Monday, April 14, 2008


Last week, Star Movies was showing the movie Saw 2. It was really gross!!!! IT WAS A MORBID MOVIE!!!!
But we kinda tolerated it! Then, Melchor said, he can't remember what happened in Saw 1, which he already has a DVD.

The next night, we watched Saw 1. Again, morbid, gross talaga!! But ok naman.. may moral story din!

Tonight, we just finished Saw 3 --- this is the most gruesome talaga among the 3!!! Pending pa though itong Saw 4, which, at 10:52PM, we're starting to watch na rin!

hayyy!! grabe lang!!
Pero you know what, there are lessons we can learn from this film:
We have to appreciate and be content with what we have.
We have to let go of hatred, vengeance, sadness.
We have to appreciate the people around us, love them more, communicate.
Lastly, Husband MUST prioritize and listen to his wife!

Will I recommend these series? Yes, as long as you don't have a full stomach and have tolerance in watching blood, flesh, etc.

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