Sunday, April 20, 2008

another Sunday

Since we started preparing for our wedding, we preferred to stay at the dorm during Sundays. Boring noh? We work Monday to Saturday, there are times that we are just too lazy to go to the city. And with the mounting stuff that I have here in my room, Melchor's sorta controlling my impulse purchases. I can't blame him though.. because I do have a lot of stuff here!

But we sometimes go out naman.. Sunday afternoons though.. and we only go nearby.. like in Qi Bao and Hong Qiao. Also, we never stay too long out, because as the day ends, we have work nanaman tomorrow.... hay!

So what we do with short time of being out? We just eat lunch, and walk around.. try to look for stuff that we really don't need! hahaha! yes, that's what we do... We walkt around, eat lunch, mail my post.. (hahaha!) and then, walk around more, then, go home, watch tv, blog, and eat..

As you can all see, we go out, eat, grocery, walk around.. and came home na. Oh, and also, we visit Starbucks! hehehe :)

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