Tuesday, April 29, 2008


My friend Stephany was the one who introduced me the works of Threelogy.
Though I do have in mind the works of Jason Magbanua, the price is just way over our budget! I think Melchor will protest violently with this! hahaha!

Anyway, I like both Threelogy and Jason M. It was Winston and Gen who showed the work of Jason M. to me. But comparing their prices, well, there was a bit difference. So I was a constant visitor of Threelogy's website, and one by one downloads their on-site AVPs.. We like everything, but of course, we had some few favorites. That's when I already knew that I love to get Threelogy as our videographer come our wedding day.

Fast forward when I was in Manila last September 2007, part of my list was to contact Threelogy. I remember specifically that I was in Honda Makati, waiting for quotation of the bump in my car (yes, I got into a car accident in my short 3-weeks stay in Manila), I can't help and use the phone of Honda Makati, contacting some suppliers for their availability on my wedding date. I called Threelogy, and learned that as early as more than 1 year before my wedding date, they were already booked!! Grabe noh!! So my next instinct was to call Jason M. Though I wasn't able to talk to Jason himself, I learned from his assistant he's already booked as well!! Even name dropping Winston and Gen's name was no use talaga!

I was panicking na that time! Sending text message to Stephany, Debstone! hahaha! Stephany forward the contact details of Imacron to me, as well as Bob Nicolas. I called Bob Nicolas, and learned that he's booked as well!! Tindi noh!! As for Imacron, they were still available, but I'm not too sure about their work.

I have to admit that I was too focused on getting Threelogy only, that I wasn't able to research other videographers na. With a year's time and more left, I was a bit early in planning the wedding already, right...? But I was proven wrong! hahahah!

There was also Shierdan Pamintuan. With options not too many already for me, I almost booked him! But we had 2 almost meetings, that we were not able to finalized and meet. I guess, there's this unexplainable feeling lang, na not meant to be? hahahaha! Because we already set 2 meetings supposedly e, pero it was not push thru. And I remember at that time, the feeling's not too strong and eager lang to meet..? hahaha! Sorry! pero yun lang yung feeling.

I was bound to come back to Shanghai on Wednesday ata. I received a call from Lilliane and Candie! They told me the news that Threelogy will be forming 2 teams! So they can accommodate 2 weddings na for 1 day! Wooohooo!! Lilliane and Candie even advised me to CALL IMMEDIATELY! hahahaha! :) Which I did! (Super thank you to both!!) I immediately call Gladys, and pencil booked first. Since I will be returning to Shanghai soon, I just requested my mom to pay the down payment, etc.

So, we got Threelogy!! yipeeeee!! hehehe!! :) Though we haven't met yet or what... which Clarice said is normal, I hope we can get to know each other and bond a little, before our wedding day.

At present though, we're choosing the best songs for 2 AVPS of our Threelogy package - We got the Oktoberfest package kasi nila e! Hope we can choose before September! hehe :)

ahh.. logo lang nila! hahaha

Monday, April 28, 2008

Final design for the Wedding Ring

We finally finalized our Wedding Rings designs. This is in synergy with what Melchor like and what I like. So it's really the two of us in this. hehehe! Finally noh!?!?!?

We'll be getting the design of the diamond house here.

We'll be getting the grid lines of the ring here.
Also the inner part will be closed.
This will be our Everyday Ring.
Pending approval of the curvy part of the ring.

I just love this ring!
I can't wait e! hahahaha :)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Wedding Band

I like to have Unique Wedding Rings.
Melchor and I decided that we like to get 2 sets - one for formal occasion with 5 diamonds each, another for our everyday band. But to be honest, I plan to wear the 2 rings together! hahaha! And maybe wear my engagement ring on the right hand or wear it as a pendant! ;)

Anyway, it's been more than a month's quest for finding the right designs for the rings. Melchor and I debated and all. I guess a girl and a boy really are different. My taste for the ring designs are different with Melchor's. What he likes naman, I was a bit wary. Hahaha! :)

I prefer classy, elegant designs... but Melchor likes celtic designs, with triangle designs.. hahah! Weird noh!

