Saturday, October 20, 2007

motif color

I don't have any artsy gene in my body. I don't have too much eye in looking for combination colors. I rather buy my clothes in safe colors, like black, white, blue, green. I find it too time consuming in looking for colors, etc. Kakapagod lang ah!

But since I NEED to choose my motif color, I still don't have any idea what I like. What I know is that I want that color to be 100% perfect for my wedding. As in I have 100% confidence that I really like that color. Of course, I still need Melchor's approval as well. hehe.

Here are the color combinations given to me to choose from:

^ Combination 3

^ Combination 5

^ Combination 6

^ Combination 7

^ Combination 8

^ Combination 9

^ Combination 11

^ Combination 12

^ Combination 13

^ Combination 14

^ Combination 15

^ Combination 10

What do you think? Suggestions, anyone? hayy.. hirap neto!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

our picture together

Ria and Melchor
uyy, sweet! hahahaha!

Guy meets girl

This was a pic last April 13, 2006, wherein the Guy at the back and I first met.

shucks, ang taba ko pa dito! hahahaa!

Also in pic - May Ann, Donna, Evelyn, Byrone

a year in Shanghai

It's been a year already, since i came here in Shanghai.

I learned a lot of stuff.. particularly dealing with local Shanghainese, as well as the people who can be interacted quickly. As much as I don't want to feel too negative here, there are things that are just the way they are done.

The positive note is that, I'm here with my love. Yes... I can here single last year, and now, I finally met my man! And next year, we will be celebrating and continuing our life together!

I have yet to make a blog of the man who's patiently here with me right now. I also like to continue this blog, and maybe update my journey, as an individual, as girlfriend of Melchor, and soon-to-be bride and and be called Mrs. Gan. Shucks, that gives me a bit creeps ah!

You know how come I wasn't able to update this blog? It is because of China internet! ay naku! hehehe!