Tuesday, April 29, 2008


My friend Stephany was the one who introduced me the works of Threelogy.
Though I do have in mind the works of Jason Magbanua, the price is just way over our budget! I think Melchor will protest violently with this! hahaha!

Anyway, I like both Threelogy and Jason M. It was Winston and Gen who showed the work of Jason M. to me. But comparing their prices, well, there was a bit difference. So I was a constant visitor of Threelogy's website, and one by one downloads their on-site AVPs.. We like everything, but of course, we had some few favorites. That's when I already knew that I love to get Threelogy as our videographer come our wedding day.

Fast forward when I was in Manila last September 2007, part of my list was to contact Threelogy. I remember specifically that I was in Honda Makati, waiting for quotation of the bump in my car (yes, I got into a car accident in my short 3-weeks stay in Manila), I can't help and use the phone of Honda Makati, contacting some suppliers for their availability on my wedding date. I called Threelogy, and learned that as early as more than 1 year before my wedding date, they were already booked!! Grabe noh!! So my next instinct was to call Jason M. Though I wasn't able to talk to Jason himself, I learned from his assistant he's already booked as well!! Even name dropping Winston and Gen's name was no use talaga!

I was panicking na that time! Sending text message to Stephany, Debstone! hahaha! Stephany forward the contact details of Imacron to me, as well as Bob Nicolas. I called Bob Nicolas, and learned that he's booked as well!! Tindi noh!! As for Imacron, they were still available, but I'm not too sure about their work.

I have to admit that I was too focused on getting Threelogy only, that I wasn't able to research other videographers na. With a year's time and more left, I was a bit early in planning the wedding already, right...? But I was proven wrong! hahahah!

There was also Shierdan Pamintuan. With options not too many already for me, I almost booked him! But we had 2 almost meetings, that we were not able to finalized and meet. I guess, there's this unexplainable feeling lang, na not meant to be? hahahaha! Because we already set 2 meetings supposedly e, pero it was not push thru. And I remember at that time, the feeling's not too strong and eager lang to meet..? hahaha! Sorry! pero yun lang yung feeling.

I was bound to come back to Shanghai on Wednesday ata. I received a call from Lilliane and Candie! They told me the news that Threelogy will be forming 2 teams! So they can accommodate 2 weddings na for 1 day! Wooohooo!! Lilliane and Candie even advised me to CALL IMMEDIATELY! hahahaha! :) Which I did! (Super thank you to both!!) I immediately call Gladys, and pencil booked first. Since I will be returning to Shanghai soon, I just requested my mom to pay the down payment, etc.

So, we got Threelogy!! yipeeeee!! hehehe!! :) Though we haven't met yet or what... which Clarice said is normal, I hope we can get to know each other and bond a little, before our wedding day.

At present though, we're choosing the best songs for 2 AVPS of our Threelogy package - We got the Oktoberfest package kasi nila e! Hope we can choose before September! hehe :)

ahh.. logo lang nila! hahaha

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