Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Invitation draft

I've been in search for the Invitation design for a while.
With all the research that I've made, I love to have a letterpress type invitation!
But then, with limited choices in Manila, and to finally decide what amount we can only give for the invitation, we finally decided for a Php 100.00 cost for the invitation.

We only have The Write Impression in our mind for the invitation. We actually visited their office, and we impressed with their samples. We did decided on some of the choices, based from what we saw, and ended up a quotation from TWI, which we're not too happy about! Expensive kasi e! hahahaha! :)

With that in mind, I researched for other invitation design. I want something new, something unique, yet not too expensive, not too extravagant. We don't need that, right?

With tons of ideas being pooled by me and Melchor, we finalized a design together, We already gave this design to Clarice. Pardon my drawing, as I'm not too much of an artist.

But I know what I like, and I love classy design. I will have a classy design. :) That's for sure!

Note pala ah, DRAFT palang to. We've yet to receive a quotation and proposal from TWI pa. We already provided this draft to Clarice and Hope that she will get back to us soon.

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