Sunday, June 29, 2008

Prenup Pictures!

I've finally finished screening out our raw prenup pictures.
So from the CD Nelwin gave us last Thursday, I've finally shortlisted to 424 pictures! hahaha!
I feel I didn't exactly shortlisted them... more on choose what I feel the best photo per pose e! hahaha!
I guess I just can't help it, since I LOVE every pictures that we were taken of us!

Nelwin's really really good! Very talented, down-to-earth person! And I'm glad we had him came over to Shanghai.
We really had fun, and I wished we had more than time to tour them around, and the shooting days are more than 2 days!! haha! Abuso na ba.. :)
But kidding aside, our pictures are the living proof and the only answer I have in choosing Nelwin Uy as our photographer. Even Melchor agreed with me! hahaha! I remember I was the one lobbying my choice to Melchor e! But then, I don't think he can disagree with me, especially with my choices. :)

So in my online album - RRL Picasa Web Album, but I will only open this album for perhaps a week's time. Just don't want it to be over exposed! ;)

Right now, we have to work out our invitation quotation, wordings, etc.
We need to finally submit this to Clarice! Patay na kami! hehehe :)
Also will blog about our 2 days prenup shoot. Melchor finally forwarded the places we visited, and we already emailed this to Nelwin! hehe :)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Prenup Shanghai - part 1

Well, looking at my previous posts here regarding the prenup... well, they just bring smile to my face..
I kinda can't believe that I was that nervous..? hahaha! I guess, for me to feel really secured and confident, I'm so used to doing all by myself... Now that Melchor's here in my life, I need to get used to having a strong arms beside me, that it's okay to feel weak and vulnerable sometimes, because Melchor will always be my by side... I need to let go of all the pressure to do all things by myself.. haha! Enough with the mushy talk.. :)

The prenup plans dates back last year, when our Chosen Photographer Nelwin Uy offered us a unique prenup pictorial.
I have to say that Melchor at that time, already had the idea of having the pictorial outside Manila... He said: "If ever that we have our pictorial in the Philippines, it has to be outside Manila! Boracay, Palawan, wherever!! Basta outside Manila!" - That was his line at that time.

Luckily, our friend Sheryl and Dwight also got Nelwin as their photographer, and having them come over to Shanghai beats the expenses we will have, in case all 4 of us went back to Manila for the pictorial. I know everybody would like to have unique shoots, right? We agreed to have our prenup here in Shanghai.

Shanghai being the city where Melchor and I first met.. hahaha! I guess this place have a deep meaning in our lives. Though Melchor and I did met when we were young ones then, we weren't introduced to each other there.. and after that, our paths didn't cross in Manila... It is here in Shanghai, that we were formally introduced to each other... if it's not for Shanghai.. I guess I won't be marrying anytime soon! hahaha! And poor Melchor will also not be as happy as he is now! hahaha (kapal ko e noh? :) ) Joke lang!

For the visit of Nelwin, Tey and Shirleen this week for our Prenup pictorial, Melchor only had "SHANGHAI" in his mind.... our pictorial will have everything SHANGHAI there is... the must-see, must-visit places, must-eat, must-spend, must-shopping, must-try in Shanghai... and I guess we feel more territorial, and as host of this place. We know where the good food are, the must-visit attraction here, that you can really say that you've already seen them only here in Shanghai. I guess it's comfort zone as well! hehe!

Nelwin, etc. arrived here last Monday early morning... since they left Manila with a typhoon, the slight delay of their flight was already better than what we expected.

As you can see in the left part, 2nd entry - Manila - there was a red part
indicating DELAYED FLIGHT! haha! - 23 June 2008

So there, waiting for them, after awhile, they emerged from the arrival area! We immediately went to the Hotel booked for them.. Home-Inn, along Yan-An Road, Wu-Yi Road. It's a nice, small cozy resting place. hehe!

Here's the first part of my post, since Melchor's finishing up the descriptions of the places we've visited. hehe! I'll wait for this update, so that I can also post them here..

Nelwin, Tey and Shirleen already went home this morning.. So 2 days of prenup pictorial per couple finally ended. It's so funny to think that these shoots were just being talked about early this year, then, after 4 days, finally it ended na. We already received our Raw pictures.. We had the time of our lives! For the first time, we felt like celebrities here in Shanghai! hahahah! :) Though nobody asked for our autograph! hehe :)

We like to thank Nelwin for coming over to Shanghai. In spite of his schedules, we were able to squeeze into his time, to visit us here, and we really appreciate everything! We had so much fun that we never wanted it to end, sa totoo lang ah! hahaha! Melchor and I felt the time is too short, for us to show more of Shanghai. Kulang pa ang time e! Pero sana nag enjoy sila.. heheh :)

Group Pic - with Nelwin and Tey
26 June 2008

We got our CD na last night! and boy, it's so hard to choose pa e! hahahaha! Will post soon ah!


