Saturday, April 02, 2005

it's april already!

time really flies fast... it's already april na! too fast to look at the stars at night... to smell the flowers... to smile and meet people... to think about the future.. and now, 8 months to go, Christmas nanaman! grabe!

got another extension for the term paper.. i'm doing it again now, i'll be doing this again tomorrow, and whole day sunday.. as well as morning and afternoon of monday. this is how much i love this paper... really? hahaha! no.. i'm kidding.. i just work best cramming for the time, pressures.. etc.

i missed so many things already! i miss enjoying my life!! hayy.. when was the last time i went to the mall? ahh.. the time my sister was still here in manila.. one week palng pala e! pero i feel i'm so ewan... 2 days lng ako ndi lumabas ng house, the price of gasoline is now 30pesos per liter! hayyy!! what's happening to this country!?!?!

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