Here were our choices for the rings with diamonds!
We had a lot of choices noh? hahahah! :)

Here are our everyday band choices naman.
In the end, Melchor gave it to what I like..
because I gave in to what he like for our diamond wedding ring.. ;)
give and take ba? :)

So, here's our wedding ring with diamonds.
We'll be having this kind of specific designs, but with 5 diamonds only.
This was from Cartier

I love this ring from Niwaka!
Based from their website, I find their designs super ganda talaga!
Melchor may not 100% like their designs, but I love!
So for our simple band, we'll be getting this design.
Melchor had 1 request though, he was thinking of around 6mm thick..?
Ganda noh?
I'm still thinking if to follow the curvy shape of the ring or not...
Melchor preferred equal shape for the ring ;)

With all of our choices, I think we finally found a winner!! hehehe :)
Will talk to our jeweler tomorrow, and ask her opinions for our choices, and of course, the PRICE!
Hopefully, they can be within our budget! In the end, a good lesson here is that both Melchor and I learned to compromise! heheh :) Since I like the designs of Niwaka for our everyday wedding band, I'm in agreement with Melchor's choice for the ones with the diamonds. He preferred the diamonds to have its own casings kasi.. para safe daw ang diamonds! hahaha! :)

Additional Info: Melchor's ring size is 8-1/2", while mine is mere 4-1/4" wahhh!! should I have it made to 4-1/2"
In preparation for the budging period to come? hahahah! :)

Useful sites:

Saturday, April 26, 2008

my Coordinator

In finding the best coordinator, it was rather easy choice.

I actually had 3 choices only. But of course, we just have to choose based on our gut-feel. hehehe!
My friend Aimee recommended her coordinator from her wedding last year, 1 April 2007 - Jenny Sanchez Lim. I was able to text her when I was in Manila, but I think I just got 1 reply.

Then, my friend Stephany recommended her friend, Christine Ong-Te. Though I did consider her, but I guess I wanted someone pa.

I'm a member of Weddings at Work yahoogroups. So with continuous research and in communication with my friend and co-bride Sheryl, well... we found Clarice Avinante of An Event to Remember.

From her emails, she was very warm and friendly. Melchor and I knew that we just have to get her. So after exchange of few emails, we finally settled for a price, then wahlah!! We got her na!

And believe me, in spite of around 175 days left (based from my Wedding announcer website that I visited today), she's a big help already! She really understands what I like, my preference. And like this week, I was not too keen about the color/fabric swatches for my Entourage, she suggested that she'll ask the designer to source the right color for me! And fully coordinate the color/fabric with the 2 designers - my Entourage designer and designer for the gowns of the moms!

As early as now, I know we're in good hands come our Wedding day. Advance Thank You to Clarice! She's not only our coordinator, we're positive we also have a new friend. :)

She's very helpful, funny, bubbly and very preggy! hahahah!! Good luck Clarice! :)

Our picture with Clarice! We were very full after the food tasting at ESL
- Yummmmmm!! :)

Excited Melchor

As what I wrote in my previous post, Melchor is very very funny person! hehehe

Which brings me to the night he was reading the reception plan emailed to us by Edsa Shangri-La Hotel. We already confirmed the program flow, the arrangements of the tables, chairs, stage, the tentative numbers of tables and guests, the linen cloth, asking for a head waiter, etc. So the other night, Melchor was reading out loud the document, and on the side, semi-approving, understanding and imagining the night of our reception.

