Sunday, July 24, 2005

almost August

August is the 3rd happiest month for me, that's after December and November of course. hehehe i love the month of August because this is the month that my 3 siblings will be celebrating their birthdays. before, we always have this birthday parties for them. and when my dad passed away, we always made it our extra luxurious treat for the 3 bulilit to eat out.. hehehe.

Among the 3 bulilits, Ron's the first one to have his day. followed by Erica and Ever. i really enjoyed this month, but it also bleeds my pocket. i have to buy them gifts! oo nga noh!!! patay!! hahaha!

i already have something for Ron. but for Erica and Ever, i still have to think of something. i was planning to ask Ever to come here in Manila for the weekend, and have Chorale come here also to have her Uernia (tama ba spelling? e-edit ko nlang if mali!) surgery done, so that when she come on heat next time, i can have her meet Rogue again.

i know, i'm speaking of Doggy-words na here. hehehe..

speaking of dogs, Vladimir is getting well, and gaining weight na! i'm so happy! to think i already spend a lot of money for his vitamins and dog food! i have to accompany him to the vet and have his shots! wahhhh.. kulang na sobra oras ko! and to think i also lack sleep!

i haven't really revise my paper for OCE. but i know i have to do it soon. or else, i won't have the courage and the time to edit them again in time for the 2nd term for school. i know, i need to get my MBA degree na!

now that i'm working, i miss a lot of things that i have been doing for the last 2 years that i'm spending here in manila. i miss my over excess time to spend and attend to my family things. i miss shopping in the afternoon, in time to fetch my mom and brother in their offices. i miss walking in the hallway of St. La Salle Building, panicking for the Strategic Management class. I miss spending the afternoon in the airconditioned library of DLSU, studying for the WCE or exams, or doing the assignments for Macroeconomics. i miss going to RCBC Plaza, waiting for the clock to strike 6pm to attend the class. i miss group meetings at RCBC plaza 3rd floor Starbucks area. I miss video-editing, doing reports, powerpoint presentations. i miss solving math problems, using my game-boy size scientific calculator, and my over high-tech financial calculator. hahaha!

i miss a lot of friends in DLSU MBA. Sonny Reyes, Donna Riego, Sally Chua, Joy Rabo, Ellen Coquinco, Gem Ong, Jacquie Villar, Lynn Marcelo, Syd Ernie, Via Galicia, Kristine Chuachiaco, Benjie Segovia, Bernard Garzon, Ana Valbuena, Mon Arriola, Arlyn Tan, Ruby Chua, Fred Lim-Uy, Nars Pantaleon, Ember Silva, Jane Vasquez, Dong Vergara, Alvin Martinez, Au Sugay, Janette Talucod, Kit Lao, ay naku.. basta lahat na!

My pre-MBA classmates: Business Communication, Information Management, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Financial Accounting, Management Statistics classes.

my core MBA naman: Ethics, Management Science, Management Accounting, Organizational Behavior, Marketing Management, Production and Operation Management, Financial Management.

my elective classes: Global Marketing, Economic Development and Globalization, International Business Marketing, International Financial Institutions, Corporate Governance.

my integrating classes: Reinventing Business through Digital Technology and Strategic Management.

my professors, mentors and Vice deans. hehehe.. i miss them also. especially Prof. Elfren Cruz, Vice Dean Pia Manalastas, Vice Dean Marissa Marasigan, Prof. Ernesto Perlas, Prof. Enrico Cordoba, Prof. Benel Lagua, Prof. Mundy Gonzales, Prof. Ding Salvador, Prof. Albert Mateo, Prof. Akira Tsusaka, Prof. Raul Mirasol, Prof. Rosalinda Evangelista, Prof. Rena Dela Cruz, Prof. Daniel Cruz, Prof. Nelly Villafuerte, Prof. Benjamin Espiritu...

ay naku! andami na pala! hahahah :)

basta in short, miss ko na sila lahat!

yet, ndi pa ako nag O-OCE!

pero promise mo, dapat this 2nd term na! :)

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