Wednesday, June 29, 2005

my good friend Bernard

Bernard was my classmate in college. we're both original classmates of our Industrial Engineering, minor in Mechanical Engineering block ED, ID 94.

he's someone very fun to be with. he's very masipag! as in! because of him, i was also encouraged to study... pano ba nman, ayain ba nman kami lahat sa Lib to study noh! tapos babalik lng ng tambayan to eat dinner, before going to our room to take our exam, which was frequently during night time. then, after the exam, Bernard would hitch a ride from us, (Joy Galian, Christine Tieng and me!). i still memorize his home landline number. hehehe.. kasi ang tagal nyan magkaroon ng landline e! kaya nung nagkaroon sya, i just never forgotten his number. hahahha!

we met once again here in Graduate School of Business. he's still the panicking, workaholic guy that i met in college! hahaha! pero now, super workaholic tong taong to! kaiba na nga e.. kasi ako na napapagod for him. i mean, after school, can you imagine going back to office pa and stay up to midnight to finish his day work? kaiba dba...

but then, i do miss this guy. i miss making fun of him.. making him laugh and smile.. hahaha!

i'm chatting with him right now... and since i already left him in our Post grad studies, i just felt the bond with him and i would like to help him in every way i can.. because... well, ayun lng, i just want to help him e! hahahahaa

honestly, because in our College days, he also helped me a lot... although ako yung nagcocorrect ng paper nya nun, kasi nakikita ko mali yung sagot nya! hahahahaha!

well, what can i say... taga Eng nga talga ako! :)

now that he's about to start his life na talga! finally noh!! coinciding with me starting my new career life na... ok tayo ah! hehehehe!

Bernard, whatever you decided to do with your career or start your real life na now, i'm here for you.. i hope that deep in your heart, you know that.. hehehe

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