As you can see in the pictures, based from that, you can form your own wordings with his expressions! hahaha!

kakatawa sya dba? hahahaha!! :)
First Row: He was thinking who will bring him to the Church, siguro his dad will be driving daw.
Second Row: He was imagining how his suit will look like! with something in his neck! haha!
And he's afraid of being late to the Church, so he said, his dad need to drive fast.
Last Row: With all those stuff said and done, he's imagining nalang muna! hahaha!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

wedding preps for the last 3 days

I'm having a lag in blogging... this is because for 2 nights already, Melchor was into updating my laptop... software, anti-virus, and he's been wanting to vacuum the inside of my laptop! Alas, he wasn't able to open the inside of this Fujitsu laptop.. hehehe! it's not easy to open up, compare to his Sony Vaio.

Last Monday, I was into the color/fabric of my entourage gowns. Well, it seems that giving too much freedom to my entourage, kindly got off from the colors that I've thought of. Finally, I got to chat with Clarice, my coordinator and life-saver.. She understood me very well! So she finally said that to ask the Designer of my entourage to source the material, corresponding to the motif I like. And with my constant "kulit", I think I've mentioned to her that I like the color shade to be the same with the colors of the moms (with Niko) and the entourage gowns (with Ding). Please lang!!! Kelangan sila pareho! hahahaha!

Other than that, Melchor and I kinda finalized the invitation na! And then, we hope to get the quotation for our wedding rings! hayy!! dami pa pala noh!

Also, for the flower girls, they are scheduled to visit Ding on August pa. I think the major concern for them, is that the variance of growing up won't be too much, come getting their measurements on the August, for the October wedding. hehe :)

So far, that's about it... will update this tomorrow. I think Melchor's finally done with updating my laptop! hehe :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

another Sunday

Since we started preparing for our wedding, we preferred to stay at the dorm during Sundays. Boring noh? We work Monday to Saturday, there are times that we are just too lazy to go to the city. And with the mounting stuff that I have here in my room, Melchor's sorta controlling my impulse purchases. I can't blame him though.. because I do have a lot of stuff here!

But we sometimes go out naman.. Sunday afternoons though.. and we only go nearby.. like in Qi Bao and Hong Qiao. Also, we never stay too long out, because as the day ends, we have work nanaman tomorrow.... hay!

So what we do with short time of being out? We just eat lunch, and walk around.. try to look for stuff that we really don't need! hahaha! yes, that's what we do... We walkt around, eat lunch, mail my post.. (hahaha!) and then, walk around more, then, go home, watch tv, blog, and eat..

As you can all see, we go out, eat, grocery, walk around.. and came home na. Oh, and also, we visit Starbucks! hehehe :)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Super Melchor!

I like you all to meet my Super Hero - Melchor!
hahahaha!! One of his Funny moments na naman! :)
With his red cape and all, he's my only Super Man! :)

Friday, April 18, 2008

pic here @ dorm

Melchor's watching chinese series at his laptop. I'm blogging here and watching TV as well.
Pretty boring, huh? So once in awhile, I will bug Melchor, for whatever that I thought of.

Like right now, I was bugging him that we take a nice picture! hahahah!
Walang magawa ba?

Please pardon our plain shirt na, we're in our PJs na e! hahahah! :)

my only one Bridal Gown Designer

I never had problems in finalizing my Bridal Gown Designer.
Because I only wanted to be a Veluz Bride.

My friends, Stephany and Debbie were very encouraging for me to go for Veluz, as well as my fellow bride Sheryl. And with their help, I was able to email and got replies and sketches from Veluz. Of course, I did email her and gave some ideas that I may like to incorporate in my wedding gown. Thus after which, Veluz emailed me some sketches for me to choose from.

Please find the wedding gown ideas I thought will look good on me:

1st Batch of Bridal Gowns that caught my eye

With the choices above, Veluz sent an email back to me, with 2 sketches! she's really nice! It's hard to fully understand someone like me who's based in overseas.

Ms. V's first 2 sketches - A & B

With the sketches above, I once again researched to find more gowns that I like. I came across the works and gowns of Melissa Sweet! I love them! Ang Astig kasi sobra!!! I love the details, and image they project! Basta ang SIGA lang talaga!! The pictures below were from Melissa Sweet:

2nd Batch of Bridal Gowns - by Melissa Sweet - Pretty, dba?