Here's our sincere THANK YOU to Nelwin, Tey and Shirleen!
For making us feel the prettiest couple here in Shanghai! hahahah! :)
We'll be seeing you this October, and we hope to have this opportunity again to be together here in China :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

shooting the prenup - prelude!

Since it's already Wednesday today, that only meant that we are already done with our Prenup pictorial.
hahaha! :)

To be honest, the time that the shoot was finally rolling, all butterflies in my stomach, nerves cracking, etc. vanished! As stated in my previous entry here, I was really scared chicken last Sunday.

I guess I was not too confident enough about our plans. Though I'm very proud of Melchor, there were some adjustments that must be made, because of the change of plans, schedules.

Nelwin, Tey and Shirleen came here last Monday midnight. Their flight was with Cebu Pacific, and they arrived here 30mins late from their scheduled time. (Manila had a typhoon that weekend, so it's understandable about the flight delay.. Cebu Pacific pa!)

I have to cut this entry short, as I'm not feeling too wordy pa... Let me get the CD from Nelwin tomorrow night, then, maybe I finished this entry. :) Just one more day ah! hehehe! Tomorrow's Thursday na.. so I'm not too excited naman. :) just extremely excited! hihih :)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

i feel sick!

I'm starting to feel sick right now.
Because we'll fetching and meeting Nelwin Uy!
Yes, tomorrow is our scheduled Prenup pictorial...
and I'm scared shit about it! hahaha!

I guess with the weather here, and the feeling because I haven't spent a lot of time with planning of my wardrobe, makeup, etc. I just feel too scared for tomorrow and Tuesday! wahhhhh!!

I'll just update this ah! For now, I have to pack my stuff, and get ready.. Melchor's a bit sungit na... coz He wants to leave around 7pm e! hahaha! Later!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


We're currently working the wordings of our invitation.
With the help of our coordinator, Clarice, we pretty much get the idea of what we liked.
To be honest, it's easier said than done!

Right now, we're trying to find a nice quote that will also be part of our invitation.
So far, i like this:
“True love is like a pair of socks: you gotta have two and they've gotta match.”
Then, may socks na drawing on the sides..? hahaha!
Melchor's reaction: Melchor Gan: hindi ata okey ilagay sa invitation meron pang socks

HAHAHAHHAHA! I think mas natawa ako dun sa reaction ni Melchor e! :)

We're still looking.. in case we found what we like, hopefully I can blog it here.. hehe :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

catching up the Prenup!

It's now half past the month of June, and finally, our schedule for the Prenup Pictorial is almost here!
Not that I'm not excited about it! I guess, I was so used to taking pictures of Melchor, that I now starting to think if I can be as comfortable as I want to be when it's my turn in the spotlight!

I have to admit that I've been too calm and too relaxing, in this upcoming photo shoot.
As of now, I haven't finalize the following:
- outfits to wear, looks I like, places to visit, schedule and timing for every places, etc.

And I'm starting to hate it! How I wish that it's not as soon as it is right now. Sad to say as well, I've been busy with other stuff.. Took advantage of the time we had.. I haven't been spending time, looking, planning this.
Now, I have to pay for it!

This week has been too much for me to handle. Still have the invitation wordings to finalize, and I was caught up with work. So in case our prenup's bound for disaster, I only have to blame myself for this. And to think, we have to shell out money for this.

DAMN!!! I'm just plain tired... I have to catch some sleep.. have to plan the outfits.. have to practice prettifying myself!! And what makes me real mad right now, is that the guy with me now.. hay!! I just can't believe that I thought that I can do the other things, and leave this prenup plans with him... and now, i just have to pay for it, be tired over and over again....

Sorry for the gloomy post.. Sad to say, I lack sleep, and my mind is just plain tired! I'm not my usual self.. and the boyfriend is just not helpful! nakakainis!!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Engraving of the first ring

Due to tons of work yesterday, my Mom finalized the engraving for us! hahaha!
I guess my previous blog entry really happened!

Well, the final engraving is MGRRL 10-18-08
Okay naman sya.. but Melchor was thinking of a more creative engraving, which he draw like this:

Melchor's work of Art ;)

Nice drawing ba? hehehe! Love it sana, but it cannot be easily done ata e.. hehe.. oh well!
Maybe for the 2nd set of rings.... perhaps... :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mom knows engraving!

