Saturday, November 03, 2007

my motif color

I realize today that if ever that I chose "pink" as my motif, then that is not me!
But then, this is my wedding, right?

For sometime now, I've been contemplating to have "pink" as part of my motif color.

And now, I finally realize this is the reason why I haven't chose "pink" yet... hehe.

so, i like this color:

Green, Yellow and some Lavender

Any views? please make them known. hehe. Thanks!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

motif color

I don't have any artsy gene in my body. I don't have too much eye in looking for combination colors. I rather buy my clothes in safe colors, like black, white, blue, green. I find it too time consuming in looking for colors, etc. Kakapagod lang ah!

But since I NEED to choose my motif color, I still don't have any idea what I like. What I know is that I want that color to be 100% perfect for my wedding. As in I have 100% confidence that I really like that color. Of course, I still need Melchor's approval as well. hehe.

Here are the color combinations given to me to choose from:

^ Combination 3

^ Combination 5

^ Combination 6

^ Combination 7

^ Combination 8

^ Combination 9

^ Combination 11

^ Combination 12

^ Combination 13

^ Combination 14

^ Combination 15

^ Combination 10

What do you think? Suggestions, anyone? hayy.. hirap neto!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

our picture together

Ria and Melchor
uyy, sweet! hahahaha!

Guy meets girl

This was a pic last April 13, 2006, wherein the Guy at the back and I first met.

shucks, ang taba ko pa dito! hahahaa!

Also in pic - May Ann, Donna, Evelyn, Byrone

a year in Shanghai

It's been a year already, since i came here in Shanghai.

I learned a lot of stuff.. particularly dealing with local Shanghainese, as well as the people who can be interacted quickly. As much as I don't want to feel too negative here, there are things that are just the way they are done.

The positive note is that, I'm here with my love. Yes... I can here single last year, and now, I finally met my man! And next year, we will be celebrating and continuing our life together!

I have yet to make a blog of the man who's patiently here with me right now. I also like to continue this blog, and maybe update my journey, as an individual, as girlfriend of Melchor, and soon-to-be bride and and be called Mrs. Gan. Shucks, that gives me a bit creeps ah!

You know how come I wasn't able to update this blog? It is because of China internet! ay naku! hehehe!