Sunday, June 08, 2008

boring Sunday!

We've stayed the whole day in our dorms today.
Though we planned to go out and shopping for clothes for the upcoming Prenup,
due to the Weather Report of having rains today, we opted to stay home.

So I've been doodling and making our monograms.
Downloaded few fonts.. to try and choosing the monogram we like.

I'm having trouble choosing the font for the "G" - for Melchor's surname.
And instead of "MGR" - I'm thinking of "RGM", because "MG" is him already e!
So parang having the "R" as the 3rd letter, parang saling pusa type na tuloy.

Here's a sample monogram I did.

I have to try and try pa.. Will try pa ah!

Also, we watched a DVD earlier, Kiss the Bride - about Gays actually! It's Melchor who chose it ah! and Ayun, naibahan sya! hehehe! it is funny though.
Another movie we watched was What happened in Vegas! Ashton Kutcher is sooooooooooo Cute!! i love his hair there! I love to have my son do that hair-do next time! It will be so cute!

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