Wednesday, June 29, 2005

me? an employee..? can you imagine that? haha!

yesterday, when i was in Rockwell for the Mango sale, i heard my p800 cell phone ringing, hmm.. landline number, i answered. it was a call from a company that i applied with.

well, the voice was very low-key, but i heard her saying that she'll call my Sun cellular line. i said, ok.

because of my rush, i forgot that i was holding 2 blouses that i chose for my mom and my sister in Mango. the theft detector rang as i was going out to wait for the call in my Sun cel line. hehehe. i said sorry to the guard, well, i'm positive he understand.

anyway, the call was from Liwayway Marketing. i stupidly heard the girl saying that she's from "KYY Marketing", i was wondering at that time how the hell did KYY knows my number, when in fact i never applied for the company. when she said that i have an interview tomorrow at 8am, i said ok. she gave me the address. the word Tolentino Street was familiar to me, then i said, wait, is this Oishi? she said yes. hahaha.. ayun.. super engot ko! :)

i went to Liwayway this morning. exactly at 7:59am, i went to the counter and said that i was called in for interview. the girl gave me a stapled paper for me to fill up. it turns out that that papers were like 6 pages of all about me, etc etc. situations, what to do.. something something to be fill up. it took me like 1.5hours to finish that stapled paper. after submitting to the girl, i was ask to wait in this conference room for my interviewee.

i won't go into details.. for one, my future employer or company may be reading this. hahaha! but i was very glad that i get to know my employment status the same day. i mean, it's really not good to make people wait. like for me, i hate waiting pa naman. hahaha! but then, at least knowing the final decision of the employment status gives job hunters a reason to stop hoping and try their luck to other companies, di ba?

so starting monday, i'll be starting my first day as an employee. a new girl on the block of corporate world. i'm asking myself right now, am i really really ready for this? and if ever, my gambling to work for this company will really pay off for me and my family in the future? my mind's full of questions. but one thing i know, i want this so bad that i know that i will have to do good and starting to prove myself.

or else, what's the use of my MBA, my being president of the class mean, di ba? hahaha!

i'll be spending my last few carefree days doing my family's errands, and shopping for corporate clothes for myself. i just hope that i will enjoy this job as what i envisioned myself to be.

and yes, i'm itching to start working na. hahahaha! :)

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