Thursday, June 19, 2008

catching up the Prenup!

It's now half past the month of June, and finally, our schedule for the Prenup Pictorial is almost here!
Not that I'm not excited about it! I guess, I was so used to taking pictures of Melchor, that I now starting to think if I can be as comfortable as I want to be when it's my turn in the spotlight!

I have to admit that I've been too calm and too relaxing, in this upcoming photo shoot.
As of now, I haven't finalize the following:
- outfits to wear, looks I like, places to visit, schedule and timing for every places, etc.

And I'm starting to hate it! How I wish that it's not as soon as it is right now. Sad to say as well, I've been busy with other stuff.. Took advantage of the time we had.. I haven't been spending time, looking, planning this.
Now, I have to pay for it!

This week has been too much for me to handle. Still have the invitation wordings to finalize, and I was caught up with work. So in case our prenup's bound for disaster, I only have to blame myself for this. And to think, we have to shell out money for this.

DAMN!!! I'm just plain tired... I have to catch some sleep.. have to plan the outfits.. have to practice prettifying myself!! And what makes me real mad right now, is that the guy with me now.. hay!! I just can't believe that I thought that I can do the other things, and leave this prenup plans with him... and now, i just have to pay for it, be tired over and over again....

Sorry for the gloomy post.. Sad to say, I lack sleep, and my mind is just plain tired! I'm not my usual self.. and the boyfriend is just not helpful! nakakainis!!!!

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