Thursday, March 10, 2005

3 weeks left

earlier, it was a month's time.. now, it's only less than 3 weeks left for the submission of the STRAMA term paper.. and this last minute, i decided to change my company instead. i feel like i was having a hard time gathering information from the company, and so decided to do my company instead. ewan.. hayyy

aside from thinking about the topic for term paper, i'm having a headache dealing with some people in the class... and also, my exchange program to Korea University deal is going bad.. school's vice dean is suggesting if i look into the exchange program to ESSCA... it has a school in Budapest, Hungary and Angers, France.... but i feel it's way over expensive for me... i have to think of something so that i can still continue with my plans of availing DLSU's exchange program.

there... that's all my whinings about the latest happenings in my life.

on the bright side, there's someone who's helping me feel better from all of these... someone making me smile, even if there's a great deal of distance between us.. i feel better because at least he does think of me, and he somewhat misses me.. and for me, that's enough for now..


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