Thursday, March 24, 2005

a day of shopping

yesterday, i went to glorietta to buy my dog's bag, since i was dying to have one of those for my dog, and it does go out of stock for the longest period of time. so i bought one already for Chorale, and it's so cute!!! i mean, with her in it, she's so adorable!!! i thought it was big for her, but actually just fits her perfectly.. heheh!

it's Maundy Thursday, and i'm here at home, with my dog, my granny and manang. my bro is at my mom's house with yaya celia. it's so damn hot here and i can't concentrate on doing my paper. so i'm surfing the net, blogging and looking at the different make-ups that i can like. products from Nars, MAC, and Shu Uemura catches my fancy, boy and they are not cheap!! hahaha! i bought some yesterday, and it's bleeding my pocket na! i never thought that i will shop the way that i shopped yesterday!

but then, shopping is really a girl's remedy not to think about her lovelife. maybe that's what i just did! hahahaa!

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