Also today, Melchor and I were once again asked what we engraving we prefer for our wedding rings.
You may all read from here that we chose: "Melchor and Ria 10.18.08" right...?
But alas, the whole thing above is too long for engraving eh!

So we thought of the following:
MG&RRL 10.18.08
MG+RRL 10.18.08
(with consultation of course with my consultant! hahaha!)

After long debate via YM with Melchor, we actually decided for #2.
I told our jeweler earlier that we chose: MG+RRL 10.18.08
(Actually, Melchor was saying he want the "+" (Plus sign) to be in smaller font.
It will be like this: MG+RRL 10.18.08
I was telling him, it's too low! hahahaha! I was kidding with him, because he was dead-on having the sign in small font. hahahaha!

Just right now, I told my Mom of our engraving choice.
And I really can say, MOTHERS KNOW BEST! hahahaha!

She suggested that instead of the + sign, why not make it a STAR! hahahaha!!
Ayos ba...
So tomorrow, Mom will immediately call our Jeweler and change it to a STAR... and further instruct that it should be in the middle part of our initials. hehehe. And as for me, I have to immediately YM our Jeweler, to confirm what my Mom will be instructing her for the ring! hahahah! yipeeee!! really really happy!

It will now be like this: MG*RRL 10.18.08
yehey! :)

It's the Guys' turn!

I was updated by Clarice earlier that they already have schedule for getting the measurements for the suits of our Male Entourage . They are schedule to meet this Saturday at Trinoma.

Honestly, Melchor was a bit wary.. He kept on asking : "Why Trinoma? How will they measure there..? What is a Trinoma?!" hahahah!

Well, when I was chatting with Clarice, I wasn't not too worried that they will be meeting in Trinoma. My main concern is that, I WANT ALL THE MALE ENTOURAGE TO BE REALLY REALLY PRESENT ON THAT SCHEDULE!!!!

Like this evening, I asked my brother if he already confirm the schedule of the measurement. He said, he thought his suit will be a ready to wear! hahaha! I told him that all suits will be made and sew. Even Melchor's suit is to be made as well! Told Ron that I will make sure that the design is a bit unique for him. After all, he will my Mom's partner there. So he confirmed tonight for his attendance for Saturday's measurement. My mom will be coming with him. I hope though that it will be a perfect attendance! I'll be praying for a perfect attendance!! Please please lang!!

I asked my mom to take some pictures. I love to see our male entourage present in their measurements. :)

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Edsa Shangri-La Hotel

In choosing the reception place, Melchor had a hotel reception in mind.
As for me, I don't think I like a reception in Beach (I don't think there's a beach nearby in Manila, and I don't think I like the idea of sand everywhere!), or in a Garden (I don't like the idea of eating outside and having a lot of mosquitoes around!) And what if it rains, dba? Better yet, I love my wedding day to have a little rain! hahaha! :)

So the quest for the reception, well, it was not an easy journey din.
I remember last year September, I visited Peninsula Manila. I love the Conservatory area!
I also checked the prices of their package, it's not as expensive ah.
They don't have Chinese Lauriat there, with the package of Manila Penn, it's not bad na rin!
Further inquiry with them, I was told that the Rigodon Ballroom was already booked! We were told that the 150ppl capacity is still opened. Melchor and I tried to trim down the guest list, but mahirap na ang 150ppl! Super duper ndi kaya!! Though after the Manila Penn Seige, I did received an email to further finalize the pencil booking we had for the 150ppl ballroom. Sorry, pero too small place e!

Nice view of Manila Peninsula, right?

Then there's Makati Shanri-La Hotel. Everybody knows Makati Shangri-La!
Though I was not too hopeful in choosing this hotel. We did inquire about this, and we were offered the Quezon Ballroom... sad to say, I asked few more questions, that I was not answered. heheh. So, won't force the issue, right? But I do remember receiving an email, after the Glorietta Blast and Manila Penn Seige. heheh :)

With the help of my mom, we further inquired the following hotels:
- Mandarin Oriental - i think this is way too far from our budget
- New World Renaissance Hotel
- Hotel Intercontinental
- Dusit Hotel
- Heritage Hotel
- Diamond Hotel
- Hyatt Hotel
- Crowne Plaza
- Century Park Hotel
- Edsa Shangri-la Hotel

