Friday, April 11, 2008

the Proposal

Every girl dreams of a mushy and one of a kind proposal. As siga and feel corny for some stuff kind of girl that I am, I guess I do like to experience this so-called dreamy proposal.

Last September 2007, My mom asked a good date for Melchor & I to get married. That's October 18, 2008.
With the date in mind, and I was in Manila at that time, I conveyed to Melchor about this lucky date via YM message in my cellphone then. And he agreed that he liked the date as well, and we proceed the wedding.

To maximize my time in Manila then, I was starting to scout suppliers for my wedding. Yet, Melchor still hasn't proposed to me yet. And with everyday irritation of learning that my first choices for suppliers were already spoken for on our date, etc., my irritation with Melchor grew everyday, and every minute! Because, he hasn't proposed to me yet! Conversation every night then turned really sour, because I will continue to remind him that he hasn't proposed to me yet, and he will just completely ignore my questions and quickly change the topic! *hate him that time!*

With him here in Shanghai, all the while, he was already planning his proposal! hahahaha!!!!
There was one Sunday that he told me that he needs to buy something at the Cyber, that was his time that he went to Chow Tai Fook in Huaihai Lu. And immediately went back home, since he knows that I will suspect him doing something fishy.

I came back here last 26 September 2007. Our boss asked us to accompany some of their guests come 1 October 2007. Since it's a week long holiday here start of October 1, we had some assignments for the 1st 3 days of October - President Arroyo of the Philippines will be visiting Shanghai! October 1 is also the birth date of Melchor.

Melchor insisted we had dinner at the city on 30 September. I asked him why? He said, since October 1 is a special day here in China, he said he like to see the celebration in the city. Fine, it was not a convincing reason, but what the heck! We're to have dinner at Banana Leaf Resto. I was not anticipating any surprise or whatever with the dinner, partly because I shocked Melchor one time in asking what's the balance money of his account, he gave the balance same as when I left for Manila. I did trust him to be telling me the truth. Now, I know he can lie na pala ah!

30 September 2007 - Banana Leaf was jam-packed that night. Maybe because it was holiday the next day...? Maybe. For unknown reasons, the resto was full! We were first seated in a place near the exit and floor is uneven. It's a not so good seat, that's for sure. I told Melchor, that since we'll just be eating and the place is packed, we might as well settle for the table given to us. But Melchor was very insistent we change seats! So there we change seats.
During the dinner, Melchor was unusually quiet. He's usually chatty, sharing stories, experiences, his thoughts, plans, anything under the sun! That night, he's not Melchor! hahaha! He made me order Crabs, Tom Yum Soup, the usual stuff we love! I just kept on eating, while Melchor was eating as well, but really not the normal Melchor. That night, he asked me to order a desserts... which is not really normal Melchor! I told him, we can have our desserts at a different place, but he said he like to try the desserts of Banana Leaf. So I just chose whatever I felt maybe yummy, then went to the Washroom to clean my hands from eating crabs.

Melchor's sitting pretty tight, just after our dinner.

I came back, Melchor is still quiet! Then, came the desserts, then I tasted it. Melchor is still quiet. Then, he asked the waitress to take a picture of us, and told me that somebody had text me, and maybe I can check the message, I told him we take the picture first. Then, he went to my side, and pulled out a red box, with a ring!!!! hahahahaha!! I kept on laughing at that time! I can't believe it, in his hands, a ring, for me!!! We were both laughing and laughing! hahaha! i just can't believe it, he's proposing!!!! He proposed!!!! The ring at that time maybe too big for me, but, I got a ring!!! hahaha!!

Melchor proposing, with the red box and the ring!

All smiles after the Proposal!!

After the pictures, laughing, etc., he narrated his experience, in planning for the proposal, buying the ring, telling the jeweler that my size is 4", planning the dinner, thinking of putting the ring the crab, or maybe in the desserts, contemplating to ask the help of the waiters, scared of losing the rings... as you can see, anything possible can happen, he already had imagined them!

My Ring! Pretty diba!

Oh, as for the text message, he was the one who sent the message! It said: You will receive a diamond in the very near future. -- hahahhahaa!! The message that I ignored, because of the picture taking!

We ended the night, by visiting Starbucks, had some coffee, and talked more about the proposal that just happened. We had nice laughs, kidding around each other and we know that what happened that night will be one of those memories we can share to others and our children.

Finger in my hand.

He also had a script for that night, typed in his cellphone, which he shared with me:
" My life has never and could never be the same after I met you. You've made me more joyful, more stable, and more inspired. I can't picture the rest of my life without you by my side. Will you do me the honor of marrying me?"
Hahahaha! Yes, that's my Melchor! Can you say no to that? Well, it was supposed to be his line, but nevertheless, what he did made me realize that I finally found him!

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