Sunday, April 17, 2005

life after Strama, to live for the future

i'm kinda tamad in posting new happenings here in my blog.. currently reformatting my PC, that's why haven't check my emails, update posts here... in order to salvage my MBA files in the PC, i have to bring the CPU to my bro's place and have him help me get my files first, before reformatting.

so, the term is finally over. technically, i've completed my MBA courses already. i completed it all in 2 years time, and i also have a major in International Business. sounds good noh? hahaha!

finally, my summer vacation is just starting. can i really afford to have a real summer vacation?! hahaha! i haven't really really relax, since last thursday night because of that tiring final exam in Strategic Management. haven't quite recuperate my lack of sleep, since i've been thinking that maybe my term paper lacks the strategy that i should have thought of, or should have wrote.. maybe the strategy that i wrote at final exam was not enough in order for me to pass or even get a high grade! wahhh... im turning into a geek! hehehehe

yun nga lng, i still have a lot of things to do as the class president. i do love being in this position. i love to serve, to think for the class.. but it's also tiring ah... i feel though that this experience as a real working class president is enough for me to miss this class. hayyy.. mamimiss ko ang tension ng Strategic Management..

i'm starting my life anew.. i would like to let go of the past, and live for the future. whatever future that will be.. i don't know pa.. hehehhee.. i know i will always remember the past, but since the past will not be revive anymore, i have to let it go na rin, coz it let me go na.. labo ba? hahaha! as usual, this is me talking, and i'm very spontaneous and magulo! i'm very strong and independent.. this is the real RIA, and i can't really change the way that i am pala.. can't 100% change for the man that i loved.. so what the heck.. dba? hahahaha!

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