Saturday, February 19, 2005

my own personal vision

it's already midterms, and my term paper for Strategic management is still not as updated as the schedule that i gave for the class. well, it's really not my fault, the company set the meeting for next week, so i have to wait then. i have a new case this coming thursday, another grilling time for our group with Sir Elfren Cruz.

my professor is i believe the best of all faculty of DLSU Graduate School of Business. i don't mean to offend anyone. the depth of his wisdom and knowledge is incomparable, and after each class, i have this feeling of being a stupid student, and to think, i'm already here at the last subject before graduation in just 2 years. i mean, i thought i knew a lot, because i love to read. but then, after each session with Sir Elfren makes me feel like a gradeschool student, experiencing the my first day in Grade 1. hahaha!

that's how good my professor is. and i guess i don't have to doubt anymore why he's already one of the great minds in the GSB, and also nominated to be on of the best faculty. and i will not doubt if ever that i find him appointed in any government posts. i feel he's the best candidate for any government position.

and how i wish i can be a 1/8 or maybe 1/16 of his mind, spirit, his whole being. then i believe i know i can do anything that i want na. hey, this can be my personal vision for myself huh?

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  1. Oh no...Yay...takot naman ako. I plan to enroll in his class next term. Anyway, good luck Ria! See you around. I'll be passing by regularly.