Fast forward to 2008, my friend Stephany helped us to schedule a meeting with Veluz last 5 February 2008. With that date, Sheryl and I are to meet finally the Veluz Reyes. We were excited to meet her! We also met Clarice there, and boy, Veluz is really very nice and bubbly! We felt at ease immediately, shared my concerns about my fat figure, hahaha!! Also with in mind that I'm an overseas bride, she asked for my schedule in Manila, so that to prioritize fittings and maximize the time I'm in Manila.

With our meeting, we finalize MY WEDDING GOWN.. which embodies what I feel is part of my personality -- ASTIG! hehehehe!!

My Bridal Gown sketched by Ms. V, when we met last 5 February 2008
Astig dba? ang "Ria" na ba nya? hehehe :)

Yes, that's my Gown! hahahah!! So finalizing the price and all (it's not cheap ah!), we scheduled for fittings! With the 2 weeks++ that I was in Manila, we met 4 times, which is a lot na ah!

1st Fitting - We're trying the body, if okay ba sa akin..

2nd Fitting - ndi man halata, pero I can't breathe na here! hahaha! yes, tumaba ako! wahhh!!!

The 3rd Fitting - placing of the embroidery na and the shrug!

We actually had 4 meetings... but we only considered 3 fittings, since the really 1st fitting was not counted, Ms. V chose to change the body of the gown.

With Ms. V and fitting the gown, it made me realized that this is really it!! Parang, totohan na talaga lahat!!!!! Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Overall, I really really had fun fitting the Gown. I knew that Melchor and I made the right decision to go to our only choice. Ms. V and Niko were wonderful! They truly understand brides, and prioritize when they can. I can't wait for the big day... I knew that I will have the gown's truly me. I hope to look radiant in it! hahaha! ndi naman halatang excited diba?

Oh by the way, during the fittings, Melchor wasn't able to see me personally. He only got ideas based from the pictures. So I hope to surprise him on the 18th of October! hahahahah!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

quest for Entourage gown maker/designer

Choosing the entourage gown designer has been the 3rd longest research that I had made.
At first I did think of maybe Zandra Lim can make the gowns for the entourage, and also we didn't thought of splurging a lot in the outfit of the entourage. Practically speaking, it will affect our budget, as my coordinator, Clarice did suggest that we may opt for a dressmaker for the entourage.

We did consider Farley to do the gowns of the entourage. But due to my continuous curiosity and research, I realize that I like my entourage to have really good designs and gowns.

Another thing, my entourage (1MOH, 2 BM, 3SS) are my sister and my cousins! They are close relatives! So I don't think I can allow them to wear what they may not like.

So research research research. Asking recommendation from my Coordinator, asking my mom to call every designer I think may be nice, asking for emails, quotations, the works!

Here are the choices that I had, then finally decided today for the entourage designer:
1) Zandra Lim - from Wanda's wedding
2) Farley - based from recommendation of Clarice
3) Len Guiao - from currant's wedding
4) Merlene Mercado
5) Patty Eustaquio
6) Jo Rubio - from Tammy's wedding
7) Veejay Floresca
8) Tet Hagape
9) Marc Rancy
10) Bill Calubaquib
11) Christine Go
12) Jean Avellanosa - we have same wedding date!
13) Francis Libiran
14) Nikolai Hernandez of Veluz - I love to have him make the gowns, but it's just way too much for our budget
15) Carla Guiao - almost!
and finally!!!!
16) Ding Marquez - based from recommendation of Emily, and Clarice seconded!

So based from pictures we researched, checked and counter-check, we're going for Ding Marquez. And I'm just happy, coz Clarice's also okay with him! Also, we chatted a bit, I find him nice. I think my entourage gown will be fab!!!!!

My mom, sister and cousins will be visiting Ding's place this Sunday! Oh right, I have to make sure they take some pictures, so that I can blog them here. :) And then, I'll just ask Melchor to schedule his sister to visit Ding's place as well. Next then, the flower girls pa! hayyyyy!!!

