Thursday, April 17, 2008

quest for Entourage gown maker/designer

Choosing the entourage gown designer has been the 3rd longest research that I had made.
At first I did think of maybe Zandra Lim can make the gowns for the entourage, and also we didn't thought of splurging a lot in the outfit of the entourage. Practically speaking, it will affect our budget, as my coordinator, Clarice did suggest that we may opt for a dressmaker for the entourage.

We did consider Farley to do the gowns of the entourage. But due to my continuous curiosity and research, I realize that I like my entourage to have really good designs and gowns.

Another thing, my entourage (1MOH, 2 BM, 3SS) are my sister and my cousins! They are close relatives! So I don't think I can allow them to wear what they may not like.

So research research research. Asking recommendation from my Coordinator, asking my mom to call every designer I think may be nice, asking for emails, quotations, the works!

Here are the choices that I had, then finally decided today for the entourage designer:
1) Zandra Lim - from Wanda's wedding
2) Farley - based from recommendation of Clarice
3) Len Guiao - from currant's wedding
4) Merlene Mercado
5) Patty Eustaquio
6) Jo Rubio - from Tammy's wedding
7) Veejay Floresca
8) Tet Hagape
9) Marc Rancy
10) Bill Calubaquib
11) Christine Go
12) Jean Avellanosa - we have same wedding date!
13) Francis Libiran
14) Nikolai Hernandez of Veluz - I love to have him make the gowns, but it's just way too much for our budget
15) Carla Guiao - almost!
and finally!!!!
16) Ding Marquez - based from recommendation of Emily, and Clarice seconded!

So based from pictures we researched, checked and counter-check, we're going for Ding Marquez. And I'm just happy, coz Clarice's also okay with him! Also, we chatted a bit, I find him nice. I think my entourage gown will be fab!!!!!

My mom, sister and cousins will be visiting Ding's place this Sunday! Oh right, I have to make sure they take some pictures, so that I can blog them here. :) And then, I'll just ask Melchor to schedule his sister to visit Ding's place as well. Next then, the flower girls pa! hayyyyy!!!

Oh yea, I have to email him before this Sunday, to make sure he can visualize the color motif I plan for the entourage!

Up next, will be the Male Entourage na! Hope we can finalize by Summer in the Philippines. The suit pa for Melchor's dad and Ron! Then the Ring bearers! hayyy!!

Dami pa pala noh!! wahh!!!



  1. Nice blog. Am getting married April 2009. AFfter reading your blog, i recall how i was in Shangrila Makati a few years ago and saw a bride w her entourage. I found all the gowns just beautiful and asked who the designer was. The name was Ding Marquez. I forgot his name already, actually, since it's been years, but i was trying to recall it now that am getting married, and reading your blog made me remember. I tried looking for his number on the net and the yellow pages but i can't find it. Could i have his contact number? Thanks!


  2. Hello- can you please tell me if you know Ding Marquez's current email? I"m based in the US and am having trouble contacting him! Thank you! My email is