Tuesday, June 14, 2005

my mind is blank

wah.. i don't have to say anything right now... i don't have anything specific on my mind also.. just plain bored.. in the crossroad of this journey called life... should i go to the left, to continue my search for meaning in a foreign land... or go to the right, stay here and start my climb up to the corporate world? hayyy... tricky tricky...

but then, all i want to do is have some time to relax and sleep, and watch tv in an air conditioned room, hoping to spend my time not thinking about anything.. gusto ko blank na muna... can my life be that simple just for a day or two? without any complications, without any dilemma, without any worries.

i'll know then that i can finally start tackling my days ahead.. hmmm.. what's the point of relaxing anyway..? hahahaha

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