Oh yea, I have to email him before this Sunday, to make sure he can visualize the color motif I plan for the entourage!

Up next, will be the Male Entourage na! Hope we can finalize by Summer in the Philippines. The suit pa for Melchor's dad and Ron! Then the Ring bearers! hayyy!!

Dami pa pala noh!! wahh!!!


Monday, April 14, 2008


Last week, Star Movies was showing the movie Saw 2. It was really gross!!!! IT WAS A MORBID MOVIE!!!!
But we kinda tolerated it! Then, Melchor said, he can't remember what happened in Saw 1, which he already has a DVD.

The next night, we watched Saw 1. Again, morbid, gross talaga!! But ok naman.. may moral story din!

Tonight, we just finished Saw 3 --- this is the most gruesome talaga among the 3!!! Pending pa though itong Saw 4, which, at 10:52PM, we're starting to watch na rin!

hayyy!! grabe lang!!
Pero you know what, there are lessons we can learn from this film:
We have to appreciate and be content with what we have.
We have to let go of hatred, vengeance, sadness.
We have to appreciate the people around us, love them more, communicate.
Lastly, Husband MUST prioritize and listen to his wife!

Will I recommend these series? Yes, as long as you don't have a full stomach and have tolerance in watching blood, flesh, etc.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Angels by Robbie Williams

Since I heard this song from AI's David Archuleta, I can't help but play this song over and over again.
It was originally sang by Robbie Williams - and he sang it very good ah! I just noticed it now!

Here's the lyrics of the song - Angels by Robbie Williams - this can be a good song for my AVP kaya? hmmm!!
I sit and wait
Does an angel contemplate my fate
And do they know
The places where we go
When we're grey and old
'Cos I've been told
That salvation lets their wings unfold
So when I'm lying in my bed
Thoughts running through my head
And I feel that love is dead
I'm loving angels instead


And through it all she offers me protection
A lot of love and affection
Whether I'm right or wrong
And down the waterfall

Wherever it may take me
I know that life won't break me
When I come to call she won't forsake me
I'm loving angels instead

When I'm feeling weak
And my pain walks down a one way street
I look above
And I know I'll always be blessed with love
And as the feeling grows
She breathes flesh to my bones
And when love is dead
I'm loving angels instead


And through it all she offers me protection
A lot of love and affection
Whether I'm right or wrong
And down the waterfall
Wherever it may take me
I know that life won't break me
When I come to call she won't forsake me
I'm loving angels instead

- hihih! parang cute noh?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

some problems with Blogspot

I'm trying to check my blogspot earlier, the screen returned the message that we had received before my post in April. I do hope that the "unable to connect" is just a temporary thing.
I may not be too happy if ever the blogspot cannot be seen again here in Shanghai! :(

Engagement Ring

These pictures were all from Melchor, when he first got the ring from Chow Tai Fook.
According to him, I can see the dates here in the pictures - September 23, 2007. May time pa!
I came back to Shanghai last 26 September 2007.
Proof enough na ba? hahahah! :)

Kita ba ang date? hehehe
23 September 2007

Friday, April 11, 2008

my Pretty girls

As I prepare for this wedding, my female entourage list were already set.
I only need to assign the right position to them.

Now I need to know their gown preference, so that I can finalize the entourage gown designer and the price!

But for now, please meet my pretty girls! hehe :)

Marika, Cheska, Erica, Ivy and Joie
(Bridesmaid, Bridesmaid, Maid of Honor, Veil Sponsor, Cord Sponsor)

Joie, Ivy, Cheska, Marika and Erica

Also, Marilou, Melchor's sister will be our Candle Sponsor.

the Proposal

Every girl dreams of a mushy and one of a kind proposal. As siga and feel corny for some stuff kind of girl that I am, I guess I do like to experience this so-called dreamy proposal.

