Monday, March 21, 2005

april 2 deadline

well well well... our march 31 deadline was extended to april 1, and a possible april 2 deadline of the paper.. this is good news.. since like for me, i haven't really really started doing anything! i'm just so not in the mood for doing it! i feel my mind is elsewhere... thinking about the exchange program to Hungary and France... and at the same time, thinking of other stuffs.. like family, friends, special someone.

this is really frustrating! i mean, i know what i should be doing, yet, i'm not doing it.. redundant na yung sinasabi ko.. wala lng... super tamad! kakainis!

my family went to Korea na.. hayyy.. i should have been there also... but then, i gave up my place to do this paper, and i haven't start doing it! wahhhh... m gonna cry!

nah... i know i can do it! or else... i'll be damn!

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