Sunday, May 25, 2008

destination: Honeymoon! part 1

Since I'm waiting to receive the swatches Clarice sent to me, I can't help but check and research for other stuff we need, particularly: Planning our honeymoon.

We plan to go to Manila maybe September 26 (this was the date of my still open-dated return ticket to Manila).

With that, we have Discovery Weekend schedule for October 3 to 5. Then, our Big day on the 18th of October, maybe stay 3 days in Manila, have to return to my mom's house for a night, then, off to Honeymoon.

So here are my choices: Europe or Latin America
hahahah! labo ba?

Europe: I love to visit London, Paris and Rome! I also love to visit Switzerland, Prague, Spain! Anu ba yan!
Latin America: I think Brazil and Argentina will be nice!

With our first honeymoon together, I guess Melchor and I just like to visit memorable places! Somewhere we never been to before, and somewhere we cannot always visit or go.

So, we have a pending Mission... to choose and inquire about Europe and Latin America packages! Will update our final choice and the road towards that choice! hahah! :)

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