Last September 2007, My mom asked a good date for Melchor & I to get married. That's October 18, 2008.
With the date in mind, and I was in Manila at that time, I conveyed to Melchor about this lucky date via YM message in my cellphone then. And he agreed that he liked the date as well, and we proceed the wedding.

To maximize my time in Manila then, I was starting to scout suppliers for my wedding. Yet, Melchor still hasn't proposed to me yet. And with everyday irritation of learning that my first choices for suppliers were already spoken for on our date, etc., my irritation with Melchor grew everyday, and every minute! Because, he hasn't proposed to me yet! Conversation every night then turned really sour, because I will continue to remind him that he hasn't proposed to me yet, and he will just completely ignore my questions and quickly change the topic! *hate him that time!*

With him here in Shanghai, all the while, he was already planning his proposal! hahahaha!!!!
There was one Sunday that he told me that he needs to buy something at the Cyber, that was his time that he went to Chow Tai Fook in Huaihai Lu. And immediately went back home, since he knows that I will suspect him doing something fishy.

I came back here last 26 September 2007. Our boss asked us to accompany some of their guests come 1 October 2007. Since it's a week long holiday here start of October 1, we had some assignments for the 1st 3 days of October - President Arroyo of the Philippines will be visiting Shanghai! October 1 is also the birth date of Melchor.

Melchor insisted we had dinner at the city on 30 September. I asked him why? He said, since October 1 is a special day here in China, he said he like to see the celebration in the city. Fine, it was not a convincing reason, but what the heck! We're to have dinner at Banana Leaf Resto. I was not anticipating any surprise or whatever with the dinner, partly because I shocked Melchor one time in asking what's the balance money of his account, he gave the balance same as when I left for Manila. I did trust him to be telling me the truth. Now, I know he can lie na pala ah!

30 September 2007 - Banana Leaf was jam-packed that night. Maybe because it was holiday the next day...? Maybe. For unknown reasons, the resto was full! We were first seated in a place near the exit and floor is uneven. It's a not so good seat, that's for sure. I told Melchor, that since we'll just be eating and the place is packed, we might as well settle for the table given to us. But Melchor was very insistent we change seats! So there we change seats.
During the dinner, Melchor was unusually quiet. He's usually chatty, sharing stories, experiences, his thoughts, plans, anything under the sun! That night, he's not Melchor! hahaha! He made me order Crabs, Tom Yum Soup, the usual stuff we love! I just kept on eating, while Melchor was eating as well, but really not the normal Melchor. That night, he asked me to order a desserts... which is not really normal Melchor! I told him, we can have our desserts at a different place, but he said he like to try the desserts of Banana Leaf. So I just chose whatever I felt maybe yummy, then went to the Washroom to clean my hands from eating crabs.

Melchor's sitting pretty tight, just after our dinner.

I came back, Melchor is still quiet! Then, came the desserts, then I tasted it. Melchor is still quiet. Then, he asked the waitress to take a picture of us, and told me that somebody had text me, and maybe I can check the message, I told him we take the picture first. Then, he went to my side, and pulled out a red box, with a ring!!!! hahahahaha!! I kept on laughing at that time! I can't believe it, in his hands, a ring, for me!!! We were both laughing and laughing! hahaha! i just can't believe it, he's proposing!!!! He proposed!!!! The ring at that time maybe too big for me, but, I got a ring!!! hahaha!!

Melchor proposing, with the red box and the ring!

All smiles after the Proposal!!

After the pictures, laughing, etc., he narrated his experience, in planning for the proposal, buying the ring, telling the jeweler that my size is 4", planning the dinner, thinking of putting the ring the crab, or maybe in the desserts, contemplating to ask the help of the waiters, scared of losing the rings... as you can see, anything possible can happen, he already had imagined them!

My Ring! Pretty diba!

Oh, as for the text message, he was the one who sent the message! It said: You will receive a diamond in the very near future. -- hahahhahaa!! The message that I ignored, because of the picture taking!

We ended the night, by visiting Starbucks, had some coffee, and talked more about the proposal that just happened. We had nice laughs, kidding around each other and we know that what happened that night will be one of those memories we can share to others and our children.