Let me briefly describe the above hotels.
Mandarin Oriental - I heard its pricey. They emailed me their packages, it is Pricey! hahaha!
Intercontinental Hotel Manila - It was booked na noh! Grabe! that was last year September ah! for October 18, 2008 wedding!
New World Renaissance Hotel - This was booked na as well! grabe noh!
Dusit Thani Hotel - this was still open at that time, but the space is too little ata e.. which hinders me to choose this as our reception.
Heritage Hotel - I don't think I like the hotel e.. sorry!
Diamond Hotel - just wasn't able to visit it yet. But I heard it's not bad.
Century Park Hotel - we did toy the idea of having the Century Seafood resto doing the dishes, and be held in the ballroom of Century Park Hotel. Sad to say, I feel the inside is a bit dark.. lack of lighting perhaps..? Melchor agreed, because we visited this hotel when we went home to Manila last February. I don't like the CR also... nalumaan na.. sorry! But I know that a lot of Chinese couples choose this place.
Hyatt Hotel - a new hotel in the heart of Manila. I heard the Chinese Resto - Lily's is good! The package is pricey e! And since the church is in San Juan, and with the Saturday wedding, I think if I chose this hotel, I will need to be off from hotel at around 930am! Too early ah! But better be early than late!
Crowne Plaza - this is nice! tried the dumpling buffet there.. not bad! But I think this is more of a boutique or business hotel e. I want wide lobby! hehehe!

I remembered, I actually pictured my wedding before in Tagaytay... I want the church in Manila, and then the reception will be in Le Souffle in Tagaytay! hahahaha! But that was before the real thing. I mean, as I plan my wedding now, the choices I made before, it makes me smile nalang e! hahaha :) because most of them are silly hopefuls, something that too realistic! hahaha!

So finally, we chose Edsa Shangri-La Hotel.
The funny thing was that, in the first part of our planning and finding the hotel, we never really thought much of Edsa Shangri-La! I guess we were focused then on the Makati side, rather than the Ortigas/Mandaluyong area.
It was my Mom, who called and inquired ESL. I remember asking my mom, among ALL the hotels that she was able to talk to, who was the most friendliest hotel who patiently answers her questions... (Yes people, this is very VERY important!) My mom answered: Hyatt Hotel and Edsa Shangri-La Hotel.

In the shortlisting the hotel choices, since what my mom shared to me as the most friendliest hotel she was able to talked to really matters to me... Melchor and I were choosing between Hyatt and ESL. As you may read from my Hyatt hotel thoughts, we end up choosing Edsa Shangri-La Hotel.

Our Edsa Shangri-La Hotel Pictures

Perfect location, great place, lighting just right, ample parking space, not too new, but not too old.. Very clean, i like the CR, it's not too far from a shopping mall. What else! It's not too far from San Juan. It is located in my favorite city - Mandaluyong. Our Events Manager is Anne Sy - who's very nice. We heard the food is great!

Then, the package! ESL offers Lauriat! as Melchor prefers Chinese food e! It's not that cheap, but we prefer that the food be yummy for our guests to be all happy and full!

We were first booked at Isla Ballroom. Stupidly enough, we turned it down, and asked for the Garden Ballroom! hahaha! As of today, we haven't really finalized our guest list yet, but we hope to still be in the Garden Ballroom.. a more intimate and new ballroom. At present, we are booked in Garden Ballroom.

Again, I'm looking at my list above, hahahaha!! As usual, I had a lot of choices again to choose from! :)

So it is Edsa Shangri-La Hotel! We'll see you there ah! Next time, I shall blog the food choices, and packages.. I hope that ESL will be everything we hope and more! Because Melchor and I learned to really believe in our final choice, and love this hotel! hehehe! Can't wait! :)

Bridal Car

For our wedding preparation and reception place, we chose Edsa Shangri-La Hotel. (will blog about this soon).
With that, we availed its package, which also include the Bridal Car.
This will our Bridal Car - Lincoln Towncar.

Posted by Picasa
okay naman, dba? hehe! I don't have to much problem naman about the Bridal Car.
As long as it's comfortable inside.. not too old and moldy smell... that's alright with me na.

Cute Ashton!

As I blogged earlier, watched the DVD of What happened in Vegas, and Ashton Kutcher's so cute!! I love his hair!! Promise! Really really like his hair!!
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boring Sunday!

We've stayed the whole day in our dorms today.
Though we planned to go out and shopping for clothes for the upcoming Prenup,
due to the Weather Report of having rains today, we opted to stay home.

So I've been doodling and making our monograms.
Downloaded few fonts.. to try and choosing the monogram we like.

