Tuesday, November 14, 2006

1 month in Shanghai, China

I'm already here in Shanghai, China. in fact, tomorrow will be my 1 month here in Shanghai.

the weather now is starting to cold... it's sporting 13 to 19 degrees here now, and i get to wear and buy thick jackets in different types and different colors :)

just because the weather's different here doesn't mean that things are all easy and sweet.

that's all i can say for now :)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

1 week left

I'm doing my own countdown.. and yes, I got 1 week left or less here in Manila.

Last Saturday, we had a despedida party.. the following people were there to wish me luck:
- Natalie, Stephany, Anita, Joana, Jane, Johann, Candy, Sherwin, Joyce, Michelle, Haidee, Nicole

I was touched by their effort to be there all.
I feel loved.

and it really pains me to leave the people i grew to love.

wahhh.. kakalungkot naman! :(

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

deeper into the circle

It's October 3 already! and I have 1 week plus plus before I leave for Shanghai.

Small things that makes me smile here in Pasay Office:
- Sir Philip offering his home if ever that we get stranded on our way home during the stormy Thursday afternoon.
- Sir Dick called me around 2PM last Thursday if I arrived home safely.
- Sir Dick saying I can be the telephone operator since I memorized the local numbers here in Pasay.
- Emails from Sir Archie - Thanking me for my diligence and appreciating my work.
- Sir Oszen gave me a gift from his Europe trip, and thanking me everytime he texted.
- Sir Oszen's wife Karen knew my name already.
- Sir Larry told me "inaantay ka na namin dun e" during his last visit here.
- Sir Carlson request for me to go to Shanghai.

and last, (take note, this list is only up to October 3, 2006. Anything before that I failed to list here are purely my memory's inability to remember about them as of now)
- Sir Carlos knew my name already! haha! (babaw ko!) He asked when I'll be going to Shanghai. and just earlier, He called to tell me to follow-up on Sir Larry tomorrow!

shucks.. yes, i'm sucking deep into the circle of which I don't have an idea how deep it is. Yet, I'm happy 'coz whatever it is, I knew that in my own little and simple ways, I'm able to serve the people I respect, people I work for.

So, after 1 year and so since I posted here my thoughts if you can imagine me as an employee... well, I finally realize that yes, I can be an employee. wahhhhh!! ewan! :)

Sunday, September 24, 2006

3 weeks left

It's already Sept 24 today. In 3 weeks time, I'm off to Shanghai, China.

Excited...? yes. I'm starting to feel restless with my current work in Pasay. not that I'm complaining or what.. i love my work! it's just that since I kinda straighten out things already, the work starting to grow on me. of course, self confidence in my particular office area is not that high, because of some factors that I cannot do without.

I hope that Shanghai office will prove to be as challenging as I visualize it to be.

Friday, August 18, 2006

new post

It's been a week since I was asked if I would be interested in an overseas assignment. After my 5th month working as Export Officer/HR/etc. here, I'm bound for China after my 6th month.

How do I feel? Well.. of course, overwhelmed! I'm excited because of my curiosity with the new post! It will be my first time to be without without my family. I was never alone when I was in Palawan. I got my favorite Aunt, and my sister Ever do visit me during Holidays.

I'm also thinking about the continuity of the system I've started here. Take note I never expected to be assigned so quickly. I did thought that maybe it will take me like 7th or 8th month here in the Manager's Office, before I will get to have an out of country post.

and now, I come to realization what are the things I'll be leaving behind. for starters, of course, my family: my mom, sisters Ever and Erica and brother Ron. My granny, who constantly there and preparing things for me. My dog Chorale, whom i'm still not sure whether she's pregnant or not. My Fave Aunt, who's been my second Mom since I've been born. my cousins. si Yaya pa pala! wahahahah! ang dami noh! my Car!!! huhuhu.. this is only the first part.

My friends!!!! my HS circle, my kikay friends, my college car nerds, my DY chummies, my MBA buddies, my batch 29 2nd generation gang. ay naku! in short, madami sila!

