Monday, June 02, 2008

J&J's Soothing Naturals

I bought this shampoo last Saturday at Carrefour.
Well, as you all may not know, toiletries here in China are not as cheap as they're supposed to be. Shampoo, Conditioner, facial stuff are treated as luxury items, even Toothpaste, etc!

So this shampoo is not cheap! But just so tempting to try it e!
I've been using baby shampoo for the last few months, as I'm avoiding all my hair to fall out before the wedding! haha!

Well, the bottle is cute! Not as soft as the Pink Baby Shampoo formula, but it's cute! haha! :) and with all the Vitamin E and Olive Leaf Extract! Just can't resist not to buy it! haha! :) 100ml is almost 20rmb! not cheap, right?

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