Sunday, October 08, 2006

1 week left

I'm doing my own countdown.. and yes, I got 1 week left or less here in Manila.

Last Saturday, we had a despedida party.. the following people were there to wish me luck:
- Natalie, Stephany, Anita, Joana, Jane, Johann, Candy, Sherwin, Joyce, Michelle, Haidee, Nicole

I was touched by their effort to be there all.
I feel loved.

and it really pains me to leave the people i grew to love.

wahhh.. kakalungkot naman! :(

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

deeper into the circle

It's October 3 already! and I have 1 week plus plus before I leave for Shanghai.

Small things that makes me smile here in Pasay Office:
- Sir Philip offering his home if ever that we get stranded on our way home during the stormy Thursday afternoon.
- Sir Dick called me around 2PM last Thursday if I arrived home safely.
- Sir Dick saying I can be the telephone operator since I memorized the local numbers here in Pasay.
- Emails from Sir Archie - Thanking me for my diligence and appreciating my work.
- Sir Oszen gave me a gift from his Europe trip, and thanking me everytime he texted.
- Sir Oszen's wife Karen knew my name already.
- Sir Larry told me "inaantay ka na namin dun e" during his last visit here.
- Sir Carlson request for me to go to Shanghai.

and last, (take note, this list is only up to October 3, 2006. Anything before that I failed to list here are purely my memory's inability to remember about them as of now)
- Sir Carlos knew my name already! haha! (babaw ko!) He asked when I'll be going to Shanghai. and just earlier, He called to tell me to follow-up on Sir Larry tomorrow!

shucks.. yes, i'm sucking deep into the circle of which I don't have an idea how deep it is. Yet, I'm happy 'coz whatever it is, I knew that in my own little and simple ways, I'm able to serve the people I respect, people I work for.

So, after 1 year and so since I posted here my thoughts if you can imagine me as an employee... well, I finally realize that yes, I can be an employee. wahhhhh!! ewan! :)