Saturday, April 02, 2005

it's already april!

time flies so fast... it's already april! the term is ending soon... and after 2 years here in DLSU- Graduate School of Business, i like to ask myself, am i ready to start my life na?

at age 27, i don't feel my age at all! honest! i'm not saying this because this is what every girl in this world would say to feel good about themselves... i'm saying this, because this is really what i feel. my energy is still like i was still in college. and i'm treating this 2nd chance of learning as my undergrad degree, never enjoyed college kasi e... yes, i know i have to blame myself for that.

i'm enjoying MBA that i don't want this to end. yes, i know i have a very easy and laid back way of living now, and yes, i know i have to start working my ass soon since my continuing education is about to end.. but that's the choice, if i want it to end next term? or add something to this last chance of learning?

i'm still writing my term paper now.. we got lucky and had our due date extended for the 2nd time to this coming monday. i'm so stressed and pressured about this Strategic Management class that i kinda forgot to enjoy my life while taking up Strama... i mean, it's been awhile since i last look up and admire the blue skies, the twinkling stars... it's really been awhile since i last went to a party, meet people, meet guys.. hahaha!

since the due date of this paper is nearing, after this, maybe go to the spa.. hang out with friends.. eat out and shopping with my family. i know i have to make up for the lost time that i had with them and with myself.. then, i have to study again for the final exam of this Strategic Management! wahhh.. walang katapusan na Strama!!!!

but i love this subject! who's complaining? hahahaha! i'm not complaining! just happy to have taken up this subject, serve as the President of this class.. i love Strama, 'coz i believe this subject will help me in becoming a good person, a good leader, a good president or CEO of whatever my future will be.. hahaha! grabeng confident sa sarili! i'm just kidding kaya! :)

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