to do. and from then on, i hope that i will not waver to look back.

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