Monday, October 10, 2005

my department

one of the most friendliest girl in my office's department accepted the offer of our company to be assign overseas. her name is Evelyn Tan. she's very nice, and very down to earth girl. i believe she's good at what she is presently doin right now. and I couldn't be more than happy for her!

although i'm sincerely happy that she's offered and accepted a new path in her working career, i can't help but feel sad that the day that she will leave us is inevitable. as i was telling my fellow co-department people, i strongly feel that the present combination of the people in the Purchasing department is really good and very productive. well, i'm included in that combination, of course! :) but this is not about me anymore, it's about the people working together in the Purchasing Department.

you wanna know why i feel that the present people in our department is good? that's because i feel that all of us are working together, finally! though each of us have different items/categories to focus to, we do make kwento to each other about the important things to take note with, and our different problems and interactions with suppliers.

yes, i feel good with these people with me right now! i feel happy and excited for Evelyn, and whoever is next to be assign overseas, but still, i can't help but feel lonely and sad. sooner than we thought, new faces will be arriving at the Purchasing department, just like what Kim and i went through last July 4, 2005. but now that we're like 3 months or so being together, i feel very happy and comfortable with the people i'm with: Kuya Monty, Johan, Ai Ai, Wena, Stephen, Evelyn, Kim and of course, Sir Philip. i think like me, for example, finally learned the ways and likes of Sir Philip, it makes me wonder and ask myself if i really wanna be assign overseas if ever that opportunity finally knocks at my doorstep? or can i finally be happy and contented working for a nice and great boss like Sir Philip?

i have a lot of questions bugging me right now. i guess i just don't feel comfortable knowing that tomorrow, new face or faces will be coming in to my comfort zone. as much as i want to think that maybe a new girl will be assign to learn the things that i've been doin for the past 3 months, i'm asking myself if i'm willing to let go of my industrial things, and hopefully be ask to learn the other things in the Purchasing department?

i don't think that i feel insecure about the work i'm doing. i know for a fact that i'm doing pretty good. but still, i'm not willing to let go just yet...

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  1. Anonymous8:57 PM

    hey ria! m so touched! grabe! kakahiya nakapost ung name ko pero i feel so proud when i read ur blog! Thanks for all the comments.... honestly, i felt sad too.... dont know y!

    u know, i also felt so happy 2 b part of this group, kasi ang saya-saya natin e.... yan ang mamimiss ko!!!