Sunday, May 11, 2008

makeup junkie

I am a Make-up Junkie!
Really! I love beautifying myself.. it's just that sometimes, I lack time in doing so. hahaha!
But I love great stuff! I love having nice colors, and in search for a good brand for me to use.

This OBSESSION started when I was still in Manila, when my skin finally cleared up with the zit-days. I also experienced the dreadful acne youthful days, wherein everyone's envying of a great skin in those days. Thank God for my mom and aunts, who constantly pushed us to go to derma, to have our skin checked, cleared up, etc. There was this one derma doctor, who asked me to list down all the doctors I had visited in the past! hahahaha!! After listing them out, he advised me to STOP DERMA SHOPPING! hahahaha! That's when I realized I had to been to a lot na pala!

So the Obsession of make-ups, started when I felt that my skin is ready for the next step - Prettifying with colors! I think I blogged my first bulk makeup purchase here! After that, things were easy na! hahaha! :)

The brands I purchased before: NARS, Shu Uemura, MAC, Smashbox, Sue Devitt, etc. - more on the brands I found in the shopping malls of Manila. (I love Rustan's!)

Then, I stumbled upon Makeup-Alley! Ayun, Patay na! hahahaha!

Then, I finally let go of some brands I don't feel too keen - MAC (too much colors! and I guess I got turned off when I learned that their Studio-fix are oil-based and need to be retouch every 3 hours ba?), Shu Uemura (overrated kasi!! and Manila prices are so taga!), Smashbox (well, super dami lang nila! haha!), Sue Devitt (ok naman, i just don't like their mechanism for concealer). What else ba...

But there's one brand that I truly love: NARS

NARS: the packaging are so sleek! I love NARS' colors! Eyeshadow, blushes, lipstick! wahhh!! hehehe! the brushes - ganda rin! hahahaha! it's classy thing e!

In fact, I brought to Shanghai all my NARS Stuff! hahahaha! Yun nga lang, I get up late, so I seldom really prepping myself.

Then, I upgraded to Bare Escentuals! I like this brand as well! But there's just too many Mineral makeup companies! hahahaha! - Everyday minerals, Monave, Pure Luxe, Aromaleigh, what else! hahaha! dami lang talga! I cannot keep up with this trend! As I can't get them here in Shanghai din e.

After all the bruhaha, I then discover Giorgio Armani.
What can I say about Armani Cosmetics? PURE BLISS!! hahaha!
I love Armani! I first got its Blushes!! Shucks, pretty pretty pretty!

I want to discover more about Armani Stuff! I read lot of great reviews!
But alas, we don't have Armani here in Shanghai! But thank God for Makeupalley!
Another great find as well is Taobao! (China version of ebay)
Right now, I'm trying to find the right shade of Foundation, which is a bit hard, this I don't have physical item to compare from.

I need to shorten this up, for you may all think how weird I am to be talking about makeup this long! hahaha!
I'm looking at the right foundation now: Armani, Chantecaille, RMK, Lunasol, what else.

To relate this to my wedding preps, well, what I'll be getting now, I'm thinking of using them in my upcoming wedding! hehe! Shempre, para may use naman sila, dba? haha! I guess I just want to look the best come my wedding day!
May discount kaya sa Makeup artist if I use my own makeup? hahahah!

I shall blog soon about things related to this entry. But for now, I just want to end this to certify that I AM A MAKEUP JUNKIE, and Melchor knows about it! hahaha :)

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