Saturday, May 27, 2006

every Chinese girl

I can't help but sometimes watch the so called hype program - "Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition"
I do so just to not be too loner to my granny and aunt, rather than spend time in our room, surf the net, use the phone.. i allowed myself to be entertained in our living room for a short time and watch this program.

there's this one girl, Kim there. and it seems like every chinese girl in this country of course will kinda rout for her. after all, it's like seeing ourselves in her place inside that house, with some cute guys. hahaha!

oh well, it's just so funny to think this way. but i don't think this is absurd. She's nice and friendly. just like any Chinese girl, simple and kind.

so Good luck Kim.

p.s. this doesn't mean that i will shell out to vote for her. i rather just watch when i have to. hahah! ;)

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