Tuesday, May 31, 2005

almost June 1, 2005

woah!! it's been a month since i lasted posted here? hahahah!
been very busy.. and my cousin's cpu is still not that ok e...

but my STRAMA files are here in my brother's CPU.. so ok lng.. hehehe

i hope that i have a crystal ball right in front of me.. so that i'll know at least what i need to do in my life, that will help me maximize my full potential in this world, help me fulfill my missions in this lifetime...


Sunday, May 01, 2005

it's been awhile

it's May 1 already... time really flies fast... i'm currently doing nothing, thinking about something, wishing to be somewhere.. hehehe.. it's hard to be this idle.. coz i'm very used to being tense in my MBA. now, it's almost over... i can't wait to graduate.. i can't wait for the defense of my paper, my final test if i really learned something from this 2 year of school. but then, i don't feel very confident enough pa e.. hayyy.. kakatakot mag OCE noh!