Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Wedding Band

I like to have Unique Wedding Rings.
Melchor and I decided that we like to get 2 sets - one for formal occasion with 5 diamonds each, another for our everyday band. But to be honest, I plan to wear the 2 rings together! hahaha! And maybe wear my engagement ring on the right hand or wear it as a pendant! ;)

Anyway, it's been more than a month's quest for finding the right designs for the rings. Melchor and I debated and all. I guess a girl and a boy really are different. My taste for the ring designs are different with Melchor's. What he likes naman, I was a bit wary. Hahaha! :)

I prefer classy, elegant designs... but Melchor likes celtic designs, with triangle designs.. hahah! Weird noh!

Here were our choices for the rings with diamonds!
We had a lot of choices noh? hahahah! :)

Here are our everyday band choices naman.
In the end, Melchor gave it to what I like..
because I gave in to what he like for our diamond wedding ring.. ;)
give and take ba? :)

So, here's our wedding ring with diamonds.
We'll be having this kind of specific designs, but with 5 diamonds only.
This was from Cartier

I love this ring from Niwaka!
Based from their website, I find their designs super ganda talaga!
Melchor may not 100% like their designs, but I love!
So for our simple band, we'll be getting this design.
Melchor had 1 request though, he was thinking of around 6mm thick..?
Ganda noh?
I'm still thinking if to follow the curvy shape of the ring or not...
Melchor preferred equal shape for the ring ;)

With all of our choices, I think we finally found a winner!! hehehe :)
Will talk to our jeweler tomorrow, and ask her opinions for our choices, and of course, the PRICE!
Hopefully, they can be within our budget! In the end, a good lesson here is that both Melchor and I learned to compromise! heheh :) Since I like the designs of Niwaka for our everyday wedding band, I'm in agreement with Melchor's choice for the ones with the diamonds. He preferred the diamonds to have its own casings kasi.. para safe daw ang diamonds! hahaha! :)

Additional Info: Melchor's ring size is 8-1/2", while mine is mere 4-1/4" wahhh!! should I have it made to 4-1/2"
In preparation for the budging period to come? hahahah! :)

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  1. My wedding ring would be exactly look like the one in the last.