Friday, April 18, 2008

my only one Bridal Gown Designer

I never had problems in finalizing my Bridal Gown Designer.
Because I only wanted to be a Veluz Bride.

My friends, Stephany and Debbie were very encouraging for me to go for Veluz, as well as my fellow bride Sheryl. And with their help, I was able to email and got replies and sketches from Veluz. Of course, I did email her and gave some ideas that I may like to incorporate in my wedding gown. Thus after which, Veluz emailed me some sketches for me to choose from.

Please find the wedding gown ideas I thought will look good on me:

1st Batch of Bridal Gowns that caught my eye

With the choices above, Veluz sent an email back to me, with 2 sketches! she's really nice! It's hard to fully understand someone like me who's based in overseas.

Ms. V's first 2 sketches - A & B

With the sketches above, I once again researched to find more gowns that I like. I came across the works and gowns of Melissa Sweet! I love them! Ang Astig kasi sobra!!! I love the details, and image they project! Basta ang SIGA lang talaga!! The pictures below were from Melissa Sweet:

2nd Batch of Bridal Gowns - by Melissa Sweet - Pretty, dba?

Fast forward to 2008, my friend Stephany helped us to schedule a meeting with Veluz last 5 February 2008. With that date, Sheryl and I are to meet finally the Veluz Reyes. We were excited to meet her! We also met Clarice there, and boy, Veluz is really very nice and bubbly! We felt at ease immediately, shared my concerns about my fat figure, hahaha!! Also with in mind that I'm an overseas bride, she asked for my schedule in Manila, so that to prioritize fittings and maximize the time I'm in Manila.

With our meeting, we finalize MY WEDDING GOWN.. which embodies what I feel is part of my personality -- ASTIG! hehehehe!!

My Bridal Gown sketched by Ms. V, when we met last 5 February 2008
Astig dba? ang "Ria" na ba nya? hehehe :)

Yes, that's my Gown! hahahah!! So finalizing the price and all (it's not cheap ah!), we scheduled for fittings! With the 2 weeks++ that I was in Manila, we met 4 times, which is a lot na ah!

1st Fitting - We're trying the body, if okay ba sa akin..

2nd Fitting - ndi man halata, pero I can't breathe na here! hahaha! yes, tumaba ako! wahhh!!!

The 3rd Fitting - placing of the embroidery na and the shrug!

We actually had 4 meetings... but we only considered 3 fittings, since the really 1st fitting was not counted, Ms. V chose to change the body of the gown.

With Ms. V and fitting the gown, it made me realized that this is really it!! Parang, totohan na talaga lahat!!!!! Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Overall, I really really had fun fitting the Gown. I knew that Melchor and I made the right decision to go to our only choice. Ms. V and Niko were wonderful! They truly understand brides, and prioritize when they can. I can't wait for the big day... I knew that I will have the gown's truly me. I hope to look radiant in it! hahaha! ndi naman halatang excited diba?

Oh by the way, during the fittings, Melchor wasn't able to see me personally. He only got ideas based from the pictures. So I hope to surprise him on the 18th of October! hahahahah!

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  1. Fabulous!!! Wedding is one of the very important part out in life, I will also get marry next month and I done my wedding shopping from Target.