Finger in my hand.

He also had a script for that night, typed in his cellphone, which he shared with me:
" My life has never and could never be the same after I met you. You've made me more joyful, more stable, and more inspired. I can't picture the rest of my life without you by my side. Will you do me the honor of marrying me?"
Hahahaha! Yes, that's my Melchor! Can you say no to that? Well, it was supposed to be his line, but nevertheless, what he did made me realize that I finally found him!

gift from Marie

Marie surprised both Melchor and me a gift.. it's so cute! hahaha!
It's a small tiny book.. with more than 200 of the most wonderful things ever written about marriage.. and
.... being in love!

Thanks Marie for this! We promise to read this talaga! I shall pressure Melchor to read this! hehe :)

cutie book about Marriage

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

the Church

Here were my first and few choices:
Santuario de San Antonio - Church
- I love this church! And the blooper thing when I visited this church, was that the Janitor pointed me to the wrong place! Instead of the church office, he pointed me to the Funeral office! hahahah!
- Sad to say, this church was already booked! Imagine! I visited and asked for this church September 2007, and it's already booked!!!!!!!!!!! The only open schedule for this church was 8:00AM! Naman!! I don't think I like that!
- SSA was already out of the question! But I did asked for a sign and all! That maybe, just maybe, a schedule can be free for us! Too bad, wala talaga.

Church visited/choices:
- Christ the King (booked already!)
- St. Peter (Pencil booked, but since the wedding is on a Saturday, UN Avenue maybe packed with container vans! I don't think I like that as background of our wedding!)
- Mary the Queen (pencil booked, but Melchor preferred an Airconditioned Church kasi!),
- St. James in Alabang (booked as well!)
- Archbishop's Palace in Mandaluyong (but can't talked to the office people)
- Magallanes Church in Makati (well... )
- St. Therese (called but have to talk to the head Priest)
- Mt. Carmel - we visited this church, it had a long aisle! but outside the church was packed with people e! vendors to be exact.
- National Shrine of Sacred Heart - this Church is very nice, and very intimate! But the Aisle is too short and the door is not too church-y.
- St. Andrews - the tent type! hehe! We visited this as well, but the church is round shape, but the aircon is very cool.

At the end of my ocular, we ended up visiting Santuario de San Antonio again, and at that time, there was a wedding... oh I love this church! But it just wasn't meant to be.

Booked: SANTUARIO DE SAN JOSE - Duke St., Greenhills.
This church was chosen, when I was already here in Shanghai. Though I wasn't able to do ocular during the time I was in Manila, Ivy was able to send me some pictures and also a video! hehehe! We booked this church, the aisle is just right, the place is airconditioned, and lastly, the door, well, just have to creative with it! hahaha!

Some pictures of Santuario de San Jose --- pics from Ivy and when we visited SSJ:

Ivy, Thank you for these pictures!

SSJ Pics - courtesy of Ivy Ku

We visited SSJ!

Our Pictures when we visited Santuario de San Jose

the Date: October 18, 2008

Last September 2007 was my first time to go back to the Philippines, after being assigned to work here in Shanghai.
It was fun, then my Mom consulted from a well-known Feng Shui Expert, and told us that we need to tie the knot on October 18, 2008!

At that time, Melchor's here in Shanghai, while I was in Manila, he still hasn't popped the Question yet!
So to be honest, at that 2 weeks time that I was in Manila, I was fuming mad!
We already had the Date for the wedding, yet he still hasn't proposed to me yet!

With that date in mind, I tried to maximize my stay in Manila, by visiting and looking for the suppliers that can be part of our Wedding.

