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Edsa Shangri-La Hotel

In choosing the reception place, Melchor had a hotel reception in mind.
As for me, I don't think I like a reception in Beach (I don't think there's a beach nearby in Manila, and I don't think I like the idea of sand everywhere!), or in a Garden (I don't like the idea of eating outside and having a lot of mosquitoes around!) And what if it rains, dba? Better yet, I love my wedding day to have a little rain! hahaha! :)

So the quest for the reception, well, it was not an easy journey din.
I remember last year September, I visited Peninsula Manila. I love the Conservatory area!
I also checked the prices of their package, it's not as expensive ah.
They don't have Chinese Lauriat there, with the package of Manila Penn, it's not bad na rin!
Further inquiry with them, I was told that the Rigodon Ballroom was already booked! We were told that the 150ppl capacity is still opened. Melchor and I tried to trim down the guest list, but mahirap na ang 150ppl! Super duper ndi kaya!! Though after the Manila Penn Seige, I did received an email to further finalize the pencil booking we had for the 150ppl ballroom. Sorry, pero too small place e!

Nice view of Manila Peninsula, right?

Then there's Makati Shanri-La Hotel. Everybody knows Makati Shangri-La!
Though I was not too hopeful in choosing this hotel. We did inquire about this, and we were offered the Quezon Ballroom... sad to say, I asked few more questions, that I was not answered. heheh. So, won't force the issue, right? But I do remember receiving an email, after the Glorietta Blast and Manila Penn Seige. heheh :)

With the help of my mom, we further inquired the following hotels:
- Mandarin Oriental - i think this is way too far from our budget
- New World Renaissance Hotel
- Hotel Intercontinental
- Dusit Hotel
- Heritage Hotel
- Diamond Hotel
- Hyatt Hotel
- Crowne Plaza
- Century Park Hotel
- Edsa Shangri-la Hotel

Let me briefly describe the above hotels.
Mandarin Oriental - I heard its pricey. They emailed me their packages, it is Pricey! hahaha!
Intercontinental Hotel Manila - It was booked na noh! Grabe! that was last year September ah! for October 18, 2008 wedding!
New World Renaissance Hotel - This was booked na as well! grabe noh!
Dusit Thani Hotel - this was still open at that time, but the space is too little ata e.. which hinders me to choose this as our reception.
Heritage Hotel - I don't think I like the hotel e.. sorry!
Diamond Hotel - just wasn't able to visit it yet. But I heard it's not bad.
Century Park Hotel - we did toy the idea of having the Century Seafood resto doing the dishes, and be held in the ballroom of Century Park Hotel. Sad to say, I feel the inside is a bit dark.. lack of lighting perhaps..? Melchor agreed, because we visited this hotel when we went home to Manila last February. I don't like the CR also... nalumaan na.. sorry! But I know that a lot of Chinese couples choose this place.
Hyatt Hotel - a new hotel in the heart of Manila. I heard the Chinese Resto - Lily's is good! The package is pricey e! And since the church is in San Juan, and with the Saturday wedding, I think if I chose this hotel, I will need to be off from hotel at around 930am! Too early ah! But better be early than late!
Crowne Plaza - this is nice! tried the dumpling buffet there.. not bad! But I think this is more of a boutique or business hotel e. I want wide lobby! hehehe!

I remembered, I actually pictured my wedding before in Tagaytay... I want the church in Manila, and then the reception will be in Le Souffle in Tagaytay! hahahaha! But that was before the real thing. I mean, as I plan my wedding now, the choices I made before, it makes me smile nalang e! hahaha :) because most of them are silly hopefuls, something that too realistic! hahaha!

So finally, we chose Edsa Shangri-La Hotel.
The funny thing was that, in the first part of our planning and finding the hotel, we never really thought much of Edsa Shangri-La! I guess we were focused then on the Makati side, rather than the Ortigas/Mandaluyong area.
It was my Mom, who called and inquired ESL. I remember asking my mom, among ALL the hotels that she was able to talk to, who was the most friendliest hotel who patiently answers her questions... (Yes people, this is very VERY important!) My mom answered: Hyatt Hotel and Edsa Shangri-La Hotel.

In the shortlisting the hotel choices, since what my mom shared to me as the most friendliest hotel she was able to talked to really matters to me... Melchor and I were choosing between Hyatt and ESL. As you may read from my Hyatt hotel thoughts, we end up choosing Edsa Shangri-La Hotel.

Our Edsa Shangri-La Hotel Pictures

Perfect location, great place, lighting just right, ample parking space, not too new, but not too old.. Very clean, i like the CR, it's not too far from a shopping mall. What else! It's not too far from San Juan. It is located in my favorite city - Mandaluyong. Our Events Manager is Anne Sy - who's very nice. We heard the food is great!

Then, the package! ESL offers Lauriat! as Melchor prefers Chinese food e! It's not that cheap, but we prefer that the food be yummy for our guests to be all happy and full!

We were first booked at Isla Ballroom. Stupidly enough, we turned it down, and asked for the Garden Ballroom! hahaha! As of today, we haven't really finalized our guest list yet, but we hope to still be in the Garden Ballroom.. a more intimate and new ballroom. At present, we are booked in Garden Ballroom.

Again, I'm looking at my list above, hahahaha!! As usual, I had a lot of choices again to choose from! :)

So it is Edsa Shangri-La Hotel! We'll see you there ah! Next time, I shall blog the food choices, and packages.. I hope that ESL will be everything we hope and more! Because Melchor and I learned to really believe in our final choice, and love this hotel! hehehe! Can't wait! :)

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