Friday, May 02, 2008

To Bow or To Tie!

To BOW or to TIE - that is the Question! hahahah! :)
Melchor has been troubling for quite sometime now, whether he will use a Bow Tie or to simply use a Tie for his suit. The good thing is that, he's researching as well, what look he like on his day.

We'll be almost booking the designer for his suit.
Prior to the designer that we'll be booking soon in Manila, we thought of having his suit made here in Shanghai.
We have this Fabric Market place kasi here... wherein this whole building are full of tailors, dressmakers, fabrics that you can choose to do your custom-made jacket, suit, dress, trench coat, etc. (basically, anytime under the sun, they can duplicate them). And based from his custom made suit before for his sister Mary Ann's wedding, it was okay naman. Though with the pants being frequently use for office, the material is starting to "himul-mol". So ayun, Melchor doesn't like that. It was not that "Manila expensive" pa naman, but then, being the wedding held in Manila, it may be better if the suit be made in Manila.

Bow Tie ba...?

Or Tie....? hmmm...

So fast forward to last February, after our taste test at Edsa Shangri-La Hotel (I have to blog the food and reception place soon!), we visited a designer upon recommendation of Clarice. It's Delby Bragais of North Road.
Well, to be honest, I first noticed her hairstyle! hehehe! :) It's cool kasi e! Really!

We personally visited Delby last February 2008. She's very warm and friendly. We like her! :)

Debly Bragais of North Road.

Well-made suit at Delby's Office.

Melchor with his tummy.

Then, I saw a ready-made suit at the side. Very well made ah! hehehe!
Then we proceed to talk to her, for a possibilities... for Melchor's suit! hehe :)
She asked to see the sketch of my gown, in order to match the suit of Melchor. Then she shared her thoughts and concern for Melchor's bulging stomach! hahahah! Thank you Delby! And also asked Melchor, if he has plans for exercising to trim down his tummy. hehehe.. May plans naman si Melchor, pero parang right now, (May 2 already), medyo lumiit palang konte. heheh :)

We exchanged emails for Delby... for her sketch of Melchor's suit, as well as negotiating for prices, what will be included in his suit. Melchor would like a vest e. Also what may be the color for the tie and vest. MG was thinking of Silver kasi e. We got a sketch from Delby, MG liked it naman! Pero he was also thinking of Wing-tip collar and vest.. lapel, whatever whatever... ek ek ek.

Sketch from Delby - we love it!
Just need to add the vest - and finalize the
Bow Tie or Tie.. hehe :)

Today (May 2, 2008), we went to the City, to find something MG can practice for his bow tie. We were actually looking for the bow tie he saw from internet tutorials. hehehe :) mukhang ndi namin mahanap talaga sya.. because hassle nga talaga mag bow-tie. hehe :)

I told Melchor that we can try practicing the Bow Tie for now... in case that it will be hard to perfect, we can opt for the Tie na... di ba. Also the reason why I like MG to wear a bow tie, kasi the wedding is supposed to be his most unforgettable happening na in his life, so kelan pa sya mag bow tie, e ndi naman sya artista para suotin yun for Oscars or any awards night... dba? hahahah! :)

Now, back to the Question upfront, to Bow or to Tie --- well.... we're still finding the answer! We hope to update this though. We will update this post.

In the mean time, here's the bow tie we found today.. hehe!

Bow tie we bought earlier from W.W. Chan & Sons
near Huaihai Road, Shanghai

Bow tie - up close and personal

Ewan ko lang pano ba ito maging Ribbon! hahaha! :)
Good Luck Melchor! :)

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