Thursday, October 06, 2005

October na!

it's been awhile since i went out and get together with my "single" friends. yeah.. at our age, we're still single, does that mean we have to settle? hahaha! ewan, ang labo. the last time i saw Sweeney was last year August! can you believe that? and we call ourselves "barkada"? hahaha! Girlie naman, i think last month? as for Aimee, mga last month din! anong klaseng friend na ba ako? hahahaha!

but i have the best excuse of all.. i'm working now, and i'm tired! hahaha!

i know i posted in my blog that i'm giving myself a September deadline for the submission of my paper for OCE. a month's time has already passed, and i still haven't done a tiny bit of improvement to my paper.. i'm so deadz.... right?

so, i hope that i will be able to do this before my 28th birthday... Gawd, i don't feel 28! hahaha! still, i have to start doin something, or else, time will pass me by again..

things finally hit me that though i'm improving in my work, i haven't done a bit to finally finish my studies... i have to finish it na muna... i just hope that i can finally put a lot of effort of doin it.

as of now, i have to admit i'm enjoying... i like to call out to people i'm familiar with.. i love to give a compliment or two.. say thank you, you're welcome.. and i just like to laugh.. smile and kid with people at the office... giving out punch lines and hirits.. basta to joke around and have fun while working... well, i believe i'm much more effective in my job with this new outlook of mine. and i love it that people are smiling and laughing back with me... wahhh.. ang babaw ko nga! :)

i have a new thing to learn this month.... Comics... thanks to my young at heart officemates, i hope that i will finally able to understand why a lot of young poeple and grown ups as well, are so hooked with collecting and reading comics, buying these expensive thin pages from Filbars. yun nga lang, i guess i have to experience and learn what it is to enjoy myself.. hehe!

learned something today:
DC - Superman and Batman
Marvel - Spiderman, X-men, Hulk (daw, pero ndi ko pa sure..)

ahh ewan! Ü

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