Tuesday, May 20, 2008


For this week and the last, I've been a bad blogger and got totally tired of preparing for the wedding. I don't know if I'm the only one who feels like this, but like right now, I'm just too tired... and I can't seem to think what I need to do next, or what I need to do now!

I do hope that I get the adrenaline back though. It's now less than 155 days till our big day (courtesy of Weddingannouncer page)

But I hope that within this week, we can finalize the following:
1) Cloth for the Moms - Niko
2) Cloth for the Principal Sponsors - to be included in their gift basket
3) Cloth for the entourage accents - Ding Marquez
4) Schedule for the Male Entourage measurements - c/o Clarice
5) Quotation from Invitation Supplier - the Write Impression
6) Downpayment for Melchor's suit - Delby Bragais
7) After confirming the colors for the moms, PS and Entourage, Melchor & I need to purchase the neck-tie for them - Arrow brand ties
8) To finally decide for the Favor/Souvenir - Fabfoto?
9) Decide on the entourage makeup artist - Gina Si, Angie Cruz or Brenda?
10) We hope to get the quotation for the Honeymoon trip we want - c/o Mama
11) To shortlist the songs we like for the On-site AVP, Photo AVP and Slide show - Threelogy and Nelwin Uy
12) To choose some flowers we like and to check reception designs - no idea yet
13) To check Cake design - need to update Alex Franco with this
14) To pay the deposit for the wedding rings - Nanette
15) To choose the gift for the Principal Sponsors - no idea yet
16) Finalize the gift basket for the Principal Sponsor - still being completed
17) To thank my Mom and Clarice for all their help - Always
18) To thank Melchor and always keep him awake. :) Hey Man, I need your help here!

So there you go, 18 stuff to do for this week. I wonder if we'll be able to do half of what needs to be done! hahahahaha! :)

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