Sunday, April 03, 2005

my friend Lynn

last night, in the wee morning of around 1230am.. (ay! it's this dawn pala! hehehe!) i called up my good friend and classmates Lynn Marcelo. well, for one, i know that she seldom sleeps early, and i have this gut feeling that she's still up. hahaha! i was not wrong! hehe! we talked up to 3am noh! that's how it always end with Lynn.. when we're about to put down the phone na, may papahabol pa kaming kwento ulit! ayun, extended! haahhaa!

Lynn and I were classmates during our Organizational Behavior class. she made a very good impression to the class for not wanting ourprof (Prof. Albert Mateo, CFO of Pfizer) to call her the first part of her name, which is Rose. she prefers to be called Lynn. but our prof was very nananadya! hahaha! he called her Rose for the entire term. in that class also, i believe i made myself known also for my singing a Chinese song, because my seatmate and forever college good friend, Bernard, told our Prof that we were classmates since undergrad and i can sing a CHinese song! wahhh.. because of that Bernard and I were separated in groupings! darn.. it's ok since we're seatmates naman. our bond is very deep up to now, since classmates nga kami since college, and i love driving him home! and his mom isvery nice. i also know his siblings and can't forget his younger brother Ferdinand. haha! but this blog is not about Bernard yet... i will write about him next time, for now, this is about Lynn.

fast forward to last term, wherein i again have Lynn as my classmates. we were not like uber-close, since she got her circle of friends already, as we all have. and she's way ahead of me, but having her a classmate is very refreshing. good thing we were both demanded to be class officers! Lynn as my vice-president, and we have this out of country outing, and the success of this lies in the good hands of the officers. over pressure noh? hahahaha!

with a long of talking on the phone, about the plans to go to Shanghai,China, travel agency, travel decisions, planning, scheduling, etc etc. grabe! it was really hard! considering there are 38 of us going. 38 individuals with different views, opinions, reactions, etc. but then, the important thing in that trip were the 2 of us. because it's the 2 of us who are doing the planning, and the succes was in our hands only.

Lynn handled the internal side, scheduling, the itinerary for the class, etc. i handled the external part, the travel agency, the booking, the bus, etc. but all my decisions were also concurred by Lynn. this goes the same way with her also. we both decided on everything. and after the trip, it really was a relief because it was a success, (well that's the way i see it) we both believe we've done our part already. yun nga lng, wala kami na shopping sa Shanghai! huhuhuh!

i love talking to Lynn. i love whining to Lynn. hahaha! seriously! i mean, it's because she's very honest with me. like if i did something not really good, she will say.. uhmm.. dapat ganito ata.. hahaha! i like the way she will lecture me! kasi parang ndi lecture.. hehehe! and will advice me for the things to come! tuwa lng ako kasi there are some friends who are there, yet not really accept for who you are, what you are really, and here, i found someone who's willing to accept me and my opinions, though not really correct all the time, yet, she never questions and doubts my true intention of being good to others. ewan.. ang labo na ata neto a.. hehehe!

now that our learning journey is about to end, she's defending her paper na, so after that, she can graduate na, and she will go find her luck and happiness, wherever that will be. i crossing my fingers now that she will able to find the additional time and pursue international studies as what i will be doing to my grad school career.. ending it with a bang! and if that's the case, then i know the two of us don't have anything to fear anymore in a foreign country, coz i believe that we both can do more solidly there together. hahaha! sa food, shopping, mga trip naming gawin. hahaha! i can't wait.. but i will still accept whatever her decision will be.

in the short span of time of being friends together, i know in my heart i found a good person, with a good heart and a good soul. and i want her to know that the time will come that we can to go separate ways, but i firmly believe that we will be able to cross our paths again. who knows, sa europe, sa states, asia, wherever! wag lng sana sa africa ha? mainit sobra duN! hahaha!

thank you Lynn, for the wonderful gift of friendship :) you're a hall of fame in my book! hahahaha!

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