I'm having trouble choosing the font for the "G" - for Melchor's surname.
And instead of "MGR" - I'm thinking of "RGM", because "MG" is him already e!
So parang having the "R" as the 3rd letter, parang saling pusa type na tuloy.

Here's a sample monogram I did.

I have to try and try pa.. Will try pa ah!

Also, we watched a DVD earlier, Kiss the Bride - about Gays actually! It's Melchor who chose it ah! and Ayun, naibahan sya! hehehe! it is funny though.
Another movie we watched was What happened in Vegas! Ashton Kutcher is sooooooooooo Cute!! i love his hair there! I love to have my son do that hair-do next time! It will be so cute!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Melchor again!

The other day, Melchor told me that he wants our kids to have long lashes!
He's been imagining it for some time now, that his son will have long lashes, and will look just like him! Gwapo yun! hahahaha! :)

And he will call him, JUNIOR!!! hahaha! This is bad... very bad ah... Of course, I won't allow him to name Junior ah! Melchor Junior pa?! hahaha!

Also, just now, I asked him, if I'm all wrinkly and old, will he still love me?
You wanna know his answer? hahaha!
"Of course! As long as you won't grow fat!" hahahaha!
Shempre raw, mawalan sya ng gana otherwise. hahaha!

So my future, funny husband.. I'm sure we'll have a lot of memories to last a lifetime! hahaha! :)

Here's my Melchor.. as usual, fussing his computers.. How I'm starting to hate them now! sa totoo lang!!!!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Wedding Rings - 1st Set

I learned from my Mom earlier, that our 1st set of Wedding Rings were already made.
As per her inquiry with our jeweler, it's already in their office, and for engraving na! So so so Happy!

Melchor and I finalized the words to be engrave inside.
It seems that there won't be problems with engraving the words with Melchor's ring, but for mine, since it's size is 4.5, space may be too small. hehehe

anyway, the engraving will be:

Melchor & Ria 10.18.08

For both our 2 rings. hehe :)
Okay naman ba... :) hihihi! so excited! Will ask tomorrow, for a possible picture! hihihi! Sana meron! hahaha! Sana pwede!

Pero side comment, bakit kaya ndi una name ko! Mas maganda dba..
Mas okay ito, right:

Ria & Melchor 10.18.08

tsk tsk!

Invitation: part 2

I've been researching too much for the Invitation inspiration.
And the net are full of letterpress invitation.
Honestly, I really really really love to have a letterpress invitation.
But sadly, Manila doesn't have a known supplier for this kind of invitation just yet.

For the last 2 days, Melchor and I were contemplating of having our invitation done in US, for the Letterpress!! (Woooaahhhh noh!! hhehehehe! wishful thinking!)
But, really! I did email Mercurio brothers and other wedding invitation makers in the US. So tempting talaga! They ship international, and they can print in 5 weeks after the approved final design. Tempting sobra noh?

Having the invitation be printed in the US will have a lot of considerations. Aside from being miles away from the US, have to think about the right paper, right font ink, right design, right chinese words, and the shipment to Shanghai or Manila! grabe pala noh! of course the prices haven't considered the shipping cost just yet. Oh well... too bad! I realize invitation maybe too much to put our resources to.

So we're back to Manila. I'm checking the website of The Write Impression now, and I saw thay they're offering Letterpress na rin! Wow! that's good news! But I'm hoping it may still be within our budget! Kelangan noh! hahaha!

Will update this again, after I finalize things with TWI. :)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Back pain!

Melchor's been having some back pains for some time now.
Probably because of the exercise/weights he's been lifting!
Yes, he's exercising now, for the upcoming prenup shoot we will have!
I feel he's actually a 45-yr old guy e!

So I took this opportunity to lay down on him! hahaha!
Parang Wrestling... and with me laying on top of him,
One... two... three!!! Melchor's OUT!!
Ria WON! hahaha! :)

Monday, June 02, 2008

J&J's Soothing Naturals

I bought this shampoo last Saturday at Carrefour.
Well, as you all may not know, toiletries here in China are not as cheap as they're supposed to be. Shampoo, Conditioner, facial stuff are treated as luxury items, even Toothpaste, etc!

So this shampoo is not cheap! But just so tempting to try it e!
I've been using baby shampoo for the last few months, as I'm avoiding all my hair to fall out before the wedding! haha!

Well, the bottle is cute! Not as soft as the Pink Baby Shampoo formula, but it's cute! haha! :) and with all the Vitamin E and Olive Leaf Extract! Just can't resist not to buy it! haha! :) 100ml is almost 20rmb! not cheap, right?