LMC co-workers and ex-co-workers! hahahah! yan.. sila Stephen, Wena, Kim, Johann, Anita, Haidee, Olive, Krischia... hahahaha! mga present people naman: Aileen, Kuya Monty, Percy, Purchasing People.. Marketing, Sales, Accounting. In short, almost lahat na.. except mga ndi ko kialala... the Bosses.

lam mo what happening today that hit me that I will be leaving the people who loves me for me behind by accepting the China post? Ate Revine called and asked if I already got some feast today, and if not, she wholeheartedly volunteered to prepare my share, as what she said, baka maubusan daw ako.. hahahha! she even got me a glass! for the Coke Light. hayyy...

it made me realized that, yes, maybe in the short span of time that I'm staying here in Pasay, I was already loved. hahahaha! yun nga, how come I'm letting this go..? hahahaha!

ah ewan.. sad yet happy. i don't know what's in store in China. I do hope I get to be loved, even for a little than what i'm experiencing here in Pasay.

all i can say is that.. I would like to thank you for all the people who made me who I am now. and yes, I know that I will always remember them all.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

bye bye Kim....

July 4, 2005 - The day I started here at Liwayway Marketing Corp., I was with Olivia Ong and Kimberly Gotan.

Kim and I were assigned in Purchasing Department, while Olive was assigned in Marketing Department.

I don't know if I should be happy or sad now that Kim will be leaving tomorrow. Olive's gone already, and the 3 of us now leaves only me here in the office.

does it mean i can still endure the work here in the office? hehehe.. honestly, i love my position right now. well, i'm challenge pa as of now.

anyway, i'm sad to learn that Kim will be leaving me.. kakalungkot lang...

ganun din with Shareen, Wena... miss ko na si Wena noh! hayy..

tapos next time naman,, si Stephen iwan na rin ako... ano ba to..

Kim, sana ndi mo kami malimutan. hahahaa! drama ko naman... naku, picture-ran na tom! :)

Sunday, July 09, 2006

having fun with Chorale

Chorale's with me here right now.. and I'm so happy!

it's okay for me to be single and all... as long as I have Chorale.

Dog's love is really unconditional. No matter how many times I make fun of her with the digital camera here at home.. hugging her, kissing her, scratching her belly, smelling her, make fun of her like throwing her away and all, I know that its okay with her... coz she's still here with me and waiting for me to play with her and all.

KSP nga nya sobra e! hahahaha! Being with Chorale is better than boyfriends... tama ba? hahaha! i do hope we will have puppies soon! :)

Monday, June 19, 2006

Itchy... bitchy feeling.. hahaha!

I'm starting to feel the itch of my job. I'm starting to hate here everyday.. and I'm starting to feel restless and I would like to bring back my bum days! How i wish I still have that priviledge and how i wish I could at least find some meaning in what i'm doing now..

this feeling started early this month of June.. or maybe the last week of May 2006. I think this feeling can't be help it. everything is so kakatamad na..

how i wish i can get out of this feeling.. or maybe i cant stop feeling this unmotivated mode.

honestly, kakatamad naman talga e! hayyy...

Sunday, June 11, 2006

make up keeps me sane, still!

as i stay more in my position as export officer / HR officer / and all of the above job i have right now, there's one thing that keeps and makes me sane - Make up!

yes, make up! i can't seem to stop gushing about them.. but i have only 2 kinds of make up in my mind - Blushes and Lipsticks.

funny that i already have tons of blushes, yet I have only one face! hahaha! but it keeps me happy e! so.... at least i am happy! wahahahha! :D

Saturday, May 27, 2006

every Chinese girl

I can't help but sometimes watch the so called hype program - "Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition"
I do so just to not be too loner to my granny and aunt, rather than spend time in our room, surf the net, use the phone.. i allowed myself to be entertained in our living room for a short time and watch this program.

there's this one girl, Kim there. and it seems like every chinese girl in this country of course will kinda rout for her. after all, it's like seeing ourselves in her place inside that house, with some cute guys. hahaha!

oh well, it's just so funny to think this way. but i don't think this is absurd. She's nice and friendly. just like any Chinese girl, simple and kind.

so Good luck Kim.

p.s. this doesn't mean that i will shell out to vote for her. i rather just watch when i have to. hahah! ;)

Sunday, April 30, 2006


Woah!! it's really been awhile since i last posted here... sorry blog! i just been too busy! i'm a workaholic now.. can you believe it?

Sunday, January 08, 2006


i'm sleepy right now.. i will some no non-sense blog later.