Wednesday, April 23, 2008

wedding preps for the last 3 days

I'm having a lag in blogging... this is because for 2 nights already, Melchor was into updating my laptop... software, anti-virus, and he's been wanting to vacuum the inside of my laptop! Alas, he wasn't able to open the inside of this Fujitsu laptop.. hehehe! it's not easy to open up, compare to his Sony Vaio.

Last Monday, I was into the color/fabric of my entourage gowns. Well, it seems that giving too much freedom to my entourage, kindly got off from the colors that I've thought of. Finally, I got to chat with Clarice, my coordinator and life-saver.. She understood me very well! So she finally said that to ask the Designer of my entourage to source the material, corresponding to the motif I like. And with my constant "kulit", I think I've mentioned to her that I like the color shade to be the same with the colors of the moms (with Niko) and the entourage gowns (with Ding). Please lang!!! Kelangan sila pareho! hahahaha!

Other than that, Melchor and I kinda finalized the invitation na! And then, we hope to get the quotation for our wedding rings! hayy!! dami pa pala noh!

Also, for the flower girls, they are scheduled to visit Ding on August pa. I think the major concern for them, is that the variance of growing up won't be too much, come getting their measurements on the August, for the October wedding. hehe :)

So far, that's about it... will update this tomorrow. I think Melchor's finally done with updating my laptop! hehe :)

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