Wednesday, May 21, 2008

13th year

My dad passed away on this same date of the year 1995. (May 21, 1995)
I was 17 yrs old then. And I never thought that something like that will happened to us. But shit happens. haha!

My dad was one of the colorful personality that I had to encounter during my puberty days. Though I won't say that my dad was a perfect person, but I thank him for instilling in me the discipline and outlook that I have right now, which I think I will pass on to my future kids.

So here's to remembering those good ol' days, remembering the pillar in our life, the first guy I've loved. Though living without him is not that easy, we knew we survived in this life because of him.

Thank you Papa for everything! As I'll be walking the aisle by October, we'll commemorate you. We will continue to honor you, and promise to share the stories of You with your future grandchildren. (Yikes! hahaha!)

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