Friday, August 18, 2006

new post

It's been a week since I was asked if I would be interested in an overseas assignment. After my 5th month working as Export Officer/HR/etc. here, I'm bound for China after my 6th month.

How do I feel? Well.. of course, overwhelmed! I'm excited because of my curiosity with the new post! It will be my first time to be without without my family. I was never alone when I was in Palawan. I got my favorite Aunt, and my sister Ever do visit me during Holidays.

I'm also thinking about the continuity of the system I've started here. Take note I never expected to be assigned so quickly. I did thought that maybe it will take me like 7th or 8th month here in the Manager's Office, before I will get to have an out of country post.

and now, I come to realization what are the things I'll be leaving behind. for starters, of course, my family: my mom, sisters Ever and Erica and brother Ron. My granny, who constantly there and preparing things for me. My dog Chorale, whom i'm still not sure whether she's pregnant or not. My Fave Aunt, who's been my second Mom since I've been born. my cousins. si Yaya pa pala! wahahahah! ang dami noh! my Car!!! huhuhu.. this is only the first part.

My friends!!!! my HS circle, my kikay friends, my college car nerds, my DY chummies, my MBA buddies, my batch 29 2nd generation gang. ay naku! in short, madami sila!

LMC co-workers and ex-co-workers! hahahah! yan.. sila Stephen, Wena, Kim, Johann, Anita, Haidee, Olive, Krischia... hahahaha! mga present people naman: Aileen, Kuya Monty, Percy, Purchasing People.. Marketing, Sales, Accounting. In short, almost lahat na.. except mga ndi ko kialala... the Bosses.

lam mo what happening today that hit me that I will be leaving the people who loves me for me behind by accepting the China post? Ate Revine called and asked if I already got some feast today, and if not, she wholeheartedly volunteered to prepare my share, as what she said, baka maubusan daw ako.. hahahha! she even got me a glass! for the Coke Light. hayyy...

it made me realized that, yes, maybe in the short span of time that I'm staying here in Pasay, I was already loved. hahahaha! yun nga, how come I'm letting this go..? hahahaha!

ah ewan.. sad yet happy. i don't know what's in store in China. I do hope I get to be loved, even for a little than what i'm experiencing here in Pasay.

all i can say is that.. I would like to thank you for all the people who made me who I am now. and yes, I know that I will always remember them all.

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