Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Melchor's funny thoughts

My boyfriend, Melchor L. Gan, is the most unique guy I've ever met, because of his funny thoughts.
It's so funny that made me realize that guys do think the way girls do! promise!
He gets all jumpy, giddy, excited, as I do... and right now, I just heard him saying that he must not bring his cellphone on our wedding day, because his pants will have some bulge because of the cellphone! hahaha!

Come to think of it, his cellphone is a Sony Ericsson W888C, which is one of the thinnest phone of SE!

There are times that when he seems confused, and wants clarification of something, you can see the question in his big rounded eyes! hahaha! kakatawa talaga!

Here's a sample of Melchor's big rounded eyes, which makes me love him just a bit more! hahahah!

What's up MG? hehe

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