With this, I'll continue to blog about our journey towards the big day, as well as the choices we had, and the logic behind our decisions for everything! And maybe in the end, we can do our suppliers' rating, and maybe of help to the other b2b! :)
Our Wedding Date

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Melchor's funny thoughts

My boyfriend, Melchor L. Gan, is the most unique guy I've ever met, because of his funny thoughts.
It's so funny that made me realize that guys do think the way girls do! promise!
He gets all jumpy, giddy, excited, as I do... and right now, I just heard him saying that he must not bring his cellphone on our wedding day, because his pants will have some bulge because of the cellphone! hahaha!

Come to think of it, his cellphone is a Sony Ericsson W888C, which is one of the thinnest phone of SE!

There are times that when he seems confused, and wants clarification of something, you can see the question in his big rounded eyes! hahaha! kakatawa talaga!

Here's a sample of Melchor's big rounded eyes, which makes me love him just a bit more! hahahah!

What's up MG? hehe

Bridal Makeup

I found this from a known beauty expert: http://www.temptalia.com/bobbi-brown-for-the-bride-bridal-kit-for-springsummer-2008

Just some tips for the makeup for the BIG DAY!!

Bobbi Brown’s Top 10 Weddding Day Tips

  • Flash photography emphasizes pink tones, so be sure to even out skin with a yellow-toned foundation. Start
    around the nose and mouth where there’s redness, then blend out to the
    rest of the face.
  • Set concealer and foundation with Sheer Finish Loose Powder to make them longer-lasting and to ensure that
    skin looks matte in pictures.
  • If your dress has an open neckline, be sure to warm up your neck and chest with a dusting of Bronzing Powder.
  • Use a water-resistant liner that can withstand tears; try Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner applied with the Ultra Fine
    Eye Liner Brush. If you prefer to line with shadow, make it longer-lasting by applying it with a slightly damp
    Eye Liner Brush. Finish with a waterresistant mascara like Lash Glamour.
  • After applying all your eye makeup, finish with a highlighter shade on the browbone to make eyes pop. Rub your finger in a light matte shade and pat lightly on the outer corner of the browbone.
  • For a pretty flush that lasts, use two shades of Blush. First, apply a neutral shade on the apples of cheeks, blending up into the hairline, then downwards to soften. Then apply a brighter shade just on the apples of cheeks.
  • Neutral and pale lip colors look washed out in photographs, so choose a lipstick that’s one to two shades brighter than what you normally wear. Pinks, roses and plums are great choices for brides.
  • To make Lip Color last longer, line and fill in lips with Lip Pencil before applying your lipstick.
  • Carry a touch-up kit with concealer, pressed powder, lipstick or gloss, lip liner, tissues, mints, and a mini sewing kit (for emergency clothing fixes like a dropped hem or popped button).
  • Have Fun!

Pre-Wedding Wellness Tips

  • Eat smart. Choose whole grains, fresh greens and fruits, and clean proteins like chicken, fish, and beans.
  • Hydrate. Drink lots of water daily to hydrate skin and flush out toxins.
  • Move Your Body. Exercise at least three times a week to strengthen your body and calm your mind.
  • Take Relaxing Baths. Add soothing Epsom salts or skin-softening powdered milk to your bathwater.
  • Be Present. Slow down and appreciate what’s around you rather than rushing to get from start to finish.

Wedding Day Touch-Up Tips

  • Pack your purse with concealer, pressed powder, lipstick or gloss, lip liner, tissues, and mints.
  • Sewing kit with prethreaded needles and a pair of tiny fold-up scissors to fix a hem or popped button.
  • Static spray and lint remover to get rid of static cling and lint on clothing.
  • Prewrapped wipes to remove makeup and food stains.

Perfect Make-up for a Perfect Bride!


Wow! Blogspot is FINALLY accessible here in China!!
Wooohooo!!! this will be so much fun! After the late nights of trying to find a blogsite, FINALLY, I can continue on using this site.. of course, I hope to be able to change the skins and all!

Hahahah!! just so happy!

I guess it will be nice to have some updates of my life here in Shanghai, my wedding preps, and of course, to blog my Melchor! yiheeeeee!! hehehe

To complete this entry and have an update, our picture last Sunday, at Qibao Area..