Saturday, April 26, 2008

my Coordinator

In finding the best coordinator, it was rather easy choice.

I actually had 3 choices only. But of course, we just have to choose based on our gut-feel. hehehe!
My friend Aimee recommended her coordinator from her wedding last year, 1 April 2007 - Jenny Sanchez Lim. I was able to text her when I was in Manila, but I think I just got 1 reply.

Then, my friend Stephany recommended her friend, Christine Ong-Te. Though I did consider her, but I guess I wanted someone pa.

I'm a member of Weddings at Work yahoogroups. So with continuous research and in communication with my friend and co-bride Sheryl, well... we found Clarice Avinante of An Event to Remember.

From her emails, she was very warm and friendly. Melchor and I knew that we just have to get her. So after exchange of few emails, we finally settled for a price, then wahlah!! We got her na!

And believe me, in spite of around 175 days left (based from my Wedding announcer website that I visited today), she's a big help already! She really understands what I like, my preference. And like this week, I was not too keen about the color/fabric swatches for my Entourage, she suggested that she'll ask the designer to source the right color for me! And fully coordinate the color/fabric with the 2 designers - my Entourage designer and designer for the gowns of the moms!

As early as now, I know we're in good hands come our Wedding day. Advance Thank You to Clarice! She's not only our coordinator, we're positive we also have a new friend. :)

She's very helpful, funny, bubbly and very preggy! hahahah!! Good luck Clarice! :)

Our picture with Clarice! We were very full after the food tasting at ESL
- Yummmmmm!! :)

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