Tuesday, March 22, 2005

lesser responsibilities

my family went to Korea yesterday... but it doesn't mean that i was left without much to do. my grandma who's supposed to be with the rest of the family in Korea wasn't able to make it, because of colds, cough, and headache.. so not burden the others in thinking for her sake, she's now here at home, resting.. i think it's better for her also, since it's freaking cold in KR..

aside from my grandma.. my brother is also left here, just like poor me! but then, he can quite take good care of himself.. i just need to check on him, and ask if he locked the doors, went to his office, need a ride home because of OT, etc.

well, my dog is here also! as of now, she's under my chair.. hahahaha.. cute and lovable pa rin! takes my mind away from distractions and focus my attention to her and to the things on hand.. so, maybe Chorale's being here in Manila is my answer to the distractions i have around me! hopefully, i'll be able to finish my term paper or at least get it going na... so that when this Saturday comes, i'll be able to get my pasalubong from them, and drive them for us to have a day of fun, before my sister, my aunt, uncle and cousin once again go back to the province. hayyy..

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