Wednesday, April 09, 2008

the Church

Here were my first and few choices:
Santuario de San Antonio - Church
- I love this church! And the blooper thing when I visited this church, was that the Janitor pointed me to the wrong place! Instead of the church office, he pointed me to the Funeral office! hahahah!
- Sad to say, this church was already booked! Imagine! I visited and asked for this church September 2007, and it's already booked!!!!!!!!!!! The only open schedule for this church was 8:00AM! Naman!! I don't think I like that!
- SSA was already out of the question! But I did asked for a sign and all! That maybe, just maybe, a schedule can be free for us! Too bad, wala talaga.

Church visited/choices:
- Christ the King (booked already!)
- St. Peter (Pencil booked, but since the wedding is on a Saturday, UN Avenue maybe packed with container vans! I don't think I like that as background of our wedding!)
- Mary the Queen (pencil booked, but Melchor preferred an Airconditioned Church kasi!),
- St. James in Alabang (booked as well!)
- Archbishop's Palace in Mandaluyong (but can't talked to the office people)
- Magallanes Church in Makati (well... )
- St. Therese (called but have to talk to the head Priest)
- Mt. Carmel - we visited this church, it had a long aisle! but outside the church was packed with people e! vendors to be exact.
- National Shrine of Sacred Heart - this Church is very nice, and very intimate! But the Aisle is too short and the door is not too church-y.
- St. Andrews - the tent type! hehe! We visited this as well, but the church is round shape, but the aircon is very cool.

At the end of my ocular, we ended up visiting Santuario de San Antonio again, and at that time, there was a wedding... oh I love this church! But it just wasn't meant to be.

Booked: SANTUARIO DE SAN JOSE - Duke St., Greenhills.
This church was chosen, when I was already here in Shanghai. Though I wasn't able to do ocular during the time I was in Manila, Ivy was able to send me some pictures and also a video! hehehe! We booked this church, the aisle is just right, the place is airconditioned, and lastly, the door, well, just have to creative with it! hahaha!

Some pictures of Santuario de San Jose --- pics from Ivy and when we visited SSJ:

Ivy, Thank you for these pictures!

SSJ Pics - courtesy of Ivy Ku

We visited SSJ!

Our Pictures when we visited Santuario de San Jose

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  1. Anonymous2:22 AM

    SSA is forever booked! and even though my sister was fortunate enough to reserve, there are soooo many requirements. i was beginning to feel that the church is kinda elitist in that sense, pahihirapan ka talaga with requirements etc, not to mention kinda masungit ang staff.

    Mary the Queen across Xavier school was my 2nd choice, but has no aircon [still baffles me why such a wealthy community cannot provide A/C for their church].

    SSJ is my wedding church as well. the staff are very accomodating, very congenial, and it's such a no-hassle church. plus aircon pa, very very important.

    i agree, extra gimmick to conceal the bride is necessary, given that the doors are glass.